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Account Based Marketing Software

In recent months, account based marketing has become incredibly popular. But as with every marketing change, marketers need the right tools if they are going to make the transition. From an ABM advertising platform to general account based marketing software, marketers have to educate themselves on the possibilities out there. There are multiple vendors that produce ABM software and can help marketers make the switch.

Account-based marketing is a naturally data-intensive process, requiring that marketing be customized to individual users on a granular level. This resource can help educate you on the best ABM tools currently available, and point you to other helpful sources like the Groove ABM blog, ABM G2Crowd comparisons, the ABM Magic Quadrant, and of course the ABM platforms Forrester report. Among the more established names in this category, you’ll find ABM software solutions like Terminus and Demandbase. As for the newest names in account based marketing, HubSpot is the most popular. We’re excited to see future development of the HubSpot ABM technology as they continue their HubSpot ABM Beta program. If the HubSpot account-based marketing beta feature is successful, expect to see a HubSpot account-based marketing case study soon!

As mentioned, Terminus is a platform in the ABM category. Built for marketers, the Terminus platform makes it possible to reliably score accounts while following the TEAM framework, reach out to them directly, and analyze their interactions. Think of it as a new type of marketing platform, focused on building credibility and relationships with high value customers, and leveraging best-in-class, next-generation technologies.

But more than just a marketing platform, Terminus is also instrumental for real change. The Terminus customer success team will work together with businesses for full ABM adoption and conversion, walking them a proven framework every step of the way. They will work directly with marketers and sales teams to make sure that they can work hand-in-hand without disruption.

Of course, before organizations are able to determine the best account based marketing software for them, they need to understand what ABM solutions do, and what features they need. There are many software suites available, but they differ in terms of features and support. An organization will need to build out its ABM strategies before it is able to say with certainty which software platform is best for them.

Account Based Marketing

Let’s take a look at what ABM marketing is and what makes it so important. Through ABM, businesses are able to achieve better sales and marketing team alignment, faster sales cycles, better conversion rates, more won deals, and reduced spend. It all starts with the right strategy, execution, and partnerships. But exactly what are the most important components of ABM?

ABM marketing involves considering each individual customer as a “market of one,” rather than marketing to broader personas. It’s a highly-customized, personalized form of marketing that resonates more strongly with the consumer. Account based marketing examples include paying attention to what customers buy so that additional products can be suggested. The benefits of account based marketing are significant: Customers feel more valued, are more likely to be retained, and are more likely to increase their spend.

An account based marketing certification shows that an organization has quite a bit of knowledge about the principles behind account based marketing, especially account based marketing 2019 and 2020. Like any marketing discipline, ABM can change over time, and it becomes important for marketers to follow the relevant trends.

Because ABM does require a moderate amount of customization and data analysis, it also requires the right technology. Businesses need to be able to track exceptionally large data sets, and take actions at certain points of the buyer’s journey. They need to have next-generation analysis that will take into account all of a customer’s actions. And they need to be able to automate the solutions so that they aren’t burdened under increased administrative costs.


Demandbase is one of many vendors in the ABM category. If you look at the Demandbase Glassdoor, they have generally positive reviews; they are a long-standing, reputable company. Demandbase pricing is on a quote by quote basis, and the Demandbase IPO is still coming. Demandbase revenue numbers, Demandbase reviews, and background on the Demandbase CEO is all available online.

Demandbase DSP is a niche, targeted platform that can work with an organization’s own internal DSP. The Demandbase solution itself involves targeting, engagement, and conversion. Leads are first identified (and scored), engagement is increased, and finally conversion is sought. Conversion relies strongly upon the Demandbase data, which includes information such as how frequently a customer has visited, and how many interactions they have had with the business. Over time, Demandbase will learn more about each customer, and be able to even better gauge potential prospects.

It’s also worth mentioning that because their pricing isn’t transparent, companies may also find themselves spending more with Demandbase than they might with another vendor. Demandbase’s platform isn’t fully integrated with many solutions because of how recent it is, and some organizations may need a more robust or powerful solution. While it has worked with a number of companies, it is still a growing business, with about 300 employees, and there are a lot of Demandbase competitors.


Since 2015, Engagio has also been a platform of choice in the ABM category. Today, Engagio has 70 team members and a total of 250 customers behind an Engagio login. Engagio pricing can be acquired by contacting them directly, and the Engagio blog covers some interesting use cases with account based marketing Engagio examples.

Engagio ABM analytics, like the Engagio ABM platform, are directed towards getting and retaining customers. Engagio lead to account matching means that customers have a full, trackable buyer’s journey. Engagio Playmaker helps in deploying customized, orchestrated content to users. There are many interesting Engagio features and Engagio products, including the Engagio Foundation – an Engagio tool for unifying people and activity data.

Engagio hosts events and seminars for those who want to learn more about account-based marketing and why it’s so important. They also have a wide array of solutions, which aren’t just targeted towards marketers but also to sales executives. In terms of features and functionality, Engagio products are comparable to other leaders within the industry.


RollWorks is also a name in the ABM vendors category that provides a complete account-based advertising platform. Its process begins by engaging with the proper accounts, given certain factors: industry, company, department, job title, and sales/opportunity stages. This is intended to make sure that sales staff are engaging with the right customers.

From there, a team can use the platform to scale its marketing by improving upon inbound traffic, targeting customer profiles, and so forth. The relationship with RollWorks is also intended to scale, to ensure that the company is able to improve upon its advertising without having to invest too much too fast.

Pricing for RollWorks is on a tiered level, starting at $975 per month for the Starter package. From there, there’s Standard, Professional, and Ultimate pricing tiers. These require pricing to be quoted by a sales professional. Some advanced features include account targeting and personalization, and contact targeting and personalization. There are also specialty ABM execution services, including 6 hours a month of creative design services.

Rollworks maintains high reviews and ratings, and is generally considered to be a reliable service. But there are a lot of other options available, and RollWorks itself does very similar work to other platforms. Where ABM solutions really need to shine goes beyond the ABM product itself, and into how the ABM company delivers its services.

ABM Company

Let’s talk about what being an ABM company really means. ABM should be in the DNA of the company; it should be at the company’s very core values, culture, and framework. ABM companies need to be able to reach into the customer relationship at all levels. Companies can’t simply switch to account based management on their own. They need support to build strategies. They need to build their company culture.

While there are many ABM solutions out there, there aren’t a lot of companies that can assist in a full ABM transformation, or a full ABM strategy. These companies simply provide an ABM platform, and this ABM platform can’t provide them with the real and consistent change management they need. Thus, while they have the software solution, they may find that they can’t effectively use it. They may even fail to use it at all. Terminus can help.

Terminus can help organizations develop their own success. Terminus’ success is their success. Terminus is both an ABM platform and also a thought leader within the industry. Through Terminus, companies are able to learn more about account-based management, identify the areas where they need to develop their processes and software, and find better ways for their sales teams and marketing teams to work together.

Terminus should not be confused with Terminal, the Terminal logo, or the Terminal price – Terminal is a popular movie, and Terminus is a full ABM strategy and platform. More than just developing an account based marketing framework, and more than just a Terminus ABM platform, Terminus provides some fantastic additional solutions such as the Terminus Account Hub and Terminus Attribution.

Terminus is revolutionizing how teams drive revenue through the entire revenue funnel. Our platform was built to help marketers make a massive impact on their organization, and have key insights to measure their success along the way. Our unique approach to customer success will pair teams with a dedicated team to ensure success with the Terminus platform, the team’s ABM strategy, and more won revenue. Do you want to look more into Terminus? You can check out a Terminus demo by requesting for time through our website.