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Use Terminus Chat to weave in relevant chat playbooks that guide buyers through the entire funnel. Sophisticated targeting and routing allows you to build out your existing ABM strategy to proactively reach out to your top accounts at the right time with the right content.

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Transforming the way companies engage with their prospects and customers, the Terminus Chatbot Playbook provides a more relevant buyer journey the moment someone lands on your website. Convert more qualified visitors, route leads to your sales team faster, and book more meetings with Terminus Chat.

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Chatbot Software

If you’ve ever connected with customer service through a website chat, you’ve probably spent some time with chatbot software.

The main use of chatbot software is to direct customers to where they need to be. A chatbot will try to answer your question if it’s a simple one but will escalate your issue if it’s more complex. Chatbots can provide first-line customer service, making it easier for customers to connect with the appropriate departments. Most chatbots will also collect information about the interaction, so customer support can get started on your issue right away.

Chatbots meaning and usage have been explored since the early days of Eliza, which was a chat program meant to fool the user into thinking that it was a real person. In addition to customer support, chatbots can also be used on social media sites, through app downloads, and through software systems specifically designed for their use. Many people are fascinated by chatbots; they can be talked to for entertainment purposes. There are also things such as AI therapists, though they are designed for entertainment rather than medical purposes.

Today’s chatbots can be extremely effective at fooling people. Chatbots can be seen through dating sites and through phishing attempts. But the primary usage of chatbots today is for commercial websites — to provide customer service and customer support. Sometimes people still don’t realize that they aren’t talking to a person through the website, because the chatbot is so effective at mimicking human communication.

What exactly is chatbot software? A chatbot app is an app that is designed to mimic another human talking. The best chatbot software can be virtually indistinguishable from a person. In the early days, a chatbot app development company would concentrate solely on making the language that the bot used feel normal. But today the best chatbot software 2020 can be used not only for conversations and recreation but for marketing.

Some of the leading chatbot companies in USA include Terminus, Drift, Intercom, and other B2B chat platforms. These platforms are able to answer questions for customers, direct them toward more complex answers, and ultimately make it easier for customers to interact with the brand. While there are some free chatbot software companies, chatbot development companies in USA marketing tend to be better if there is some fee attached. This provides for superior maintenance and customer service.

Regardless of what chatbot software companies a marketing team decides to work with, it’s easy to see why chatbot companies stocks are going up. Chatbots have become ubiquitous throughout marketing, with most websites today having a chatbot on their site. A chatbot will communicate with the customer or potential customer as much as possible. When they can no longer help, they will usually escalate to a live person. This ensures that nothing is missed and that all potential leads are secured.

Companies that don’t have a chatbot may be missing out on potential contacts. The cost of running a chatbot, beyond the license and maintenance, is nothing; this reduces the overhead of a business substantially by reducing the number of administrators and sales professionals that are needed.

Best AI Chatbot

The earliest chatbots simply scanned for keywords and responded to those keywords. But today, the best AI chatbot actually has artificial intelligence loaded in. It “thinks” through programming to really get to what the person needs. And the best AI chatbot isn’t necessarily an expensive program; even the best free AI chatbot can be very convincing. There are even AI roleplay apps.

If you go to an app store, you can download the best AI chatbot friend; you can even load old conversations into a chatbot to make it mimic yourself or a real person. Commercially, the goal is to give the experience of a real, live customer service expert, without having to have someone on staff 24/7.

Usually, it’s a best practice to use an AI chatbot at first, and then escalate to a human on a sales or customer success team. If done correctly, this transition can actually be seamless. The chatbot will deal with the basic information at first and then the conversation will be sent to the appropriate customer representative.

This streamlines the entire operation because customer relationship management teams need to spend less time on the line and can spend more time servicing clientele.

