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ABM measurement

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How to Report on Your ABM Funnel: A Template for B2B Marketers

There’s been a fundamental shift in the B2B buying process over the last 5 years. So why has the...

account-based retargeting

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Finally, Account-Based Retargeting for B2B Marketers

Ahh, retargeting. The digital marketer’s go-to. By focusing display impressions on people who have already been exposed to your...

Enterprise ABM

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3 Account-Based Marketing Tactics for Selling to the Enterprise

There are many reasons B2B revenue teams choose to shift their strategy toward enterprise-level account-based marketing. Focusing marketing efforts...

Account-Based Marketing Platform

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6 Criteria to Look for in an Account-Based Marketing Platform

The Disconnect Between ABM Strategy and Technology Perhaps the most universal challenge facing marketing and sales teams today is...

"Don't let perfect get in the way of better. Just get started." - Daniel Englebretson of Phononic on the #FlipMyFunnel podcast

In 1 Year, This Marketer Turned a Company With No Marketing Into a Pipeline Machine

In this episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast, Phononic’s Daniel Englebretson shares how his team built an award-winning marketing program...

4 Pillars of ABM Success - Optymyze

4 Pillars of Account-Based Marketing with Optymyze

“Rather than taking leaves and throwing them over the fence, from marketing to sales, you’re working together from the...