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Author: Chelsey

May 11, 2022

Customer Rock Star Spotlight: United Airlines Uses Terminus Email to Take Flight with ABM

Terminus Products Used Ad Experiences Data Studio Email Experiences Sales Experiences Measurement Studio Platinum Support United Airlines and ABM United […]

May 3, 2022

Customer Rock Star Spotlight: Daniel Englebretson from Khronos

Daniel Englebretson is the Founder of Khronos, an agency which partners with clients to install a flexible framework for account-based […]

March 31, 2022

Customer Rock Star Spotlight: Jessie Wu from Autodesk

Jessie Wu is the Head of Account-Based Marketing, Autodesk Construction Solutions, which include Autodesk Construction Cloud that connects workflows, teams […]

March 17, 2022

Customer Rock Star Spotlight: Kallie Bonnell from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Kallie Bonnell is the Digital Marketing Lead for Global Field Marketing at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, which accelerates answers in […]