Terminus Account-Based Marketing Chat Overview

Use Terminus Chat to weave in relevant chat playbooks that guide buyers through the entire funnel. Sophisticated targeting and routing allows you to build out your existing ABM strategy to proactively reach out to your top accounts at the right time with the right content.

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Transforming the way companies engage with their prospects and customers, the Terminus Chatbot Playbook provides a more relevant buyer journey the moment someone lands on your website. Convert more qualified visitors, route leads to your sales team faster, and book more meetings with Terminus Chat.

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Account Based Marketing Chat

Everyone knows about web chat. But what is account based marketing chat, specifically? Account based marketing chat is an online, live chat program that makes it possible to execute ABM — account based marketing. ABM chat will personalize experiences based on the user, collect user information, and react to the information that the user provides. Terminus acquired Ramble app and Ramblechat for this exact purpose.

Ramble Chat LLC (not to be confused with the Ramble Chat song or Ramble Chat book) specialized and dedicated itself to custom, unique account based marketing chat. Consequently, the Ramble Terminus merger made sense. The Ramble website covers the journey that Ramblechat Buxton and Ramble Atlanta went through to create a chat program that can help businesses reach out to their clientele. When Terminus acquires Ramble, it gains its functionality and its customer base. It also acquires Ramble marketing functions.

Terminus is a dedicated ABM solution that also incorporates ramble chat to further improve connectivity with customers. Through the Terminus platform, you can track your customer relationships, tailor and personalize your communications, and otherwise guide customers down the sales funnel. ABM processes ensure that you’re always scoring leads appropriately and connecting with the customers who are most likely to make high-level purchases.

While there are other chat products out there, Ramble has been designed to support the strategies of account based marketing. Today, customers want to feel valued, and they want their interactions personalized to them. The more personal and on target the interaction is, the more likely the customer will want to move forward and commit to a sale.

Through Terminus, businesses are able to get all the information they need to move forward with a complete, technologically-advanced ABM solution.

Chat for Account Based Marketing

What is the role of chat for account based marketing?

Let’s take a look at what chat does and what account based marketing does, in particular. HubSpot live chat would be a good example. Chat makes it possible for users to connect to information that they might not be able to otherwise find. They may not see something on a website and need to ask questions. The customer chat on Amazon is another good example; customers can inquire about a specific order. Customer chat Amazon will first deal with this through AI and then through a live representative, but either way notes will be on the account. Olark and Rumble chat are two website chat services that do the same thing.

So this chat software provides the first line of customer support because the chat software for business can answer basic questions. If it can’t answer a question, it escalates to a live operative. A chat widget for website use can be pretty simple; it just needs to collect basic information and respond to basic inquiries. Today, most users expect customer service chat from websites at a minimum, whether the customer service chat connects to a live chat app or a live AI.

But how does a live chat on website pages work with ABM? ABM is about customizing responses to the user, and a live chat service can do this. Live chat service providers intentionally design their live chat software for website conversions, where the live chat support may be needed to both score lead information and push leads further down the buyer journey. And a live chat website plugin can be included in virtually any site.

But chat software for small business owners can also be expensive. The customer service chat examples are fairly diverse; a simple chat program can be downloaded for free, whereas a more robust one may require a subscription.

Account Based Marketing Chatbots

Let’s take a deeper look at some account based marketing chatbots. One of the most popular is Drift. The Drift API is extensible and robust — with a comprehensive Drift blog and knowledgebase that provides further information about implementation.

What is Drift chat? According to online reviews, Drift careers are satisfying, with the Drift Boston headquarters maintaining a high level of talent. The Drift chatbot has functions that are on the level of other, similarly priced chatbots, and Drift integrations make it possible to connect Drift with other third-party solutions like Salesforce. Drift email connections and Drift Salesforce integration also make it possible to automate many services.

Those interested in the Drift login should take a look at a Drift demo and compare Drift pricing to other similar solutions. Drift analytics further gives sales professionals and support professionals the information that they might need to do their job. In terms of account-based marketing, the Drift chat app has a lot of unique features and marketing analytics, including Drift chat to call (which allows for changing the communication channel), Drift Eloqua integration, and the high level of Drift support. A Drift popup also provides further context and an easier way to connect.

