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A Guide to Seamlessly Connecting Sigstr to HubSpot Workflows

Most marketers have a love/hate relationship with marketing technology. On one hand, it allows us to do our […]

An Integration for the Fearless Marketer: Sigstr + Marketo

Fearless (def): without fear; bold or brave; not afraid at all. A fearless marketer is daring, heroic, courageous, […]

Sigstr and Marketo Partner for ABM Bliss

Sigstr is excited to announce our partnership and integration with Marketo this week. By integrating Sigstr’s email signature […]

All of the Amazing Things Sigstr and Marketing Automation Do Together: A Guidebook

Salesforce’s recent “2017 State of Marketing” report states that 67% of “marketing leaders” currently use a marketing automation […]

3 Key Takeaways from the “Sigstr + HubSpot: An Inbound Marketer’s Secret Weapon” Webinar

Last week, we were able to catch up with one of our amazing customers, Stephanie Casstevens, and walk […]

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