B2B's Top Advertising Campaign Trends


September 24th @ 1:00 PM ET

The average person is estimated to encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. As a B2B marketer, that's a lot to compete with. So how do you stand out and get your brand in front of your most important audiences?

On September 24th at 1:00 PM ET, Brad Beutler, Director of Content at Terminus, and Jillian MacNulty, Content Marketing Manager at Terminus will be hosting a chat about this year’s most creative ads and banners in B2B’s Top Channels. 

We'll Show You

A collection of the best banner and display ads that were created by the risk-takers. The trendsetters. The out-of-the-box forward thinkers. The avant-garde digital marketers. The advertising innovators. The VISIONARIES.

Key Takeaways

  1. Design inspiration for your next ad or banner design
  2. A brain full of ideas for your next ABM use case or targeted campaign
  3. An understanding of what it takes to stand out from the crowd with your display advertising efforts

Meet Your Hosts

Brad Beutler

Jillian MacNulty

Director of Content

Content Marketing Manager

Jillian MacNulty is a Content Marketing Manager at Terminus. She recently joined the Brand team after coming off of a year-long stint as Director of Marketing at an early-stage start up (launching a company during a global pandemic is a trip...but she’ll save those stories for another webinar). Jillian stumbled into marketing after getting a degree in multimedia journalism, and has found a passion in helping brands tell their stories ever since. When she’s not pitching crazy new content ideas to her Terminus colleagues, you’ll likely find her planning out a side hustle she’ll never actually execute, laughing too loudly (at a joke she probably made herself), or dancing to the music of ABBA. 

Brad Beutler is the Director of Content at Terminus and joined the team via the Sigstr acquisition. At Sigstr, he joined the founding team as marketer #1 during the launch in August 2015. Brad now leads the Terminus’ content program, which has gained recognition in the last few years by winning “Best Customer Lifecycle Campaign” and the “B2B Choice Award for Content of the Year” at the Killer Content Awards. He is the everyday user of Terminus Email (Sigstr) and loves working with customers on trends and best practices within this channel. He has a mini husky named Blue and is overly passionate about Cubs baseball.

Ready to stand out and get your brand in front of your most important audiences?

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