State of ABM Report


Live - November 5th @ 5:30 PM ET


  • What they've done
  • Where they've shifted budget
  • What key metrics are being adopted
  • How YOUR organization stacks up against the leaders

We'll Show You

  • Not-yet-released data on B2B marketing changes since COVID
  • A deep dive into how COVID impacted marketing programs like yours.
  • Real-world examples and case studies
  • An extremely enjoyable late afternoon.

Key Takeaways

You probably suspected this, but brand-new research can confirm: 2020 changed EVERYTHING about B2B marketing.

From no live events to more precise targeting, the pandemic and its many tentacles forced B2B marketers to adjust on the fly.

Join us for a very special, happy hour live broadcast that features equal parts conversation about important trends in B2B marketing AND important trends in margaritas and tequila.

This session is scheduled at a socially acceptable time for margaritas (perhaps a little dodgy if you're west coast, but let yourself live a little).

This broadcast lasts until the last question is answered, or we run out of tequila. So bring a beverage and your questions about B2B to Marketing & Margaritas.

Meet your hosts

Jay Baer


Justin Keller

VP of Marketing

Convince & Convert


Jay is a 7th generation entrepreneur, a best-selling author of 6 business books, and the founder of 5 successful companies. He's a hall of fame keynote speaker, a tequila collector (more of a drinker these days!), and one of the best-known and most-trusted names in marketing.

Justin is a bold, data-driven and award-winning marketing leader with fifteen years of building brands and marketing programs that people love. He's a strategy driver that executes with a sense of urgency in rapidly changing environments.

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2020 has been an absolute dumpster fire, are you ready to bring your marketing program into 2021?