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May 3, 2019

Sigstr + Demandbase: A Match Made in ABM Heaven

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Account-based marketers love Demandbase because their technology allows them to build sophisticated audiences and target them with hyper-relevant content through their ad networks. Demandbase’s ability to create audiences of best-fit accounts tailored to your company’s ideal customer profile is second to none and, as of today, those audiences are now available in Sigstr as well.

With your Demandbase audiences now available within Sigstr, you can use the same ad creative to target your top accounts and contacts through Demandbase’s publisher network and within every email your employees send as well. As Demandbases’s selection criteria updates the members of various audiences, those changes will automatically be reflected in Sigstr’s campaign targeting, creating a brand new channel for ABM initiatives. Our joint customers can deliver a 100% consistent cross-channel experience to their most important audiences.

The average employee sends well over 10,000 emails every year, meaning a company with 1,000 employees is sending over 10 million emails every year. And with the average employee spending 6.3 hours of their day in their inbox, there’s perhaps no better point of engagement between brands and their target accounts than in the 1:1 emails exchanged between them. The Demandbase and Sigstr integration allows account-based marketers to turn those 10 million emails into 10 million perfectly targeted display ads.

I’m thrilled about the capabilities of the integration providing a seamless and consistent brand experience between web and inbox, and the ability to keep Demandbase and Sigstr campaigns automatically in sync. Imagine orchestrating personalized, stage-based campaigns across your two biggest ad channels – web and 1:1 email – throughout the entire customer lifecycle. With perfectly targeted ads are hitting their intended audience on the web and in their inbox, marketers can achieve unprecedented awareness and engagement.

Learn more about about today’s news in this press release or Demandbase’s ecosystem overview.

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Written by Justin Keller
VP of Marketing

Justin is a bold, data-driven and award-winning marketing leader with fifteen years of building brands and marketing programs that people love. He’s a strategy driver that executes with a sense of urgency in rapidly changing environments. He has experience in early-stage startups to established mid-cap companies, working cross-functionally and leading virtual teams integrating sales, marketing, operations and customer success. He is a thought-leader and public-speaker on the topics of branding, digital marketing and account-based marketing (ABM).

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