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New from Terminus: Measure Account Website Engagement with Visitor ID

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Terminus product announcement: Account-Based Visitor ID for engagement

Measuring success is arguably the greatest account-based marketing challenge. In fact, the most common question B2B marketers have when they get started with ABM is how to track their progress and prove that it’s working.

As B2B marketers ditch leads as their core KPI, the focus has shifted to a new measure of success: account engagement.

Challenges of Measuring Account Engagement for ABM

Capturing the level of engagement across an entire account has been notoriously difficult.

Often, marketers simply avoid rolling up activities and engagement at the account level. Those who do measure account engagement usually just aggregate data from the contacts in their CRM at an account level. However, this disregards the behavior of key stakeholders in the buying committee who haven’t identified themselves by filling out a form on a landing page.

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Let’s consider an example.

Say you use account-based advertising to target VPs and C-level executives at your best-fit accounts in addition to the end users of your solution. It’s unlikely that a CEO or CTO will ever complete a lead form, but they could very well come to your site to learn about your products or services. Moreover, all of the key stakeholders in the buying committee will likely visit your website at some point during the sales process.

Driving more of the buying committee to important pages on your site is a win for marketing, but how do you show it? Do you know how stakeholders at your best-fit accounts are engaging with your website? How are you capturing these visits, creating actionable insights for sales, and demonstrating the value of engagement?

Measuring account engagement on your website, including engagement created through account-based advertising, has been a challenge…until now.

Introducing Account-Based Website Visitor ID

Terminus is excited to announce the release of Account-Based Website Visitor ID, which provides visibility into account website engagement, enabling you to see if you’re driving the right traffic to your site.

With Account-Based Visitor ID, anonymous website visitors are identified by company, allowing you to understand how your account-based marketing efforts are driving website engagement. As a result, you can analyze website behavior at the account level — all from within the Terminus platform.

“The addition of Account-Based Visitor ID allows marketers to see which target accounts are engaging with a high degree of accuracy,” said Kristen Wendel, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at LeanKit, a longtime Terminus customer, and SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year winner.

“It closes the loop on account engagement without having to rely solely on lead capture. This adds critical insight to any ABM program.”

With Web Visitor ID, B2B marketers can measure account engagement and behavior on their website, including:

  • The number of visitors from a company
  • How often they’ve visited the site
  • Which pages they’ve visited
  • When they’ve visited

This means you can see when your target accounts’ web engagement increases as a result of your Terminus advertising campaigns and other ABM efforts. You can also discover new accounts that are researching your solution but aren’t in your database.

Closing the Loop on Account Engagement

Web Visitor ID closes the loop on how your ABM efforts, and Terminus account-based advertising in particular, are driving account engagement on your site and with your content.

Imagine you’re running an ABM campaign to generate demand in your target accounts. Decision-makers at your target accounts are served account-based advertisements that drive them to your site, but no one from your target accounts fills out a lead form. Most marketing teams would consider that a failure and have nothing to share with sales.

With Account-Based Visitor ID, you can see how many people from your target accounts were on your website, the particular pages they were investigating, and how much content they consumed after the launch of the campaign. This data indicates when the target account is interested and researching your product. It also allows you to better assess the effectiveness of your campaign.

Visits to webpages critical to researching your product are much more actionable to sales than knowing who downloaded an e-book or opened a few emails. Web Visitor ID provides this valuable insight into account behavior.

Terminus Account-Based Visitor ID in Action

Terminus account-based marketing ABM product screenshot - site visits

Account-Based Visitor ID allows B2B marketers to easily see engagement at the account level. It organizes the results by accounts currently in Terminus campaigns and those that are not yet in a campaign. Then, you can drill into detailed behavior of each account to see the pages visited, how many people have visited those pages, and when they were last engaged.

Terminus account-based marketing (ABM) dashboard - product screenshotHow Account-Based Visitor ID Tracks Account Engagement

Terminus partnered with KickFire to develop Account-Based Visitor ID. KickFire’s TWIN Caching™ technology provides industry-leading IP address translation and company identification that exceeds the accuracy of other vendors in the marketplace. We tested the capabilities of leading vendors and selected KickFire as our partner based on their superior data accuracy and performance.

“Visitor ID allows our customers to know if their ABM campaigns and efforts are working with a high level of accuracy. It also demonstrates how account-based advertising drives engagement and, ultimately, revenue.”

– Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer at Terminus

Terminus changed digital advertising for B2B marketers by allowing them to target all relevant stakeholders at best-fit accounts with targeted display ads — even without contact data — and see how those ad campaigns are driving account progression towards closed-won deals.

Now, with Visitor ID, you can get unique insight into target account behavior and see how Terminus is driving engagement. While impressions and clicks tell part of the story, data on how account-based ads are affecting traffic to your website tells an even stronger story about campaign performance.

You have all of the right indicators to measure the impact your Terminus campaigns have on helping drive the results that matter: opportunities created, new customers, and larger deal sizes.

To learn more about Account-Based Website Visitor ID and how it can help your build an ABM program that drives more opportunities and revenue, join our webinar on August 9th.

The Complete Guide to Account Engagement is also now available to download here.

The Complete Guide to Account Engagement for ABM

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