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Guest Blog: Using Account-Based Marketing? Don’t forget to add Sales Enablement for best results

Recently, a friend told me about riding a tandem bicycle with her husband in the mountains of France. […]

#SangramSeries: Engagement Journey

The engagement journey helps marketers measure success – not necessarily with numbers but by analyzing the way customers […]

Top Tweetable Moments from #FlipMyFunnel Tweet Chat – Sales Enablement and Engaging Accounts

Thank you to everyone who participated in our yesterday’s weekly #FlipMyFunnel Tweet Chat! We had an incredible discussion […]

Guest Blog: How Sales Enablement Engages Accounts

When we think of the #FlipMyFunnel concept, there’s identify, expand, engage and advocacy. One of the most important […]

How Do You Engage Personally?

Sangram here! As you know, #FlipMyFunnel has built and introduced a new cadence to the way we produce […]

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