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February 2, 2016

LevelEleven Promotes Important Company Initiatives With Sigstr

Category: Marketing

Founded in 2012 and based in Detroit, LevelEleven is a sales performance platform used by VP’s of Sales & Marketing at tech companies and across many fast-growing industries where the sales role is fundamental.
Named by Salesforce as one of the “Top 8 Apps to Help Your Sales Soar,” the software helps sales teams sell more by keeping salespeople focused on the behaviors that matter. Sales managers simply identify key sales behaviors and set daily, weekly and monthly goals to motivate reps. When performance falls out of line, LevelEleven creates real-time, high-impact leaderboards to rapidly spike behavior and rally any team.
The LevelEleven team began using Sigstr as a way to promote the company’s most important initiatives through its own team by automatically including a call-to-action at the bottom of every single employee email sent (think Gmail). The platform gives Kristy Sharrow, LevelEleven’s Marketing Director, insight into how each Sigstr Campaign is performing so she can monitor the results in real-time and adjust accordingly for the next campaign. In addition, Kristy can divide Sigstr users into groups or departments and use different campaigns across sales, marketing, administration, customer success, and other departments.
Check out LevelEleven’s most recent Sigstr Campaign promoting their newest ebook, “Why Modern Sales Leaders Drive With KPIs”.
Logo and example of LevelEleven using Sigstr to promote ebook.
A true champion of the Sigstr platform, Kristy had this to say about the partnership:
LevelEleven client testimonial about Sigstr email signature marketing.
We look forward to seeing what results LevelEleven will continue to experience with the power of email signature marketing! Want to try email signature marketing for your organization? Start your free 30-day trial here:
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Written by Brad Beutler
Content Marketing Director

Brad Beutler is the Director of Content at Terminus and joined the team via the Sigstr acquisition. At Sigstr, he joined the founding team as marketer #1 during the launch in August 2015. Brad now leads the Terminus’ content program, which has gained recognition in the last few years by winning “Best Customer Lifecycle Campaign” and the “B2B Choice Award for Content of the Year” at the Killer Content Awards. He is the everyday user of Terminus Email (Sigstr) and loves working with customers on trends and best practices within this channel. He has a mini husky named Blue and is crazy about Cubs baseball.

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