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If the Founding Fathers Had Email Signatures

And so begins the season of sweaty backs sticking to lawn chairs, families grilling out, and the neighborhood […]

How Sigstr Uses Sigstr for Internal Communications: Campaign Design Ideas

Employee engagement affects every team member inside your organization. And every team member inside your organization affects your […]

If Silicon Valley Characters Had Email Signatures

We have mad respect for you, Silicon Valley fans. And we want you to know there are some […]

Create More Efficient and Effective Engagements with HubSpot Meetings + Sigstr

Here at Sigstr, we wake up every day thinking about how to do more with email signatures. That […]

Email Signature Marketing’s Most Interesting Trends, Best Examples, and Top Performers

Teams everywhere are doing incredibly creative things to open up employee email as a new owned marketing channel. […]

The Tournament of Fictional Email Signatures

Here at Sigstr, we honor our team’s favorite shows, movies, and celebrities by creating their hypothetical email signatures. […]

If Super Bowl Halftime Performers Had Email Signatures

As a football junkie, there are two things other than the action on the field that get me […]

3 Key Takeaways from “The Art & Science of Email Signatures” Webinar

We have learned a heck of a lot over the past two years from over 350 companies using […]

Sigstr Takes on Sigstr: 9 Takeaways from Analyzing Our Own 2017 Email Signature Marketing Data

At this point, Sigstr has been included in several hundred million emails, so our team has learned a […]

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