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6sense Competitors

What does 6sense do? What is 6sense? What is 6sense Breakthrough 2022? Looking for a 6sense wiki? While there may not be a 6sense wikipedia page, you are in the right spot for 6sense info. These are great questions, and worthy of exploration.

If you’ve spent any time on the 6sense content hub or read 6sense company reviews, you may have an idea of 6sense’s value proposition and how you can use their tool to define the right 6sense persona. For those working at 6sense, the focus is on helping b2b marketers deliver predictable revenue growth, ultimately leading to more 6sense revenue. But if you’re seeking a 6sense competitor to round out your search, consider this your 6sense tutorial, or your 6sense training, as it were. Now you can make an informed decision.

If you’re pursuing a 6sense certification, then finding the 6sense certification answers is a top priority. You may want to get some info from the 6sense content hub, which has a multitude of resources broken down into easy to navigate categories based on your intentions and desires.

There’s another place you can go to learn about 6sense; Crunchbase. Just look for the 6sense logo. According to Crunchbase, 6sense has over one thousand employees and has made four acquisitions thanks in part to over four hundred million dollars in funding. Per Crunchbase, 6sense has at least six direct competitors, depending on what type of service and what level of service you are looking for. No matter how you learn about 6sense marketing, let’s start with a brief look at the history of the 6 sense company. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, 6sense founders launched the company in 2013, and 6sense funding was a major focus in 2014 and 2015, as the company secured series A and B funding in those years. The 6sense address is still listed as being in San Francisco. No further funding would be raised until the series c and d rounds in 2020 and 2021 respectively. There have been rumors of a future 6sense IPO, and those holding 6sense stock options (which may someday turn into 6sense stock!) have their fingers crossed.

For job seekers looking for 6sense careers, or if you’re considering working with this company as a customer, 6sense reviews on Glassdoor provide insight into company culture and employee satisfaction. You can check there for 6sense salary info. This info might help you field 6sense interview questions. Try searching for 6sense Glassdoor salaries as an alternative, as this search will be sure to point you in the best of directions.

6sense founder Amanda Kahlow has written a book. Have you read it? It will give you a sense of the 6sense value proposition, but you’ll need to check other sources for information on 6sense valuation figures and 6sense reviews. Curious about the 6sense salary ranges? 6sense has a career page with current openings listed. Anyone interested in working at 6sense, or attending 6sense events, should start there.

6sense Alternatives

Diving into the competitive landscape of internet marketing tools, you will find a variety of options as you seek a competitor to 6sense. While it is not a direct competitor to 6sense, G2 can be used to learn about 6sense and its competitors. There’s even a 6sense G2 Integration, so it seems that the two companies work together. Let’s look at a few of the competitors that 6sense is up against.


While it may not seem like a direct competitor to 6sense, LinkedIn provides marketers with the ability to search for customers and market to them. The primary strength of marketing on LinkedIn is that we’re all on it. If you can name three work colleagues who are not on LinkedIn, you are a rare specimen indeed.


Is 6sense vs Zoominfo a fair comparison? Per G2, 6sense and Zoominfo share a similar rating, though 6sense has only a small fraction of the number of reviews that Zoominfo has. Is this a cause for concern? Perhaps, though it mostly indicates that more people use Zoominfo compared to 6sense. But for information on which service is preferable, more info must be collected.


Bombora is not a direct competitor to 6sense, but Bombora integrations connect their service to several marketing enablement tools including 6sense. When it comes to Bombora funding, the company has raised in the neighborhood of $20 million. Customers of the platform receive Bombora training and access to various intent marketing tools. It stands to reason that if you want information about 6sense alternatives, you should check out other companies that integrate with Bombora products.


Any list of Engagio competitors will most certainly include 6sense. Who comes out on top in the title bout of Engagio vs 6sense? Engagio offers far fewer native integrations. That hurts its case for being one of the best sales intelligence tools.