Why is an AI chatbot so important? Users can talk to an AI chatbot online regardless of when they want to interact with your business. An AI chat bot can answer a lot of questions, such as “when are your hours?” or “what services do you have?” Some AI bots can even be trained to do things like give quotes. The best AI chatbot will effectively act as a first line of customer support, sales, or technical support, thereby making it easier for companies to operate with limited staff.

Many people don’t want to talk to a person. They want answers, but they’d rather ask an open AI chatbot than ask an actual person and potentially bother them. This fills a gap between self-service (such as looking through a FAQ) and connecting with an actual person.

So, how do you implement a chatbot? You can always download a chatbot open source PHP or a chatbot software open source solution. But an open AI chatbot is not likely to be as robust as a commercial one. You can install a free, open source chatbot for WordPress at the click of a button, but it’s not likely to have the advanced features that a commercial option might. And because of that, it’s usually better to look for something that’s commercial and within budget.

The role of a chatbot is ultimately to keep customers happy and to increase sales, which means that a chatbot (like much of marketing) can ultimately pay for itself.

Chat Bot Online

B2B marketing isn’t the only place you can find a chat bot online. People do chat for fun. For instance, some people want to talk to a dirty robot online, or practice pick-up lines with a romantic chatbot. There are people who will pay to talk to a robot girlfriend or boyfriend, and who will actually be able to customize the personality. Others just want to talk to a chatbot for fun.

There’s a difference between buying chat software for fun and buying chat software for business purposes.

Business chatbots are an entirely different beast. Not only are there AI-driven chatbots, but there’s also a framework and infrastructure around that chatbot. The chatbot is only one part of the system. The rest is a very traditional customer relationship management suite. In addition to talking to the customer, the chatbot application has to be able to escalate calls as necessary, and has to be able to log all customer interactions.

So, getting a chat bot online for a B2B business may be a little more complex than finding a recreational chatbot. A company will need to investigate different avenues and look not only for a chatbot that is convincing but also for a chatbot that’s well-integrated with customer relationship management suites and that can collect valuable marketing data.

Further, companies may need to consider their budget, how intuitive the chatbot is to use, and the community that supports the chatbot. All these things together will point the company to the right chatbot for them.

If you look at a list of chatbots, you’ll find that most aren’t used for B2B purposes. Services like Chatfuel, anime chatbot platforms, the Mitsuku chatbot, Rasa chatbot, and more, can all be used for recreational purposes rather than commercial ones. Chatbots can be trained to do anything and that means they can also be trained for entertainment value.

Yes, people can even talk to a dirty robot online, talk to a robot boyfriend, or talk to a robot girlfriend. An AI chatbot Github can be used to create all sorts of things, from therapeutic tools to the B2B chatbots that businesses need. An open source chatbot Github can be used to create any type of AI chatbot, and an AI chatbot Python script can be easily coded to talk about all sorts of things.

All this means is that the framework for bots has improved dramatically. While a commercial chatbot may be focused on business, a lot of care has gone into making chatbots “human” enough to be truly entertaining. And that means that an open source chatbot framework Python script or an open source chatbot Python plug-in will be very human because it’s designed to mimic humans.

Not all chatbots are suitable for turning into a commercial app. There are open source whatsapp chatbot apps available, which are really only for running on Whatsapp. Like WordPress, you can get a Whatsapp chatbot free, but that Whatsapp chatbot free download isn’t likely to be able to give you what you need to really connect with your customers. It’s better to go with a commercial service like Terminus, because commercial services have far more advanced features.

Because there are so many chat bot online options, there’s another advantage; the general public has gotten more or less used to interacting with chatbots. Because people are used to interacting with chatbots fairly frequently, they’re also more willing to reach out to chatbots when seen on commercial sites. Altogether, that makes it far easier for businesses to start reaching out to customers this way. Customers today have had training courses throughout their lives on how to best talk to chatbots (including the personal assistants on their phone) and are consequently able to use them more effectively.