When the “Drift acquires Siftrock” headline showed up in the news, it instantly improved Drift’s many services such as Drift video email. The Drift chatbot demo shows off the Drift chatbot integration, and the Drift chatbot integrations include the Drift email bot, Drift email login, and Drift email pricing. When it comes to Drift for nonprofits, flexible pricing can be beneficial. For businesses, the Drift qualification bot and Drift SalesLoft integration may be further beneficial. And the Drift video desktop app and Drift video plans are further useful for higher-level conversion.

There’s both a free version of Drift and a premium Drift with the Siftrock Drift capabilities enabled. Siftrock has been absorbed by Drift, and Siftrock pricing, Siftrock competitors, and the Siftrock logo are now inextricably linked to Drift.

Drift isn’t the only ABM chatbot available. Terminus provides a comprehensive chatbot service provided through the acquisition of Ramble, which is also integrated with the rest of the Terminus platform. But Drift can be an excellent chatbot to compare to others for the purposes of account based marketing, especially because there is a free version that can be tested. A free version can also be beneficial for organizations testing the waters of live chat but usually will not be able to tackle the high volume needed by larger companies and enterprises.

Chatbots for Account Based Marketing

How are chatbots for account based marketing used and developed? An excellent example is Intercom chat. The Intercom company (which does not sell an Intercom device, but rather B2C chat programs) features the Intercom API and online Intercom app, a B2C-focused chat app that allows users to connect with companies through AI chat services. While there are Intercom alternatives, Intercom remains one of the most well-known names within the industry. The Intercom chat, accessed through an Intercom login, is a robust feature-ready system that can be plugged into virtually any website. With the Intercom API Python and the comprehensive Intercom articles API, it’s possible for companies to integrate Intercom into their CRM.

While there isn’t an Intercom free chat, there are Intercom demos. The Intercom JavaScript API provides a way to create an Intercom link to open chat. The Intercom price list is tiered, which means companies only use the resources that they need. And there are some robust third-party integrations such as the Intercom sales chat and Intercom WhatsApp integration.

Is Intercom free? Intercom pricing varies, just like Premium Drift. There’s a trial version people can use if they’re just wondering what is Intercom chat and what its benefits are. They can test out the Intercom 2.0 API and the services that allow for Intercom click to chat. They can also compare Intercom to other services — such as the Terminus service. Following the trial, the most affordable Intercom tier is $39 a month. There are more affordable chat software available, but Intercom has advanced features like targeted inbound chat, a team inbox, and Slack integration.

Other versions of Intercom have even more advanced features such as saved replies, conversation ratings, mobile carousels, banners, automated assignment rules, workload management, and more. For those with the enterprise version, Intercom will cost $1,000, but it will have a multitude of features that can be used to improve both sales and customer service. Additionally, there are add-ons through Intercom like product tours, advanced lead generation, advanced customer engagement, and advanced support automation.

Altogether, Intercom is an excellent option for conversational marketing. And it’s not just designed for one use case alone; it’s a full chat solution. Because of this, it can be worth the additional cost — especially for those who want to be able to automate their support and client care. Companies will be able to customize their services, compare plans, and may be able to qualify for an early-stage company plan which gives them Intercom at $49 a month.

Account Based Chat

Not every chatbot is account based chat. Chat room software can be used for everything from basic therapy sessions to recreational activities. ABM chats need to be able to provide targeting, customization, lead generation, and analytics. Businesses looking for chat room software need to be able to identify account based chat solutions — solutions that will individually and uniquely track customers.

A free live chat software system is not likely to be able to provide account based chat, whether AI-generated or customer service professional supported. A live chat on website free is more likely to provide rudimentary conversational features, rather than letting customer support and sales track customers on an account basis. Account based platforms may have certain benefits; these platforms may come with a live chat already or may tell you how to make an email bot within the platform itself. The best email bot will be one already integrated into the ABM platform, such as the features provided by Terminus.

If you’re looking for email bot customer service or live chat customer service, keep in mind that while you can find a chat or email bot free, it’s not likely to be as robust as needed to support a business. Many free chat bots are ad-supported, which can be irritating to customers, and they may not be able to connect to long-term account management services. An account based chat is going to be able to link service representatives to information about the connecting customer and can use AI to help direct customers to the right resources — while also automatically keeping a log of the communications.

Not all chat is account based chat. But account based chat is a new standard for customer support. Business owners who want to develop their relationships with their customers should strongly consider developing account based chat features or looking into the account based chat features provided by their ABM platform.