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Banner Ad Design

When was the last time you really looked at a banner ad? Probably not lately. Banner ads have become so ubiquitous that many people find themselves looking away from them. But there’s a reason that so many companies, from Amazon to Google itself, use banner ads as a form of marketing. When they work, they really work. And it all depends on the banner ad design.

When a web banner design is good, most people aren’t going to remember it. What they’re going to remember is the company, the products, and its services. Graphic banner design is made with a singular goal: to get people to click. The products and services are the focus, not the banner itself.

There are many clever banner design ideas out there: designs that will surprise people, entice them, and overall encourage them to click. Maybe there’s a moving banner background design, or bright, flashy colors that are designed to catch the eye. Creative web banners are intended to make the customer look: once the customer looks, that’s when the sales pitch begins.

Most people are going to see a product banner design multiple times before they decide to click on it, which also means that you’re trying to saturate the market effectively. Before you start looking up banner design ideas in Photoshop, you need to understand the role of web banners and how they can be used. Unique designs, such as a roll up banner design online, moving banners, or mobile banners, can also be used to improve the visibility of your banner.

The design of the banner is going to create a “wow” effect and capture the attention of your audience. Here’s more information about everything, from the right backgrounds to use, to the right web banner design size.

YouTube Banner Template

YouTube has emerged as an incredibly popular channel for digital advertising and banner ads. To get started, you can use a YouTube banner template or a YouTube banner maker. These tools are going to design you a YouTube ad that’s in exactly the right dimensions. YouTube banner ads can actually show up inside of videos, in a small size: 480 pixels wide by 70 pixels tall. These ads encourage viewers to click by being related to the video that they’re watching.

YouTube’s banner ads can be either regular text or images, depending on your goals. Either way, people are going to see your ad just like a commercial. The upside is that you get to advertise to people in your key demographic, by selecting the target audience you’re more interested in. The downside is that people may already be lured into engaging content, and therefore may be hesitant to click on an ad.

Since YouTube’s ads show up on both desktop and mobile, they’re extremely useful for building up traffic and brand awareness. But you should keep in mind that your site will also need to be mobile-friendly to capture the most activity.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube’s banner ads are also controlled through Google’s system. This is an excellent advantage for someone running a complete digital marketing campaign, as Google’s analytics can be used on multiple platforms to track performance.

Free Banner Maker

Making a banner doesn’t have to be complicated. When you’re trying to make a banner, you can either use a commercial platform such as Adobe Creative Suite, or you can use a free banner maker. Banners are simple enough stylistically that you won’t hurt yourself by going with a free option. The challenge is usually that free options tend to be a little more difficult to use.

When you purchase software, you know that it’s going to have the tools that you need, and that it’s going to be intuitive and easy to use. A banner generator or banner maker app may be a little harder to use, or it may not yield as professional results. If you’re looking to create a very complex design, it’s better to pay for software. Likewise, if you’re trying to put together something very basic, free software is better.

Keep in mind that it may be hard to get a free banner maker online without watermark. Many watermark their final product and you need to pay a nominal fee to download it. You can also repurpose anything that can make a banner, such as a birthday banner maker online free, any 468×60 banner maker, or any type of banner maker software free download for PC. You can also look for platform dependent banner makers, such as a Facebook or Instagram banner maker online.

Often, it’s best to start off with free software and then work your way up. If you want to make some basic, test banners, start with free software and get a feel for the process. Once you’ve made enough test banners, you can consider moving into a commercial software suite. If you’re going to be making many banners for your business, you should consider getting a commercial solution.

Banner Template Word

Don’t want to use a design tool that you’re unfamiliar with? You can actually use Microsoft Word for basic banner design. Look up a simple banner template Word and you’ll be right on your way. There are a few advantages to this approach.

Microsoft Word is a printable banner maker, so you can print your banner design templates with ease. It’s installed on almost any computer, so you can whip up a banner quickly. And most people already know how to use Microsoft Word quite well, so there aren’t going to be any significant challenges. By using a free printable banner maker software, such as the Word installation you already have, you can save money.

