The Best Moments of the 2015 #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta Conference

The Best Moments of the #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta Conference 2015

The #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta Conference in Atlanta exceeded our expectations on so many levels. We had over 300 attendees for a conference that we planned in less than two months. And we never thought we would trend above Kim Kardashian on Twitter with over 2,000 tweets in one day!

#FlipMyFunnel trending on Twitter

Source: MarTech Advisor

And we never thought Terminus CMO Sangram Vajre’s son, Krish, would become a local celebrity with his first music video.

He definitely has a future in music, don’t you think?

With thousands of Tweets about the event, we can imagine you might have missed a few. We had tons of fun re-reading all of your Tweets, and we picked out our favorites, which was not an easy task with so many incredible moments captured.

Take a look at some of the highlights from #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta 2015:

We hosted the event at the W Hotel in Buckhead, and we couldn’t have asked for a cooler venue.

The day kicked off with Sangram Vajre unveiling the #FlipMyFunnel Account-Based Marketing Stack:

And he did it in style! No doubt he’s the most fashion-forward CMO in the B2B world.

We then welcomed Joseph Jaffe to the stage. He schooled the audience on all things customer experience with a witty presentation that elicited tons of laughter from the audience.


Nobody knows account-based marketing better than Megan Heuer from SiriusDecisions. We were super honored to have her as a speaker, and she shared insightful new research about account-based marketing.




After Megan’s session, we had a short break in which attendees had the chance to built their own customer experience stack with MarTech Jenga:


Our sponsors also got in on the fun. vLink Solutions gave away spice rub as a reminder to “spice up your marketing.”


And our incredible DJ kept things rocking, even allowing attendees to mix up a few beats of their own.


After our first break, Allen Gannett took the stage to share how B2B marketers can produce content using predictive practices. I must add that he was super passionate while doing so, as shown in the tweet below.



He was followed by Jill Rowley, Queen of #SocialSelling. She rocked the house when she got down with OPC (other people’s content) and her hashtag-filled presentation.



The next session was Cut The Bullshit: Social Selling Panel, moderated by Jacqui Chew. She was an excellent moderator, and on top of that, she did it in killer high heels. There was no shortage of opinions on the best way to conduct social selling from panelists Alex Turner, Devon Wijesinghe, Mathew Sweezey, and Jeff Sheehan.



Our next break was at lunchtime, when DJ Mike spun some great tunes while reppin’ our Badass-level sponsors on his booth.


Gina Mueller of Insightpool did a great job building her MarTech Jenga Stack with a little help from our own Tonni Bennett.


A morning full of insights and a yummy lunch might have left attendees at a typical conference feeling a bit sluggish. But not at #FlipMyFunnel! Several Terminus employees led a post-lunch Zumba session to get everyone on their feet. Then we played volleyball with custom #FlipMyFunnel beach balls! We apologize to anyone who might not have seen those coming.


After getting the audience pumped back up, Jeffrey Rohrs took the stage and melted everyone’s heart with puppies in his Making Moments Matter session.


Then marketing technology extraordinaire Meagen Eisenberg bared all when she showed off MongoDB‘s martech stack.

After another short break, Kyle Porter took the stage to share the secrets of SalesLoft‘s rise to success.


The last session of the day was another Cut The Bullshit panel, but this time the focus was on account-based marketing. Scott Vaughan of Integrate moderated in the most unique way I’ve ever witnessed.

We closed out with happy hour. Even a bit of rain couldn’t stop us from taking tons of photos!

Terminus team members Sangram Vajre, Nikki Nixon, and Shannel Wheeler were lucky to get a photo opportunity with the one and only King Joseph Jaffe.


Special thanks to Media Frenzy Global, who spent the day producing their MarTech Heads podcast live from the event.

Big thanks to all the attendees who devoted a day to challenging the status quo of B2B marketing, to our incredible speakers who dropped a ton of insights, and to our amazing sponsors who made it all possible. What was your favorite moment of the event? Let us know in the comments!

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