Emily Wingrove is the Director of Marketing for Synthio (formerly Social123), a data as-a-service (DaaS) platform providing an end-to-end data management solution. Her top priority is delivering high-quality contacts and accounts to her sales team every single day.

At Synthio, the marketing team recognized that they needed a solution to “close the loop” for a comprehensive account-based marketing program. As Emily explains, her team did the legwork to:

  • Identify target accounts
  • Engage contacts in accounts through email
  • Drive those contacts to Synthio’s website

“But we weren’t getting the full effect by putting ads in front of them and in an intentional way,” Emily says. Terminus offered Synthio the ability to do ABM at scale by advertising directly to contacts in target accounts.

“There are other ad targeting programs out there but they don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with ABM. Terminus was just the perfect fit for us at Synthio.”

One of the primary marketing techniques employed by Synthio to engage accounts is through event marketing. The company sponsored 17 events in 2016! Emily and her team realized the most important part of the event ironically isn’t the event itself, but it’s the pre-show and the post-show communication with the attendees at the event. Terminus helps to build out a complete ABM strategy by surrounding target accounts with Synthio’s messages, in addition to the follow-up calls and emails.

“Terminus really enables us to add that extra layer of marketing touches to event attendees.”

“For us it’s all about the engagement of our target accounts,” Emily explains. “They don’t necessarily have to go to the landing page and fill out the form. What I want to know is, are my target accounts engaging with that ad? Am I actually getting it in front of the people that I want to talk to, that my sales people want to talk to? We are able to achieve that with Terminus.

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