Lattice intent data keeps it on the list of 6sense alternatives. Is budget a concern? Lattice provides some up nice features at an entry level price of only eight dollars per month per user.


While leadspace has a smaller customer base when compared to 6sense, Leadspace also has very positive reviews on G2. For other service options related to metadata G2 is a great source. For example, G2 Opensense ratings are competitive with Leadspace.

6sense Pricing

Finding information on the 6sense pricing model is an important part of your search for a provider. Like many providers of services similar, the 6sense license cost will vary depending on the level of service you require, the size of your organization, and other factors. Providers like 6sense normally will not publish specific pricing information, as the price per user will change based on the factors discussed above, among others. But, if you are wanting to compare the price of 6sense to Demandbase pricing and Terminus pricing, etc., you have options. G2 reviews can be used to learn about pricing structures. While you’re there you’ll get great info on the quality of the service from others who have used it. There’s another unlikely source for information regarding 6sense pricing: Reddit. While it’s recommended to take any pricing cues from Reddit with a grain of salt, some users have provided costs in discussions about marketing vendors. No, don’t make Reddit your go-to source for Bombora Intent Data Pricing, but use figures you find there to give you a general idea of how much you should expect to spend with a marketing solution like 6Sense.

As of this writing, 6sense does not have a specific pricing page on their public website (so there is no 6sense.com pricing page). To get pricing directly from 6sense, you will most likely need to schedule a demo with a sales representative. After they have asked you some questions, they should be able to provide you with pricing that is specific to your organization. Typically, pricing quotes of this nature are valid for at least 30 days, so you will have time to mull your decision as you gather additional quotes from 6sense competitors. From time to time, it is wise to check back on 6sense.com pricing information, as they may decide to publish this information eventually.

Included in the price of 6sense service is access to your information through the 6sense Customer Dojo. The 6sense Dojo is an app that runs on your smartphone.

Alternatives to 6sense

If you are looking for more alternatives to 6sense, you will likely come across a company called Demandbase as you research. Demandbase is a marketing and sales enablement platform. The company was founded in 2006 and has a headquarters in San Francisco, California. The founder was Chris Golec. He served as the CEO until 2019, and left the company in 2021.

The platform allows for the targeting and personalization of marketing communications for business-to-business companies. Who wins in the battle of 6sense vs Demandbase? It’s easy to get confused saying Demandbase Crunchbase if you do it for too long. They lose their meaning. For info on Demandbase, check out their website, as it breaks down the services they offer and the benefits they want to deliver to their customers. There is also a Demandbase G2 page (alternatively known as a G2 Demandbase page, and you can use that tool to learn about other Demandbase competitors. The search histories of embarrassed marketers include phrases like 6sense vs demandbase reddit, believe it or not.

One way to gauge the strength of a marketing enablement and/or account-based marketing platform is to see how it compares to others in reports published by market analysts. While this type of information is helpful, don’t focus too closely on a provider’s ranking in a report, as these can change as companies shift strategies. In one report released for Q2 in 2020, Demandbase was viewed as having a weaker offering and a weaker strategy compared to 6sense. But by Q1 of 2022, Demandbase was outpacing 6sense in terms of the offering provided. However, 6sense was still recognized in this report as the leader in strategy.

Does a positive performance in analyst reports lead to a higher Demandbase valuation? Are we headed for a Demandbase IPO? Time will tell. Investors and the Demandbase CEO alike are surely hopeful of this, as Demandbase has raised $143 million dollars over seven rounds of fundraising. Demandbase has also made five acquisitions. Current estimates place the Demandbase valuation between $500 million and $1 billion, which is a lot of scratch.

Hopefully all of this information on Demandbase proves helpful. To get perspective on what current and former employees of Demandbase think of the company, do a quick internet search for Demandbase Glassdoor. That’s where you get the real-real.

