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June 7, 2016

Keenan Recap from #FMF Account-Based Marketing Conference

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KeenanA Sales Guy – absolutely crushed his session at the FlipMyFunnel ABM conference in Austin. As the author of Not Taught, a book explaining what needs to be changed in the sales ecosystem, he’s witnessing the evolulation of account-based marketing firsthand.

“I hear so many people buzzing about sales development, marketing, and account-based marketing that I feel like there is a revolution happening,” Keenan said. “There is a revolution happening in enablement, there is a revolution happening in sales tools, but there is no revolution happening in the fundamentals of sales.”

Here are three key insights from Keenan’s presentation on account-based marketing at #FlipMyFunnel.


Be Santa. Make a list of your customers’ problems that you solve.

Giving your customers answers to their problem should be a no-brainer, but for many B2B marketers we get so wrapped with our own ideas thinking we know what they need instead of asking what they actually want.

Lead with empathy

Empathizing with the pain points your contacts are experiencing is the first start to creating relevant messages which will resonate. With account-based marketing, you have to deliver content which your prospects and customers actually care about.

Nobody gives a sh*t about you, or your company, or your product, or any other corny thing about you

B2B marketers are notoriously bad about talking about themselves instead of highlighting the customer experience. Account-based marketing puts the customer first, removing ourselves, and our brand, from the equation.

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