Marketing and Sales Feud at #FlipMyFunnel 2018

When we started thinking about the lineup for the keynote stage at the 2018 #FlipMyFunnel conference, we knew an ordinary session just wouldn’t work. If you are a conference alumnus, you know we do things… a little differently.

We knew we had to come up with something truly unique and dynamic.

And that’s when it came to us… We should have our own version of “Sales and Marketing” Feud. Then came the next challenge of who would play the host.

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“Who was the most dynamic thought leader we knew that could really bring out the best in the game show participants?,” we thought.

Figuring out this part was actually pretty simple. Matt Heinz was the clear favorite for this role. I fondly remember Matt participating in an “Ask Me Anything” session at one of our previous conferences and he jumped in to be the host to get the audience going. He was the perfect fit for this type of role on a bigger stage.

Once we determined the host, we had to decide who the contestants would be. We wanted speakers who were knowledgeable about the state of the marketing and sales industries. It was equally important for them to have a dynamic personality that would bring this crazy idea of ours to life.

So who did we pick? Check out our Facebook live below for a replay of the live announcement we had last week:

Here is more details on who we announced:

Sales Team

Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group Inc.

Trish’s alternate title is Chief Sales Development Representative (SDR) because she loves do dials and emails to stay close to the reality SDRs face each day. She is passionate about the world of inside sales and even authored “The Sales Development Playbook” to help practitioners continue to level up their practices. Her firm has published industry leading research such as the SDR Metrics and Compensation Report.

John Barrows, Owner at JBarrows Sales Training

The first time I met John, I knew he was the real deal. His “no nonsense” approach was refreshing and very realistic. He is very in tune to the challenges sales professionals experience in their roles. His approach to sales training acknowledges that selling is something most practitioners were never formally taught how to do properly. When he isn’t helping his clients, he loves to drop knowledge on emerging mediums like Facebook Live and Snapchat (johnmbarrows).

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Marketing Team

Maria Pergolino, Chief Marketing Officer at Anaplan

Maria is no stranger to the #FlipMyFunnel stage, but every time she brings something unique. I’m constantly inspired by her willingness to challenge the status quo and level up the industry for all of us. Not only is she passionate about great marketing, but she also cares deeply for her team members and their success. You can often find pictures of Maria with her team on her Instagram feed.

Katie Martell, Marketing Consultant at Katie Martell, On-Demand Marketing

The first word I think of when I think of Katie is bold. She’s not afraid to question the ridiculousness of marketing. She recently called out Johnnie Walker for their “femvertising” when they created the Jane Walker blend to target women. What I appreciate most about Katie is that she didn’t just criticize, she offered a solution. She shared a Femvertising Litmus Test in her LinkedIn post to help consumers evaluate the authenticity of brands efforts at targeting their advertising at women. By the way, her bold approach got the attention of the team over at Johnnie Walker and they recently sent her a bottle. 🙂 

Justin Gray, CEO & Founder at LeadMD

If you’ve ever received an email signed “In Revenue,” you’ve probably heard of Justin Gray. For him, it’s not just an email signature though. He is passionate about helping marketers drive revenue for their organization both through technology and also leveling up their career. Justin is passionate about the skill gap that exists today in the world of B2B and how practitioners are struggling to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the market. His company Six Bricks is implementing experience-based courses to help and Justin is also contributing to a weekly column on Inc to assist marketers in reaching their full career potential.

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And we aren’t done yet. We will be adding a few more awesome folks to this session in weeks to come, so stay tuned!

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