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Template Ideas For Your Email Signature

Every single employee has something in common. They all use an email signature in every one of the […]

3 Ways to Close More Sales at Every Conversion Funnel Stage

Do you want to turn more leads into actual sales? Convincing someone to fill out your lead generation […]

Email Signature Marketing as a Customer & Employee Referral Engine

It’s said that the “Your Brand is the Sum of Conversations Happening About It”. And as many know, […]

Customer Success: Educating Customers Via Email Signature Marketing

Many thought leaders and business executives in the SaaS industry talk about the “water bucket” as an analogy […]

Culture + Talent Recruitment with Email Signature Marketing

Hiring the right people at the right time is crucial to driving the growth of a company. As […]

3 Ways Email Signatures Create Sales Opportunities

On average, it takes a Sales Development Representative (SDR) 7 touch points to turn a prospect into a […]

Focus Sales Reps on Revenue-Driving Activities

According to many research reports, the average salesperson spends less than half of their day actually selling. In […]

Take a load off: Leverage employee email volume to distribute content

  Your employees use email on a daily basis to contact countless individuals throughout the course of their […]

‘Heads Up’ – Sigstr and Your Company

Looking for a message to allow for you to share Sigstr with all of your colleagues? Please see […]

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