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August 14, 2017

Live Blog: #FlipMyFunnel ABX Week Webinar Series

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The first ever ABX Week series has begun!

This week, #FlipMyFunnel is hosting a weeklong series of webinars that will highlight and dive into each stage of the flipped funnel – identify, expand, engage, advocate, measure. If you’re not familiar with the ‘X’ in ABX, it represents any function in an organization that truly matters, from account-based marketing to account-based everything!

Day 1 – Identifying Revenue Generating Accounts

The first webinar, Identifying Revenue Generating Accounts, featured heavy hitters Morgan Ingram, Sales Development Manager at Terminus, Nate Skinner, VP of Product Marketing at Salesforce Pardot, Deborah Holstien, CMO at Everstring and moderated by Sangram Vajre, Founder at #FlipMyFunnel and Co-Founder at Terminus.

The conversation spanned best practices and thoughts around how to identify accounts that will produce revenue for their respective organizations.

Here are some of live takeaways from Twitter:

Day 2 – Expanding Your Reach: Discovering the Buying Committee

Tuesday’s webinar, Expanding Your Reach: Discovering the Buying Committee, was jam-packed with ABM rockstars Anadelia Fadeev, Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at InfluxData, Sarah Shelnut-Rossborough, Director of Marketing Operations at Elekta, and Peter Herbert, VP of Marketing at Terminus.

Day 3 – Engaging Decision-Makers in Target Accounts on Their Terms

Day three of ABX week was all about the hot topic of engagement. Featuring Catie Ivey Coutinho, Director of Commercial Sales at Marketo, Andre Yee, CEO at Triblio, and Jon Miller, CEO and Co-founder at Engagio, this conversation was full of ways to personalize engagement for your list of target accounts and how even the best engagement tools fall second to face-to-face interaction. Check out more highlights below.

Tune in tomorrow to catch up with speakers Michael Redbord, VP of Services and Support at HubSpot, Todd Eby, Founder and CEO at SuccessHacker, Paul Teshima, CEO at and moderated by Sangram Vajre, Founder at #FlipMyFunnel and Co-founder and CMO at Terminus: Account-Based Marketing tomorrow at 2 PM EST.

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