But there are issues too. Even the best web banner design templates on Word aren’t going to be very complex. And because you’re not using Word for something that it’s intended for, it isn’t going to be as easy to use or user-friendly as software intended for designing banners.

If you’re going to do something fast and simple, you should consider Microsoft Word. Or you can try out different types of banner in Microsoft Word while you’re trying to figure out what style you’re looking for. Otherwise, go with a more professional, specific utility.

Animated Banner Maker

If you want something a little flashier, you may want an animated banner maker. Banner maker software can make animations for you, so you don’t need to invest a lot of time into trying to learn an entirely new skill. If you want images to fade into each other, or things to swipe across the screen, you can do that in a banner design software.

Of course, if you want more complicated designs, you may need to consult with a professional. But the goal of an animated banner is just to be eye-catching, and any movement is usually enough. For that reason, animated banner maker software generally focuses on some interesting transitions, or some gimmicks such as shaking the text, or changing the colors of the text.

When paired with logo and banner design software, an animated banner maker can help you make your banners from start-to-finish. Just remember that while banners should be noticeable, they shouldn’t be obnoxious.

Fast color changes, dramatic shaking, and a fusillade of images can actually make your banner more difficult to read and difficult to interact with. Many people today will ignore anything that appears to be too dramatic, because they’re skeptical – customers don’t really want to feel that they’re being sold to, they want to feel like they’re being presented with an opportunity, or a solution to a problem that they have. Keep this in mind when developing any animated banners.

Best Banner Ads 2018

It’s time to look at some of the best banner ads 2018. There are many resources out there that can help you with design inspiration, but there’s nothing better than Sigstr’s September Issue.

Let’s take a look at some of these ads now, and discuss what makes them the best banner design.

Let’s start with examples from 250ok, Vanderbloemen, and SalesLoft. These are all ads for podcasts, and they’re notable for having the person in the podcast highly visible. People react very well to seeing people in their ads. The human brain is targeted towards recognizing other humans, so the eye is naturally drawn. If you’re promoting a single person, whether it’s a podcast or a chef, putting that person in a visible spot can help. Even if it’s a stock photo, many of the best display ads examples include people for a reason.

Next, let’s look at examples from SmartbugMedia and Trialscope. Both of these companies are encouraging you to download content that could be important to you. That makes it a very direct call-to-action. Once the user clicks on that banner, they will officially be in their direct, simple sales funnel. The more direct you are, and the less buy-in that’s needed, the more likely you are to get a commitment.

Finally, this Vibenomics example. This is great for creative web banner design inspiration. This events company is interesting because they intentionally designed their ad to make it look like it’s coming outside of the traditional banner space. It’s designed so that the frame of the ad extends beyond a traditional ad frame. That’s excellent, because people look for ads subconsciously and tune them out. The banner example from Chorus is similar. Instead of a border, they have a chat box.

Using different designs, colors, design elements, calls-to-action, and amounts of text is what makes your banner ad unique. Some of these banners have a tremendous amount of information. Some of the best banner ads 2019 have almost no information at all. It depends on what you’re selling and what type of buy in you need. You can also target your ads to specific audiences. For instance, targeting Minecraft players with banner design ideas Minecraft players will love.

But if you’re looking for banner ad best practices 2018 or display ad best practices 2019, the important part is experimenting and tailoring the banner ad to your company and demographics. The banner ad design best practices for a legal firm will be different from the best practices for a grocery store. The only banner ad practices 2019 that are universal are: make sure it has a call-to-action, and make sure it catches the eye.

Banner design ideas for restaurant owners will be different from banner design ideas for school marketers,banner design ideas for wedding planners, or shop banner design ideas. But looking through things like the best banner design ideas free or the best Amazon banner ads can help. Go back some years: the best banner ads 2017 may have a different feel from display ad best practices 2018 or banner ad best practices 2019, and you might be able to use that change to your advantage. And mobile banner ads best practices will always differ from ads on a laptop or PC.