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B2B Advertising

B2B advertising occurs any time a business markets to another business. B2B advertising, whether online or offline, differs from B2C advertising in a number of ways – and therefore it has to be approached differently from standard consumer channels. Online advertising, in particular, has to be targeted a little differently for the business audience rather than the traditional consumer audience.

B2B advertising platforms are generally more robust than B2C platforms, and B2B digital advertising tends to be a little more in-depth overall. B2B digital marketing trends show that B2B customers spend more time looking into products and look further into the details of those products, and the best B2B ads are really at the top of a fairly lengthy sales funnel.

Thus, the best advertising platforms 2019 are going to be able to track customers through the entire sales funnel, and guide them towards their decisions. B2B advertising examples India often target large, sprawling B2B marketplaces, which also have unique forms of advertising. B2B paid advertising campaigns have to be targeted towards decision makers: people who can actually commit to a sale.

The best B2B campaigns 2018 and the best B2B campaigns 2019 are going to be ones that can really engage customers at multiple levels of the marketing campaign. Studies have shown that customers engage best with a company when they have interacted with the company multiple times. When looking at the best B2B marketing campaigns 2017 and on, they’re campaigns that explore the relationship with the customer over time, and connect with them at multiple stages in the journey.

Through programmatic advertising platforms 2019, it’s possible to purchase and run display ads automatically, so companies can target audiences and bid on ads based on a preset campaign. Not only does this save the company money, but it also enables them to run ads on the largest B2B advertisers in a way that will be most effective to them.

B2B companies will often be advertising on multiple platforms at once, and tracking their advertising analytics to see which ads are most effective to them. Once B2B companies are able to analyze the best strategies for them – as well as isolate the best audience – they can then continue to fine-tune the ads themselves. Through automation and programmatic advertising, various products and services can be advertised on a B2B platform without any direct marketing interference.

Let’s discuss some classic B2B digital marketing trends 2019 marketers need to be aware of, in addition to some classic B2B ads examples.

B2C Marketing

What’s the difference between B2C marketing and B2B marketing? In fact, exactly what is B2C? B2C marketing is the most common type of advertising, and it’s not altogether different from B2B marketing.

Business-to-consumer marketing is simpler and easier in many ways, as consumers are more prone to impulse purchases. B2C marketing strategies are more likely to appeal to emotion when compared to business-to-business sales, and overall the information presented is going to be shallower. That doesn’t mean that B2B marketing strategies aren’t impactful, but consumers generally want to take less time to make their purchasing decisions than businesses would.

Many B2C advertising and marketing initiatives examples in India use automation. B2C sales need to deal with a higher volume of customers, through a number of stages that can be automated rather than going through individual sales professionals. A significant amount of B2C communication can be handled through an automated process, leading the customer through a purchase process.

This difference between B2B and B2C marketing PDF covers some of the most important differences in B2B and B2C internet marketing. The difference between BTB and BTC boils down to the goals of the customer. In B2B sales, the customer is looking to make the best possible purchase: a purchase that is going to reflect well on them and serve their business well. In B2C sales, the customer is usually looking to make a purchase that solves a specific problem for them, and is less invested in making the right long-term decision.

Consider some of the most popular B2C examples in India. India has been using social media influencers to promote their advertising campaigns, which can quickly build rapport and emotional connection with customers. The use of GIFs and image macros can further connect with customers in a more informal, social way, which leads to faster connections between brands and customers.

However, the technology behind B2B and B2C marketing, such as paid advertising platforms, tends to be fairly similar.

What is B2B Marketing?

What is B2B marketing? Advertising itself is only one of the parts of a B2B marketing campaign. B2B marketing encompasses everything: the company’s brand, its voice and identity, its own content, its social media, and its own advertising campaigns. When you ask what is B2B digital marketing, the answer is a little more concise.

Online B2B marketing channels are really the same as B2C marketing channels. Social media, paid advertising, and owned media are all major channels for marketing, and many B2B marketing ideas can be pulled from B2C marketing ideas. The 2019 largest B2B advertisers all focus on social media to a significant extent.

Let’s take a look at some B2B marketing examples and what they highlight about B2B marketing best practices and B2B marketing strategies 2019. Compared to the best B2B marketing campaigns 2018, 2019’s marketing strategies are more customized to the consumer, and leverage technology such as artificial intelligence. 2019’s strategies are also more likely to encourage ethical use of products and services.

