9 #FlipMyFunnel Podcast Episodes Featuring Terminus’ #OneTeam

9 Episodes of the #FlipMyFunnel Podcast Featuring Terminus' #OneTeam

What Can You Expect from the #FlipMyFunnel Podcast?

Best practices for account-based marketing? Check.

True stories about challenges B2B professionals face? Check.

Advice for moving up in your career? Check.

The #FlipMyFunnel podcast, hosted by Terminus’ chief evangelist, Sangram Vajre, is a daily look at the B2B world and the people who are shaping it. Guests have included Jill Rowley, chief growth officer at Marketo, and Kipp Bodnar, CMO at HubSpot, to name a couple. We’re also excited to have one episode per week featuring a member of the Terminus team — or as we affectionately call them, Terminators.

Check out these interviews with Terminators from our sales, marketing, and product teams. They’ve all got unique perspectives, but they have one thing in common: they’re focused on working together as #OneTeam to drive success for the business. It’s ABM in action, baby!

Each episode is around 20 minutes long, so it’s perfect for your daily commute. If you’ve got a drive like mine, you may even be able to squeeze in three or four episodes. Maybe traffic has a bright side after all!

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"You're not going to transform your organization in 90 days. It takes time." – Todd McCormick, CRO at Terminus

Episode #9: How to Get #OneTeam Buy-In in 3 Steps

Featured Terminators: Peter Herbert, CMO | Todd McCormick, CRO

If you’re moving from a traditional lead-based sales and marketing strategy to an account-based marketing strategy, you need everyone on board. Our go-to-market leaders know this from experience. In 2017, we transitioned from a high-volume approach to ABM to a more targeted approach, and we had to make some fundamental changes to our processes. There’s a lot of trust involved in making big change in a company, and we needed to make sure everyone believed in the changes we were making. Hear from our CMO, Peter Herbert, and our CRO, Todd McCormick, about how we got our CEO, our board, and our sales and marketing teams to buy in to an ABM transformation.


"Our SDR team is focused on getting on the phone and connecting with people... They are not prospecting." – Todd McCormick, CRO at Terminus

Episode #19: How to Give Your SDRs Enough Time for Personal Connections

Featured Terminators: Peter Herbert, CMO | Todd McCormick, CRO

Don’t let your SDRs waste their time chasing 500 different accounts. Trust us; we’ve been there. In this episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast, Todd McCormick and Peter Herbert talk about how data, processes, and a new scorecard help give your SDRs time back in their day to make real, personal connections.


"We wanted to expose this idea of ABM, that it's not just for demand generation or pipeline velocity, but it really can be more for expansion." – Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist at Terminus

Episode #24: How to Use ABM to Upsell and Expand Your Business Offerings

Featured Terminator: Chris Reene, Enterprise Account Executive

ABM is not about creating a single playbook and using the same tactics over and over again. It’s about using creative means like cross-selling, upselling, and expansion to hit revenue goals. Learn more from veteran AE Chris Reene. (Also, learn why Chris stopped wearing socks! Weird…)


"We had to very quickly understand what everyone's superpower was in terms of being a sales professional." – Ryan Vitello, Sales Development Manager at Terminus

Episode #29: How to Survive the Transition to a Best-Fit Sales Approach

Featured Terminators: Ryan Vitello, Sales Development Manager | Stuart English, Senior Sales Development Representative

Hitting reset is never easy, but if anyone is used it, it’s sales teams. They’re accustomed to resetting their numbers back to zero at the start of each month. But switching from “batch and blast” sales outreach to focusing on a shortlist of targeted accounts is one of the biggest resets of them all. Tune in to episode 29 to learn how and why the Terminus SDR team changed the way they work, their monthly quotas, and the way they get compensated.


"Marketers have this love/hate relationship with the form on their website. The form is supposed to be the gateway to good conversations." – Bryan Brown, CPO at Terminus

Episode #34: The Future of Lead Scoring

Featured Terminator: Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer

In the nearly two decades that Bryan Brown has been creating marketing technology, the way B2B companies engage their buyers has changed a lot. In the past, lead scoring was a way to determine if a lead should be passed on to sales. But with today’s focus on ABM, lead scoring may not have a future. In this episode, Sangram and Bryan talk about the history of lead scoring — and why it’s not really necessary anymore.divider

"Do your research on your people. Know what they want and need." - Jim Tocci, Terminus

Episode #39: A Day in the Life of an SDR

Featured Terminators: Jim Tocci, Senior Account Executive | Brad Wilkerson, Senior Account Executive

It’s a department that goes by a lot of names — sales development, business development, account development — but whatever you call it, you’ve got to admit it’s a tough job. So, how do you excel as an SDR? Find out from two sales development pros, Brad Wilkerson and Jim Tocci, who have both worked their way up from SDR to senior AE at Terminus.


"I spend about 80% of the time on people development." - Alex Latraverse at Terminus

Episode #54: From Peer to Manager

Featured Terminator: Alex Latraverse, Vice President of Strategic Sales

When you’re a manager — especially a new one — it’s easy to forget that leaders are at their best when the people under them are at theirs. Here’s how to get back to the basics of building and developing your team members as people first, according to Alex Latraverse, our VP of strategic sales.


"Design is visual problem solving." - Shannel Wheeler

Episode #55: Design: A Helpful Tool for Sales and Marketing

Featured Terminator: Shannel Wheeler, Senior Manager of Creative

Design is critical to sales and marketing. It’s not just about making something look pretty (although, let’s be real — that’s important). Good design is strategic, solves problems, and builds recognition and trust. Episode 55 features Shannel Wheeler, who manages all aspects of graphic design at Terminus. In fact, she’s the one who designed and created the now-famous flipped funnel! Tune in to hear her thoughts on why design is so important in B2B and how you can use it to your advantage.


"What I love about video is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Video makes you human." - Morgan Gillespie, Terminus

Episode #74: The Power of Video Outreach

Featured Terminator: Morgan Gillespie, Account Executive

Morgan Gillespie is another SDR-turned-AE at Terminus. You may know her from her personalized Vidyard videos, which helped triple her reply rates during her time as a sales development rep. Here, she walks us through the lessons every SDR can learn about using video as your initial form of outreach to future customers. She offers tips, tricks, and advice on how to make video work for you.


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