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The Anatomy of an Effective Email Signature

Let’s pretend we’re playing a game of Operation. Only instead of little plastic white bones and organs that […]

If Schitt’s Creek Characters Had Email Signatures

With much of the past year spent in quarantine, we’ve all likely had a ton of time to […]

Why You Should Consider a New Email Marketing Channel in 2020

Whether you are in B2B or B2C the corporate email system that you sign into every day is […]

Sigstr: Email Marketing Innovator of the Year

Sigstr is honored to be recognized today by MarTech Breakthrough, proving what Sigstr users have known for years. […]

5 Ways to Personalize Your Post-Demo Email

Personalized marketing messages and relevant content all help convert leads into demos or meetings for your sales team. […]

Amplifying the Value of Every Nonprofit Email

An overlooked component of nonprofit emails Email is at the core of nonprofit communication. From partners to board […]

Eye-Tracking Tests Reveal Most Impactful Part of Everyday Email Communications

The number of email communications sent and received per day total over 269 billion, according to The Radicati […]

Infographic: Email is Big. Really Big. Really, Really, Really Big.

Here’s something that will blow your mind. Let’s say you printed out every single email that is sent […]

How People ACTUALLY Read Your Emails (A Scientifically-Backed Guide)

It’s tempting – after you’ve invested hours upon hours into crafting the “perfect” email marketing message – to […]

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