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If Scary Movie Characters Had Email Signatures

Way back in 2018, we thought long and hard about what the email signatures of our favorite Halloween […]

If Schitt’s Creek Characters Had Email Signatures

With much of the past year spent in quarantine, we’ve all likely had a ton of time to […]

If Seinfeld Characters Had Email Signatures

As our “If [BLANK] Had Email Signatures” series has grown over the past two years, our mailbox has seen a […]

Build vs. Buy – Email Signature Marketing

More and more marketers are realizing something we’ve known at Sigstr for a long time: employee email is a […]

If The Good Place Characters Had Email Signatures

When trying to convince friends and family that they should watch The Good Place, it can be a […]

Email Signature Marketing vs. Traditional Email Marketing

Although we included a “vs.” in the title of this blog post, we first want to mention that […]

If Your Favorite Halloween Characters Had Email Signatures

Alright ghouls and gals, it’s time to pumpkin spice up your life with a bit o’ Halloween cheer! […]

Sigstr Guidelines: Tips and Tricks for Designing Email Signature Banners

Here at Sigstr, we often get asked about our own bold, eye-catching campaign designs. Our bright colors, unique […]

How We Achieved 5x Higher Engagement with Targeted Email Signature Marketing

As the admin of Sigstr for Sigstr, I’m often asked about our email signature marketing strategy and best […]

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