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10 Reasons B2B Marketers Must Attend #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta

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10 Reasons B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals Must Attend #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta

It’s that time again! #FlipMyFunnel is returning to Atlanta for round two, and Terminus can’t wait to host what we know will be the biggest and best #FlipMyFunnel event to date. Mark your calendars for December 8th! Get ready for a full day of learning about account-based marketing and sales, networking, and having a ton of fun!

To show you how truly amazing this event is going to be, we’ve put together 10 reasons you just can’t miss this flippin’ awesome event. (Or just go ahead and register now. We promise you won’t be disappointed.)

1. Learn Why Account-Based Sales & Marketing is the Gold Standard

No longer is it acceptable for marketing and sales teams to sit huddled in their own corners, shouting out their own messages in hopes that any and all leads hear what they’re saying. That’s not how things work anymore. According to Forrester, less than 1% of leads generated become closed revenue, so why waste your time and efforts going after leads that won’t become customers?

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Account-based sales and marketing is all about having one aligned “smarketing” team that rallies around shared goals with a targeted message to reach a strategically selected group of best-fit accounts. At #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta, you’ll learn how to achieve that sales and marketing love, accelerate pipeline, and grow revenue with ABM. 2017 is right around the corner, so this is your opportunity to start the new year strong with a solid ABM strategy in place.

2. Hear From Top ABM Thought Leaders and Practitioners

There are some truly brilliant minds in the ABM space, and #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta will bring together some of the best and brightest to present at the conference. The lineup is a mix of both thought leaders and practitioners, so you’ll walk away with inspiration and action items you can implement at your business.

Here are just a few of the many speakers and sessions we’re really excited about:

Check out the full agenda here.

3. Bring the Entire Team!

In the spirit of promoting sales and marketing alignment, we encourage you to bring the whole team to #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta. There are tracks for both sales and marketing, so both teams will benefit from attending. There’s even a discount for teams of 2 people or more that’ll save you big bucks on each ticket!

Plus, make sure your team catches this session about marketing and sales alignment:

Account-Based Marketing and Sales Development — Aligned with Jon Miller, CEO and Co-Founder at Engagio

4. Network With Over 600 B2B Marketing and Sales Professionals

#FlipMyFunnel events are notorious for bringing together hundreds of B2B marketing, sales, and customer success professionals from around the country who are looking to challenge the status quo and become better at what they do. You’ll have the chance to eat, drink, and hang out with hundreds of your peers who also want to take their ABM game to the next level.

Here’s what some attendees from last year’s event had to say:

 5. Meet the Insanely Awesome #FlipMyFunnel Sponsors

Terminus is pumped to host #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta, and we’re even more excited to partner with like-minded companies who are sponsoring because they believe in ABM just as much as we do. The sponsors of #FlipMyFunnel have built technology that helps B2B marketing and sales professionals do their jobs even better.

Here are the sponsors you should make plans to meet — and more are being added each week!

Badass Sponsors Rockstar Sponsors Hustler Sponsors
G2 Crowd
Salesforce Data.com
Full Circle Insights

6. See Why Attendees Gave #FlipMyFunnel 4 out of 5 Stars

Last year’s #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta attendees rated the event 4 out of 5 stars, and many of them have already signed up to come back this year. The combination of thought leadership presentations, educational sessions, fun networking opportunities, great food, and an amazing venue (the Atlanta Marriott Marquis!) really make for an event you won’t want to miss.

7. Learn How Other Companies See Success with ABM

If you’re wondering how companies are actually doing ABM, make sure you check out the case study sessions. During these sessions, ABM practitioners at all different types of companies will share their success stories and will help you better understand how to apply these ABM principles at your organization.

8. Hear from Two of Our Terminators

Our very own Stephanie Kelly, Director of Marketing Operations, will moderate a panel on How ABM Can Help Your SDRs and Sales Organization Win. The panel will feature another Terminator — Morgan Ingram, SDR Lead — along with Chuck Jones from SalesLoft, Phil Keene from Octiv, and Joshua Schwartz from Bizlibrary. This mix of marketing and sales practitioners will provide some great insight into how to get your teams aligned and how to win together.

9. Discover #MarTech Tools to Build Your ABM Stack

Between the presentations, networking, and sponsors at #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta, you’ll have everything you need to develop a solid ABM strategy for 2017. But, do you have the tools to actually do ABM at scale? Check out the Terminus ABM Stack Grader before you hit the conference to help visualize what your current ABM Stack looks like. This tool will help you identify any gaps you have and will serve as a guide to look for strategies and tech tools to fill those gaps at the conference.

10. Be a Part of the Biggest and Best #FlipMyFunnel Event Yet!

We saved the best for last. There have been lots of #FlipMyFunnel events all over the country this year, but we’re most excited to bring it back to Atlanta, our hometown, and close out 2016 with a bang. We’re expecting to double the amount of attendees from last year, and Terminus has grown so much since last year’s event when we trended above Kim Kardashian on Twitter, so this will be the biggest, most badass funnel flipping event you’ve ever attended!

Get Your #FlipMyFunnel Tickets Now — For Free!

Check out all the event details and get your tickets here. The tickets are worth $350, but we have a special offer just for our blog readers. Use the exclusive promo code TERMINUSBLOG100 to get your ticket for free!

We can’t wait to see you in ATL!

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