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May 18, 2016

#FlipMyFunnel with Account-Based Everything

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#FlipMyFunnel with Account-Based Everything

The first time I heard about account-based everything was from Craig Rosenberg.

We were at SalesLoft’s Rainmaker 2016 event, and Craig presented an awesome session about account-based everything, going beyond account-based marketing and account-based sales development. As the co-founder and chief analyst at TOPO and the editor at Funnelholic, Craig has done pretty much everything under the sun related to B2B sales and marketing. That’s just one of the many reasons I’m thrilled he’ll be joining us at the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing & Sales Festival in Austin on June 7!

#FlipMyFunnel Session: Account-Based Everything

In anticipation of his upcoming session, Craig joined me on a Google Hangout with Tom Scearce, Senior Demand Generation Analyst at TOPO, to chat account-based everything.

“I’ve noticed people are just throwing ‘account-based’ in front of everything,” Craig joked. “We’re major proponents of account-based marketing and taking an account-based sales strategy.”

Watch our full chat about account-based everything now:

Now let’s take a look at a few highlights from my chat with Tom Scearce and Craig Rosenberg.

Tell us your definition of account-based everything.

“If you just look at some of the ways people talk about account-based marketing, it’s truly an integrated concept,” Craig says. “It felt like this was the right time to unleash account-based everything.”

To add to this sentiment, Tom says account-based everything includes the way companies want to manage their relationships with contacts in accounts. “It really gets back to customer experience and the goals of your customers,” Tom explained. “How is your organization helping your customers to achieve those goals?”

Tom says that customers that are really succeeding with account-based everything inevitably start with:

“Companies with any longevity already have customers who fit their ICP,” he adds, “but then they look at the list of target accounts to see if there’s more to do or if the opportunity has been maximized.”

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What are some common questions you get about account-based everything?

“The first question we hear when we start working with these companies is ‘Who runs this?’” Craig says. “The answer is marketing because that project management skill set makes a marketer the point person for account-based everything.”

That being said, everyone has to own a piece of the puzzle. Sales and customer success teams play an equally important role in ensuring the success of an account-based everything strategy.

What skills are needed to do account-based everything?

“I think it’s largely complementary to the skills required to be a lead-centric or volume-oriented marketer,” Tom answered. Think about what it takes to be a demand gen marketer in 2016. As Tom points out, great demand generation managers:

  • Know how to collaborate inside their organization with external and internal vendors.
  • Work with sales leadership to facilitate sales development.
  • Work with finance to have ongoing conversations about the value of a lead.
  • Collaborate with IT to build their technology stacks to help with engagement and workflows.

These same traits will set a B2B marketer up for success with account-based everything.

What are the key ways to measure success in account-based marketing?

People are often too focused on the number of leads they generate because that’s the way marketers are told they should measure success. But that’s not what the CEO and the VP of sales are looking for. They’re seeking tangible evidence in the form of revenue, pipeline velocity, influence, and opportunity creation.

“When you look at everything and you try to do attribution, it’s really everybody trying to point fingers at each other – and in account-based marketing, that’s stupid,” says Craig. “If sales doesn’t believe you’ve done good things, tell them, ‘OK, fine,’ you won’t do it anymore. Good luck.”

He goes on to say, “I want marketing to think about all the really powerful things that they can do to influence and touch the relevant stakeholders of the account. And I want everyone to look at the overall effect of their business.”

So how do we help marketers become more than just lead generators? Craig says it comes down to not blaming the demand generation marketers when it’s the CMO and the VP of marketing that need to wrap their minds around a new method. Again, every stakeholder needs to be onboard for account-based everything to succeed.

Who do you follow or admire?

Tom is a fan of Scott Brinker because he continuously canvases all the marketing technology that’s out there and gets to know the martech landscape inside and out. You’ve probably seen his Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic before:

Craig agrees. “Scott shares a scientific, research-centric point of view,” he says. “I think it’s hard to get through all the crap that’s out there, and Scott does it.

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Final thoughts?

“At its core, I think [ABM’s] best application is in highly targeted accounts. That mentality will help sales and marketing when you start to think about even the volume and velocity game. You know full well that the CEO is not going to your webinar – “10 Things That Justin Bieber Thinks About.” You’ve got to have ways that you get to everyone, and you can do it at scale today.” Well said, Craig.

So what did you think about my interview with Craig and Tom? Let me know what you think — especially about their opinions on quick wins, since we didn’t completely agree on that topic.

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