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June 8, 2016

#FlipMyFunnel Launches Account-Based Marketing University

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#FlipMyFunnel announces the first-ever online, vendor-neutral course to teach B2B marketing and sales professionals the strategies and activities for executing account-based marketing.

Atlanta (June 8, 2016) — #FlipMyFunnel, a community dedicated to challenging the status quo of B2B marketing and sales, announced today the first-ever Account-Based Marketing University. This will be an online, vendor-neutral program geared toward teaching professionals the fundamentals of account-based marketing from some of the top thought leaders in ABM.

“Account-based marketing is the hottest buzzword in the B2B marketing and sales industry. Modern marketers know there are more efficient ways to engage best-fit prospects and customers. The idea is that they already know they should be doing ABM, but there is a skills gap,” said #FlipMyFunnel founder, Sangram Vajre. “The need for account-based marketing is clear, and #FlipMyFunnel has created ABM University to educate marketers on how they can become an ABM Hero in their organization.”

The coursework for ABM University is conducted over multiple online modules covering topics for marketing, sales and customer success. Students can complete these training courses on their own time and at their own pace. This program will be done through a web-based portal where each course is taught through pre-recorded video sessions.

Students will learn everything they need to know about account-based marketing, including how to effectively launch their own targeted campaigns across a variety of channels. #ABMU students will receive a certificate of completion upon passing a final exam at the end of the training. The lineup of professors for Account-Based Marketing University represents an exceptional group of both thought leaders and practitioners.

“In choosing this first group of professors, we wanted to ensure we did not have any ABM software providers,” said Vajre. “We wanted to focus on providing the best educational experience possible, which requires having an unbiased and vendor-agnostic group.” These professors include:

Hear what the first faculty of ABM University had to say:

“ABM is more than the latest marketing buzzword. It’s a new set of techniques that marketers must learn to do their jobs successfully,” said David Raab, founder of Raab Associates. “ABMU will play an important role in helping marketers master ABM without investing huge amounts of time that they really can’t spare. I’m pleased to be able to contribute.”

“I’m excited to be part of the first-ever Account-Based Marketing University because it provides a fantastic opportunity for marketers of all levels to get hands-on learning and advice from real-world ABM practitioners,” said Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation at Invoca. “As a new marketing approach, there is so much benefit in networking, sharing ideas, and teaching best practices on proven strategies. We’re helping to create a real community for ABM.”

“Today’s modern sales and marketing professionals need actionable strategies and tactics they can put into use rapidly to generate results. Their goals aren’t going to wait for them to figure it out,” said Justin Gray of LeadMD. “I love the notion of #ABMU and I’m picking up the challenge by actively participating in the training of the first wave of account-based marketing pros.”

“I am seriously honored and excited to be a part of Account-Based Marketing University! Every day, I have a growing appreciation for the importance of ABM within a B2B revenue marketing strategy, but I also appreciate how much we still have to learn to tap into its full potential,” said Tyler Lessard of Vidyard. “#ABMU is a great opportunity to share my experiences with other practitioners and to learn from the successes (and failures) of others!”

Account-Based Marketing University is set to launch in Summer 2016. There will be a “tuition” to attend ABM University with all proceeds benefitting a non-profit organization to ensure that each student will graduate with an unbiased, well-rounded knowledge of account-based marketing. The graduates of Account-Based Marketing University will be the first-ever graduating class of #ABMU.

#FlipMyFunnel is pre-registering now for early access, but space is limited. Visit the #ABMU website to learn more about this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge on account-based marketing and become an ABM hero in your organization.

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