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July 11, 2017

Sigstr for Events Transforms Employee Email for Event Marketers

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Email signature marketing software helps event marketers drive more registrations, increase live stream attendance and improve post-event follow up

INDIANAPOLIS — July 11, 2017 — Sigstr, a cloud platform for employee email personalization, announced today the launch of its new Sigstr for Events package. With the new package, event marketers can now tap into employee email to drive event registrations, increase event attendance and involve speakers and sponsors to drive event awareness.

Using Sigstr for Events, customers can schedule an email signature campaign aligned to pre-event, during-event and post-event call to actions. When users email recipients who have registered for an event, they see different content than those who have not registered. The Sigstr platform dynamically serves personalized content before, during and after to drive event engagement.

“Earlier this year, #FlipMyFunnel and SalesHacker partnered up and hosted Revenue Summit in San Francisco. We wanted to get the word out about this partnership and exciting new event, so we partnered with Sigstr to help us do just that,” said Terminus CMO Sangram Vajre. “Sigstr Viral was the perfect way to get all of our sponsors and customers involved. They could quickly and easily inject our registration CTA into all of their email signatures, which resulted in tens of thousands of impressions.”

Sigstr for Events also enables event marketers to ‘go viral’ by providing speakers, sponsors and exhibitors branded content to place into their email signatures. The viral feature helps expand event promotion through leveraging each stakeholder’s individual network to drive more attendance and engagement for the event.

“Employee email is a natural marketing channel for brands who put on first-party events, webinars and seminars. The Sigstr platform knows the sender, recipient and timing of your event. Because of that, we are able to target individuals based on their involvement with the event, in time with the specific timeline,” said Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade. “Delivering personalized content accelerates the sales pipeline and engages your most important customers.”

Sigstr for Events is available through its Target plan, which also includes recipient-level reporting and time-based analytics.

For more information about Sigstr for Events, check out this webinar recording.

View the full press release here.

Written by Brad Beutler
Content Marketing Director

Brad Beutler is the Director of Content at Terminus and joined the team via the Sigstr acquisition. At Sigstr, he joined the founding team as marketer #1 during the launch in August 2015. Brad now leads the Terminus’ content program, which has gained recognition in the last few years by winning “Best Customer Lifecycle Campaign” and the “B2B Choice Award for Content of the Year” at the Killer Content Awards. He is the everyday user of Terminus Email (Sigstr) and loves working with customers on trends and best practices within this channel. He has a mini husky named Blue and is crazy about Cubs baseball.

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