Terminus is the Foundational Platform for
Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Status Quo

The biggest problems for B2B companies are...

  • Less than 1% of B2B leads will ever become customers
  • Too much focus is placed on campaign vanity metrics
  • Misalignment between marketing and sales

Next Gen B2B

Terminus software overcomes these problems by:

  • Reaching the buying committee of your best-fit accounts
  • Measuring account engagement and progression
  • Focusing on accounts to align teams: Sales + Marketing = Smarketing

The fastest growing companies use
Terminus to do ABM at scale.

With Terminus, we saw engagement with 60% of our target accounts with an opportunity-to-spend ratio of 100x.

Jim HopkinsSr. Product Marketing Manager
Salesforce Data.com

ABM has created closer alignment between our sales & marketing teams as we collectively work together to a common goal via a commonly agreed upon list of target accounts and shared outreach.

Julia SteadDirector of Demand Generation

Through running a single campaign with Terminus, we were able to revive over 35 different opportunities with those previous dead opps.

Tyler LessardCMO

Target Best-Fit Accounts

Terminus allows marketers to reach more stakeholders at target accounts — even ones that aren’t in your CRM.

Expanded Reach with Terminus ABM

Expanded reach

Reach more relevant decision-makers and influencers at your target accounts utilizing our database of over 200 million B2B professionals with proprietary and cookie data.

Persona and role-based targeting

Persona and role-based targeting

Terminus identifies the exact individuals you care about and reaches them on their work and personal devices to allow for persona-based campaigns, sending the right messages to the right people.

Account-focused software

Account-focused software

While marketing automation and CRM tools focus on leads and contacts, Terminus allows marketers to focus on accounts, providing insight into engagement, funnel progression, and media spend.

Automated account lists with Terminus ABM

Automated account lists

Set target account list criteria in your Salesforce CRM to allow accounts to automatically move from one campaign to the next, making the management of your ABM much easier.

Engage More Decision-Makers & Influencers

Easily orchestrate targeted, multi-threaded digital advertising campaigns
across mobile, social, display, and video.

Account-based marketing orchestration

Execute ABM campaigns for demand generation, sales acceleration, and customer marketing. Campaigns can target different personas, buying stages, individual accounts, and other segments of your audience using various ABM tactics. This allows marketers to easily coordinate complex marketing efforts, track results, and optimize their campaigns on the fly.

Digital advertising for B2B marketing

Terminus allows marketers to deliver their messages across work and personal devices wherever stakeholders are, including on web, video, mobile, and social channels. By harnessing the power of over 50 ad networks, Terminus delivers the reach and coverage modern ABM practitioners demand.

Advertising optimization

Terminus employs a staff of ad optimization experts to ensure viewability, brand safety, budget efficiency, and maximum reach across our advertising channels and ad networks — all without the expense of an agency.

Accelerate Marketing & Sales Pipeline

Measure and optimize account-based marketing efforts to drive more revenue.

Account-based progression

Gain insight into marketing’s influence on generating new opportunities, progressing accounts down the funnel, and winning revenue. Track key ABM metrics at the campaign, tactic, or individual account level.

Smarketing report

Receive a weekly report on account engagement, progression, and more. With rich insights from this report, marketers have everything they need to facilitate alignment with sales and collaboratively drive more revenue.

Account-based web analytics

Anonymous visitors become named accounts, allowing marketers to see how ABM efforts are driving website engagement. See results from target accounts and identify new accounts to add to Terminus ABM campaigns.

Bidirectional Salesforce integration

A one-click Salesforce integration allows marketers to build Terminus campaigns based on criteria from their CRM, automatically orchestrating the advertising experience for each account.