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Account Based Marketing Solutions

Account based marketing has emerged as a new, functional, and effective approach to B2B marketing. It’s been adopted by many teams the world over, leading to a new category of marketing altogether. Vendors are racing to offer software solutions to help with ABM: Terminus, Demandbase, Engagio, 6Sense, Rollworks, and more. There are even HubSpot account based marketing products, tied to their traditional marketing automation platform.

Account based marketing solutions can vary significantly depending on purpose and breadth. LinkedIn isn’t technically an ABM solution, but it’s one of the most popular channels for ABM, and can be used with account based marketing software. Account based marketing LinkedIn integration has proven to be extraordinarily effective, as account based marketing tools can pull information from LinkedIn regarding companies and their structures.

Gartner and Forrester are both trustworthy account based marketing experts, which rate and promote account based marketing companies. For those looking for account based marketing 2020 statistics or account based marketing statistics 2019, Gartner can help. Gartner frequently weighs different marketing services and agencies based on their influence, power, and maturity within the field, making it the perfect stepping stone towards greater understanding.

Because account based marketing is still a growing field, there’s a lot of work that is yet to be done. The account based marketing tools that are available now are still being developed, and new processes and strategies are emerging all the time. By using the right technology, marketers can get a jumpstart on their ABM processes, and outpace the competition. But finding the right ABM solutions may take some trial and error. Terminus is an all-in-one ABM solution that can take campaigns from the beginning to the end, integrating with other services such as LinkedIn, and providing best-in-class data collection and analysis to improve upon campaigns.


Founded in 2006, Demandbase is a private Software-as-a-Service company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Demandbase careers, according to Demandbase GlassDoor, are highly rewarding, with positive work-life balance. There’s no upcoming Demandbase IPO, and there are some Demandbase competitors within the field, including Terminus. The current Demandbase CEO is Chris Golec, and the current CMO is Peter Isaacson.

Those who are interested in the Demandbase solution have Demandbase training and the Demandbase demo available to them. It’s a comprehensive account-based marketing solution that offers end-to-end funnel management, bringing customers on board and helping to secure them. A B2B marketing automation solution, Demandbase is one of the leading products available for those who want to automate their ABM.

Demandbase pricing tends to be higher than the competition, and there’s no way to view a static price. Customers need to contact Demandbase for a quote first. Depending on the needs of your business and what you’re trying to accomplish, it makes sense to buy a solution where the price fits within your budget. The best way to go about that is to evaluate multiple vendors, meet their team members, see a demo, and compare features with price.


Engagio is a relatively newcomer to the marketing arena, being founded in 2015. Engagio careers are said to be superb, with a startup atmosphere and excellent leadership. This account-based marketing solution is headed by the Engagio CEO, Jon Miller, and the Engagio CTO, Brian Babcock. Along with the Engagio CMO, this comprises a strong Engagio leadership team. Customers can acquire an Engagio login and integrate with the Engagio LinkedIn functionality. Engagio customers are also able to use Engagio Orchestrate, which automates much of the functionality of the system.

But how does pricing stack up? Engagio pricing ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 a year, putting it on the high side of platforms. And while it has some robust features, most of these features are also found on other ABM solutions. Because Engagio has high-end pricing, it caters almost exclusively to a higher end clientele. That’s not a negative, but it does put it out of reach for many SMBs. It’s mostly used for larger enterprises.

Engagio’s solutions do include a number of impressive integrations, automation products, and marketing data collection and analysis. Engage ABM Automation, Engage Analytics, ABM Foundation, Dash Attribution, and Scout Chrome are all among the solutions that are offered by Engagio and that can be integrated into a holistic environment.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Before engaging in an account based marketing B2B strategy, the question has to be answered: What is Account Based Marketing? Also known as key account marketing, account based marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on each individual account. Rather than marketing to core demographics or large groups, the marketing is handled one-on-one under a very personalized, individual care. The book Account Based Marketing For Dummies (or any account based marketing course or account based marketing training) is all about how you can customize your marketing based on what you know about a customer.

According to the account based marketing Wikipedia, account based marketing can help: engage earlier with customers, get the best value out of marketing strategies, inspire customers, and identify the best contacts available. But because it’s an entire discipline unto itself, marketers need to relearn a lot of what they already know about marketing. The fundamentals of account based marketing can be explored online and in some of the best books on account based marketing: Account Based Marketing for Dummies, ABM Is B2B, and Buyer-Based Marketing. These explore not only the strategies, but also the challenges that ABM can present.

Terminus also offers a course including hands-on training, and Terminus wrote the first official book on ABM. The Account Based Marketing for Dummies book is the best book to read if you want to learn the basics of ABM, and get an introduction into its benefits. As one becomes more advanced in the field of ABM marketing, they may want to dig deeper into the platforms and tools that can be used to help them, and the more advanced strategies that are being developed throughout the marketing industry. Software is a very powerful and important component of account based marketing, as it is what makes it possible to customize things on such a grand scale.

Account Based Marketing Tactics

Let’s talk about some of the tactics that are being used throughout ABM. Account based marketing tactics vary depending on the industry, the audience, and the size and scale of the company. And they’re very important. While there are benefits of account based marketing in general, many of those benefits won’t be completely seen until the organization has a standard, consistent way of applying their ABM.

This begins with an account based marketing framework. First, the company has to have an account based marketing strategy template that outlines its goals and its key metrics and key performance indicators. Then, it has to have a playbook; its account based marketing tactics 2019 and account based marketing tactics 2020 should outline exactly what is going to be done, step by step, to secure leads and generate revenue.

It’s difficult enough for companies to switch their marketing abruptly. But ABM impacts the entire way the business works. ABM can include everything from direct mail sends to talking to sales representatives through website chats. It can include personalized web ads and targeted banner ads in emails, or even regional events. And because it is such a comprehensive strategy, it requires comprehensive tactics.

Companies that are struggling to switch over to such a radically new format may want to engage the help of an account based marketing consultant. A consultant can assess where the company already is and make suggestions for improvements, or even create an entire ABM campaign and ABM transition for the business. ABM requires specialists and experts, but over time, it will become part of the company’s culture and mission.

There are many creative channels and ideas for account based marketing, so companies are going to be in a constant state of finding new solutions and developing new strategies. Nevertheless, they need to start with a consistent framework to get good results.

Account Based Marketing Examples

Once you understand the basics of ABM, the best way to truly understand the account based experience and the account based marketing customer journey is to take a look at real world account based marketing examples. Account based marketing case studies, and even the odd account based marketing PPT, is far more valuable than theory. These show how account based marketing actually delivers value to the company and the customer, how it makes it easier to market, and how it changes the focus of the company itself.

As you develop your own ABM strategies, account based marketing examples can be used to inform your directions and to give you creative ideas. Case studies are the best type of example, because they go in-depth into the changes that the company made, why they were positive, and whether there were any negatives. This will give you a better idea of the challenges you will face and the benefits you can expect.
Some interesting ABM case studies include:

In these cases, it’s easy to see how ABM facilitated the directions that the companies were already trying to go in. It became a tool that they could use to close deals faster and to close more deals. With ABM, not only are qualified opportunities generated more consistently, but companies are able to engage with and secure qualified accounts both faster and for longer, thereby increasing their customer retention rates, and scaling up their business more reliably.

Account based marketing case studies, account based marketing articles, and ABM examples are only one factor. Companies also need the right technology and the right partners. But with everything in the right place, many companies are going to find that ABM greatly facilitates their operations.