One way to learn about the ins and outs of the Demandbase platform is to view the on-demand demo available on the Demandbase website. It is a video walkthrough of the service that breaks down the entire offering into four separate clouds. No, it doesn’t show the Demandbase login page or how to do Demandbase SSO, but it does make sense of the offering.

The four clouds are as follows:

Advertising Cloud – This is where you’d launch 6sense campaigns. The stated goal of the cloud is to reach multiple members of the team of people who are making each purchase, and accelerate their interest in buying.

Account-Based Experience Cloud (ABX Cloud) – By coordinating interactions or touches without spamming prospects, the ABX Cloud aims to promote a low-friction buying process.

Sales Intelligence Cloud – If your prospect has a buying team, it’s important to support your sales team through the sales process by serving highly valuable content that has a track record of helping you close more deals. 6sense does this with the Sales Intelligence Cloud.

Data Cloud – 6sense integrations and 6sense APIs combine to form the data cloud, and the 6sense intent data contained therein is designed to help you identify opportunities earlier. As you engage them in a way that is backed by intelligence, 6sense has a goal of helping you close deals faster.

Is 6sense Worth It

Deciding whether or not 6sense is a worthwhile investment will require some research. You will want to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the product. No matter how powerful the capabilities of the 6sense ABM/ABX platform is, you still have to ask yourself, “how does 6sense work?” And what is 6qa 6sense? Is there a list of each 6sense acquisition? Is there a 6sense chrome extension?

Reviewing the 6sense website, we learn that the 6sense platform is called Revenue AI. By the way, the 6sense login page for customers on the 6sense homepage. Enter your 6sense login credentials there. You will need to login using your 6sense SSO. This platform leverages one 6sense API after another to help you do the following three things:

Capture: By combining 6sense intent data with your own data, you can build a profile for prospects based on their intent, firmographics, web activity, engagement, and more. This allows you to know your buyers better and uncover demand that is often hidden by anonymous web traffic. 6sense documentation ensures recordkeeping, and 6sense security keeps it all safe.

Target: Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, 6sense aims to allow you to orchestrate a buying process for your prospect using enriched content. With 6sense buying stages advance faster to get you a new customer. And 6sense campaigns reach targets based on surge data. That’s right, you can anticipate when buyers are in the market for your specific product or service. And you can segment your audiences to serve the right messaging to the right audience. Now you can analyze and activate on the fly rather than waiting for a fresh batch of data. With 6sense dark funnel marketing is possible.

Boost: By using all of the 6sense integrations, your 6sense ads will perform better than those run without the 6sense platform. The goal is to resonate with your buyers by engaging in authentic conversations, and to show them that you understand their pain points and you have a solution that will alleviate that pain. Additionally, by segmenting messaging dynamically, you will improve the ROI of your spend.

6sense Vs Terminus

One competitor that we haven’t mentioned is Terminus. Among ABM platforms, Terminus vs 6sense and Terminus vs Demandbase are common matchups, and when the dust settles, Terminus ABM stacks up well against 6sense, Demandbase, and others. You’ve heard about all of them on the marketing reddit threads.

As mentioned above, the placement of ABM platforms in analyst lists is a good indicator of strengths and weaknesses. And for Terminus, G2 reviews would indicate overall positive reception and performance. And by making improvements to the offerings available and by strengthening the company’s overall strategy, rankings have improved when compared to 6sense in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. 6sense Gartner rankings matter because many ABM buyers pay attention to the 6sense Gartner Magic Quadrant section, along with Demandbase and Terminus.

Those interested in learning more about Terminus may want to join a Terminus event, which happen both online and in person in locations around the world. For the latest on events hosted by Terminus, click here. These Terminus events are designed to be primarily educational and to build camaraderie and community among marketing professionals. To that end, Terminus also maintains a job board that lists Account-Based Marketing job openings within marketing teams and departments that espouse the ABM way.

Terminus has also introduced an ABM certification course. This is a great course if you want to build your ABM skills. It covers the foundations of an account-based marketing strategy.