Chatbot Examples

What are some chatbot examples? Consider the Mitsuku chatbot, which is a chatbot that acts like a virtual friend. People can use the free version of Mitsuku or a paid version of Mitsuku, but either way, Mitsuku is a digital, AI companion. There’s also Replika, which uses real-life chats to replicate other people. Mitsuku vs Replika, Mitsuku already has a fully formed personality. The Mitsuku chatbot API can be altered through the Mitsuku chatbot source code, but Replika is specifically designed to learn.

Another learning solution is Cleverbot, which was designed by scientists to be able to learn to talk more effectively. Pandorabots is a leading solution for deploying new artificial intelligence for those who want to experiment with it; Pandorabots AIML is an open scripting language to that end. There’s the Kuki chatbot app, Evie chatbot, and Rose chatbot for those who want to experiment further. You can also find an open source chatbot Github, Google chatbot, or look at Botpress.

Essentially, there are a lot of chatbots around. Many of them are used for recreational purposes, but they can be used for business applications as well. And many of them have been improved by these recreational applications because they have learned more about what it means to sound human.

As with most things, it’s easiest to understand chatbots when looking at chatbot examples. If someone wants to code their own AI chatbot project, they can do so by looking at some of the best chatbots 2019 and best chatbots 2020. Digging into the code of chatbot website examples will give a developer more information about how these bots work, but they should be cautioned as well. While chatbots can be programmed by anyone, they’re very challenging.

For most people, it’s best to go with an out-of-the-box solution that can be customized. Developing chatbots is something that many companies actually specialize in, and it can take them years to develop the technology the right way. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you can find a chatbot that does everything you need it to do and program it so that it’s more effective overall. You can create your own branding within the chatbot and ultimately make it so that the chatbot responds the way you would like it to.

Starting with an open source chatbot is one of the easiest ways to code and refine something that will be functional and up-to-date on modern techniques. But if you want to code something from scratch, it may be ideal to look at the existing chatbots and figure out which features you want. Remember that the features that leading solutions, such as Terminus, have are going to be the features that other customers both expect and look for. If you don’t communicate in a way that they expect, they will find the chatbot difficult and cumbersome to use.

Best Chatbot for Website

If you want the best chatbot for website use, you can look at a chatbot free or a premium chatbot version. There are many options for a chat bot free, such as the WhatsApp chatbot free version. But you should know that a free chatbot API is probably not going to be the best. Even the best free chatbot is going to lack many features that a business might need, even if they’re more than suitable for entertainment and recreation.

Before you click on a WhatsApp chatbot free download, consider the business applications and integrations you might need connected to the chatbot. Free bot software isn’t likely to port information into Salesforce. A chatbot free download might not even be entirely secure. And a chatbot website free probably won’t provide support.

Still if you want to add chatbot to website free, there are options out there. And if you want a free chatbot to talk to, your requirements might not be very strict. There’s a lot of chatbot software free if you want to experiment with having a chatbot on your site, or if you just want to know whether your users would even start to use the chatbot. Just search for “business Chatbot Google” and you’ll be able to find one with ease.

If there are so many chatbots out there, how do you find the best chatbot for website developers? What’s the best chatbot for your organization’s needs? Is there a chatbot website that’s better than others? Can you add chatbot to website free or do you need to pay?

First, let’s discuss some standards. If you’re looking for the ideal AI chatbot for website use you’re going to want to meet some requirements. There should be a friendly welcome message, prompting questions, and calls-to-action. The chatbot should be able to track the topic of the conversation easily.

Chatbot software for website users can also come with advanced features, such as predicting what the user will ask for and displaying this as clickable bubbles rather than forcing the user to type. This also has the advantage that the software knows what kind of input it should be expecting, rather than having to scan the text that is sent for phrases.

Many chatbot software solutions can also be highly personalized. You will want to personalize the bot for your brand, so that customers get the distinct feeling of talking to your brand and your brand alone when they’re communicating with your chatbot.

