Account Hub

The Terminus Account Hub is a CDP (customer data platform) that contains the firmographic data of over 67 million B2B companies. With a detailed and robust data set at the foundation, you can use Terminus to slice and dice your target segments in endless ways, giving you the ability to run incredibly personalized campaigns to exactly the right audience.

Endlessly filterable to create the perfect segments and find your next customers.

Segments on Segments

Once you’ve created the perfect segment for your next targeted campaign, you can take it a step further by including more first- or third-party data.

Filter by companies with whom you already have a strong relationship, or only focus on ones where you’ve got a weak or non-existent relationship.

Sort your audience by the level of interest they’re showing so you can move quickly against the hot accounts and focus on driving new interest for ones showing little intent.

Do you have even more data? Bring any extra data that exists into your CRM into Terminus for additional ways of filtering your audience.

Superior Data For Superior Targeting

In addition to creating tight segments, the Terminus Data Studio also powers our ad targeting. With fresh, real-time account data and digital identity resolution, Terminus is able to deliver better advertising match rates than anyone else out there.

Let Us Do Your Data Dirty Work

Terminus can normalize and cleanse your CRM data to keep everything nice and tidy. Our data-first approach means that all of the digital engagements are appropriately matched to the right account. What’s more, it can also power your lead-to-account matching to make sure that all your orphaned leads are automatically added to their respective account.


"Terminus has bridgeted the gap in our fit and intent modeling. Terminus enables TTEC to engage with target accounts beyond traditional tactics."

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