Terminus brings teams together so they can grow together.

ABM only works if sales and marketing are on the same page and speaking the same language. Terminus’ Account Insights brings together data, visibility, and alerts that marketing, sales, outbound, and customer success need to focus on one thing: growing revenue.

Centralized Account Information

Terminus pipes the most relevant account and contact-level activity, engagement, relationship and intent trends right into the CRM where your reps spend their days.

Understand Who to Talk to and What to Say

As people engage with your ads, website, and emails, Terminus automatically aggregates that engagement data and turns it into a prioritzed list that your sales and outbound list can use to spring into action. You can configure what specific activities are most valuable to your company to make sure your team is in agreement on what ‘good’ engagement looks like. With contact-level intent data, your sales team can be sure their outreach is tailored to their prospects’ interests.

Enable Faster, Better Outreach

Terminus Visitor ID can show you every company- and even how many individuals- that are visiting your website, even if they’re not directly clicking on your ads. Built in firmographics show you which ones are within your idea customer profile allowing your outbound team to reach out to the best ones with personalized outreach.


"My sales reps don't have to ask me, 'Hey, how are these ads performing?'' as they're going out and trying to penetrate them. They can just look at the account within Salesforce and see how much money they've spent, how many impressions we've driven, and what type of opportunity progression is occurring."

Show Your Sales Team the Whole Picture

Every future customer is going to interact with your brand and your team differently. Terminus pulls every single touchpoint together so your sales team can understand everything the marketing team has done to drive engagement. When they understand the customer’s journey up until that point, they can take them the rest of the way with confidence.

Good Marketers Drive Engagement. Great Marketers Drive Revenue.

Nothing brings teams together like winning. Terminus pulls in opportunity, pipeline, and revenue data so you can see the impact you’re making on your sales teams’ life. With revenue as your north star, you can align on the one thing everyone agrees is most important: growing revenue.

Leads Are Great, But...

As data restrictions tighten, revenue goals become bigger, and budgets stay the same, modern marketers need to think differently about how they’re growing their brand. Leads are great, but sales teams would pick qualified opportunities over leads any day. Terminus helps today’s marketers work with sales in a new way: by creating demand with the right audiences and empowering their sales teams to capture it.

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