Finally, there’s budget and support. You want to have a solution that fits into your budget, but you also don’t want to sacrifice hands-on maintenance and care. Chatbots are critical; once people get used to having access to them they may start to rely upon them. You don’t want to get into a situation in which your chatbot is no longer functioning and you don’t know why.

Chatbot Builder

When used for B2B marketing purposes, you should either look for paid software (instead of free tools or apps) or look into building it yourself. Businesses need systems that have been customized and designed for them. They can hire a chatbot builder, work on chatbot software open source (or voice bots open source), or just find a paid, commercial chatbot software for website provider.

Companies can find chatbot analytics open source and can utilize these through developers. Developers will be necessary to customize the chatbot for the organization. What framework or open source solution is used depends on the developers. Python developers will be more likely to use an open source chatbot Python or open source chatbot framework Python. Meanwhile, PHP developers will be more likely to use a chatbot open source PHP.

Reaching out to a commercial chatbot website may be better than trying to assemble parts such as a chatbot UI open source. An organization that needs a lot of custom work may need to have their chatbot built from the ground up, but this is rare. It’s more likely that the organization will need to take a look at several different AI chatbot solutions and pick the one that best integrates with their existing business infrastructure.

Is there such a thing as a chatbot builder? If you’re looking for a chatbot builder, you can start with a chatbot free. A conversational AI chatbot can be used to create an actual chatbot for business from scratch. The best chatbot framework 2019 will give you more insights into how to build a chatbot, though there isn’t an easy-to-use “chatbot builder” that can be used for anything. You can get chatbot free online or chatbot software free to take a look and start building your own, though keep licenses in mind; if you utilize code, it may be copyrighted.

A free AI chatbot isn’t likely to fulfill the needs of a commercial enterprise, but it can give people a stepping stone if they’re trying to develop their own app from scratch. Most businesses aren’t going to be able to get along with a free chatbot for Facebook, free chatbot for website users, or free chatbot for WordPress, but what they can do is find out more about the features that they really want. The free chatbot software can then serve as an education, even if the chatbot website free isn’t everything that’s needed.

With as many solutions as there are available, though, developers won’t need to look very far to find a chatbot that can be used out-of-the-box. A chatbot builder may be ideal in terms of personalization and uniqueness, but it will take a very long time to actually make. Without a chatbot builder to generate the code, developers are going to need to dig down and create a chatbot from scratch. It’s simply easier for developers to follow the beaten path and customize an already made chatbot for their organization.

Best Chatbot Software

What’s the best B2B chat software platform? The three best chatbot software solutions are Drift, Intercom, and Terminus. These best chatbots 2020 and 2021 provide best-in-class AI functionality in addition to fantastic customer relationship management solutions. Drift and Intercom are primarily chatbot examples, and they are some of the best chatbot examples out there. Meanwhile, Terminus Chat is native to its account-based marketing platform.

Drift and Intercom are both a good chatbot application example. They provide AI chat that can be dropped into existing infrastructures to provide better customer support and customer retention. Their chatbot application can be integrated with AI chat, real-time chat, video, and other collaborative solutions. So, Drift and Intercom aren’t just some of the best chatbot app solutions; in addition to making it to the top of the list of chatbots, they are all-around communication solutions.

But when you look at chatbot application examples, at least chatbot applications in business, the most important aspect is that these chats can be connected directly to other marketing products and other marketing journeys. This is also true for chatbot applications in education, non-profit organizations, and other areas in which communication is important.

With Terminus, the chatbot solution is only one part of a much larger marketing infrastructure. Information from chats can be automatically imported into the Terminus ecosystem, and Terminus can use this information in other areas, such as email newsletters. By consolidating marketing information in this way, companies can acquire greater control over their customer relationships.

There are many B2B chatbot solutions out there. When looking for a solution, you may want to consider the features you need, the budget you have, and the integrations you would need to make to connect the solution to your core infrastructure. To find out more about the basics of chatbot software (and the advantages), contact the experts at Terminus.