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November 19, 2019

Intelligent Demand Announces Strategic Partnership with Sigstr

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We are over the moon excited to announce our official partnership with Intelligent Demand, an award-winning B2B revenue growth agency that offers a suite of account-based marketing services.

This new partnership brings together best-of-breed technology with expert services to help even more marketers drive better engagement and revenue impact.

If you’re already working with Intelligent Demand, reach out and see how Sigstr can be added to your recommended tech stack! And for more details on the partnership and recent announcement, check out this press release.

Written by Brad Beutler
Content Marketing Director

Brad Beutler is the Director of Content at Terminus and joined the team via the Sigstr acquisition. At Sigstr, he joined the founding team as marketer #1 during the launch in August 2015. Brad now leads the Terminus’ content program, which has gained recognition in the last few years by winning “Best Customer Lifecycle Campaign” and the “B2B Choice Award for Content of the Year” at the Killer Content Awards. He is the everyday user of Terminus Email (Sigstr) and loves working with customers on trends and best practices within this channel. He has a mini husky named Blue and is crazy about Cubs baseball.

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