  • Dropbox used interactive media to market their product directly to marketers themselves, prompting them to answer the question: “What kind of marketer are you?” This highly personal approach drew people in and enticed them towards the product.
  • Bosch Professional used multimedia to showcase tool use throughout thousands of years of human development, using compelling content to draw in potential business purchasers.
  • SAP challenged its customers to reduce their use of plastics, and even ran a plastics challenge! This solidified its appearance as an environmentally-conscious company.

B2B marketing in India follows many of the major B2B marketing initiatives overall. When looking into how to market B2B products in India, it should be considered that India is quickly expanding, and many markets are growing dramatically fast. Areas such as Indiamart B2B India have expanded substantially and the top 50 B2B websites in India are constantly changing.

Many campaigns today are using social media accounts for business-to-business lead generation. What is B2B lead generation? The best B2B marketing campaigns 2019 identify potential customers and then score them based on how substantial of a “lead” they are. A lead is considered to be good when it is likely to commit.

Now you know the simplest B2B digital marketing definition: it’s marketing targeted on businesses by businesses. But B2B digital marketing strategies 2018 and 2019 have grown in complexity, due to the new technology that’s in use, and increasingly savvy consumers. If you’d like to learn even more about this, there are B2B digital marketing strategy PDF resources available, as well as B2B marketing campaign case studies and a B2B marketing guide. Through these, you’ll see a clear definition B2B digital marketing strategies 2018.

Social Media Platforms for Business

There are numerous social media platforms for business marketing: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook (just to name a few). B2B advertising on Facebook tends to be exceptionally successful, though the best business social media accounts generally span across a number of different platforms. The best business social media accounts are:

  • Frequently updated
  • Updated with compelling content
  • Tagged with the appropriate tags

B2B social media platforms make it possible to target specific audiences – which means B2B companies are able to target the audiences that are most likely to be interested in their products and services. Social media accounts for business create a direct, one-on-one connection from the business to the consumer.

Businesses are more likely to want to make sure that they work with a trustworthy company. In B2B sales, trust and authority is everything. The best B2B social media campaigns 2018 and 2019 take advantage of this, by posting knowledgeable, informative content that thereby secures their place within their industry.

In a B2B Facebook ads case study, MailChimp was able to increase their brand awareness through Facebook ads alone, while Drip was able to reach out to potential customers using “look-a-like” audiences. According to another Facebook B2B case study, Swift Transportation was able to attract drivers with a sequence of targeted ads.

Through the use of Facebook B2B statistics, ads can be measured for effectiveness. The Facebook ads B2B audience can be carefully curated, as Facebook audiences for B2B ads are completely controlled by the advertising company. Companies are able to choose highly selective audiences, and even use advanced features such as Facebook B2B retargeting. All of this makes Facebook one of the best social media platforms for business use.

And as B2B ads on Facebook are more popular, companies are able to boost their own following on the Facebook platform. This has a cyclic effect, and eventually makes the company’s own FB account very popular. Once popular, a Facebook account can be used to generate interest in a company without any additional revenue expenditure. Features such as live video and boosted posts can be used to further generate leads.

Gyro Agency

Do you want to upgrade your B2B marketing? Consider the services of Gyro Agency. As a B2B advertising agency, Gyro Agency offers robust B2B marketing services. Working with a B2B tech marketing company takes the pressure off your company to ensure that your marketing is moving in the right direction. Instead, you can rely upon business to business marketing companies, and concentrate on doing what you do best: running your business.

A full service, global B2B tech marketing agency, Gyro Agency provides all the services that a business needs to extend its brand awareness and improve its lead generation. A collaborative, passionate company, Gyro Agency is devoted to finding unique ways to express big thoughts – and as a global company it seeks to remove borders and explore informational silos.

The clients of Gyro Agency include companies such as HP, Aflac, Ameritrade, ADP, eBay, and Midas. Meanwhile, Gyro Agency regularly performs analysis and research to stay on top of current advertising trends, and to identify the ways that these trends are changing. Marketing and advertising is a constantly changing discipline, especially when technology is involved. Companies need to stay on top of changes if they want to remain at the top.

Gyro Agency isn’t the only digital marketing agency available for hire. There are many agencies out there that can help with your B2B advertising and marketing. From India to New York, you have a number of options available – including B2B marketing agency California options for west coast teams. The top B2B agencies 2018 had to offer helped companies reduce the amount of time it takes to get marketing campaigns out the door. And the same can be said for 2019! For this year’s top B2B agencies, 2019 is the year to do even more for their customers.