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Terminus Releases Account-Based Marketing Orchestration Platform for B2B Marketers


Terminus introduces new product upgrades for orchestrating and measuring account-based marketing campaigns to improve B2B sales pipeline velocity and grow revenue.

SAN FRANCISCO — Terminus, the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform, is proud to announce the launch of its orchestration and measurement tools for B2B marketers. This new suite of features empowers B2B marketing and sales teams with enhanced capabilities to target, execute, measure and optimize ABM campaigns at scale.

“Orchestration is the next evolution of B2B marketing technology,” said Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer for Terminus. “In 2016, everyone in the industry was talking about account-based marketing. Now it’s time to productize the challenge of how to engage best-fit accounts and clearly demonstrate ROI of the marketing team’s efforts to increase pipeline for sales.”

At its core, account-based marketing is a focused approach to B2B marketing in which marketing and sales (or smarketing) teams engage all key decision-makers at best-fit target accounts to turn them into customers. The Terminus ABM platform solves this challenge by allowing marketers to orchestrate cohesive and highly targeted campaigns while delivering key metrics to optimize the impact of these account-based tactics.

“We want to give B2B marketers the tools they need to execute and scale highly effective account-based marketing campaigns and become ABM superheroes,” said Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CMO of Terminus and author of Account-Based Marketing for Dummies. “Fast-growing B2B organizations use Terminus as a foundational element of their ABM technology stack. In developing our orchestration tool, we garnered feedback from the best and brightest ABM practitioners to make Terminus even more effective at targeting and engaging best-fit accounts to accelerate revenue growth.”

Features of the Terminus ABM platform additions include:

  • Account-Based Marketing Orchestration – Allows marketers to easily develop automated, multifaceted campaigns for demand generation, sales pipeline and customer marketing. Marketers can orchestrate tactics for different buying stages, personas, accounts or other criteria within each campaign.
  • Account-Based Progression Tracking – Provides insight into marketing’s influence on generating new opportunities, progressing accounts further down the funnel, and closing revenue instead of simply generating leads. With insight into the key ABM metrics at the campaign, tactic or individual account level, it allows for closed-loop ROI calculations as well as real-time optimization during a campaign.
  • Account-Based Web Analytics – Delivers better insight into account engagement, going beyond lead acquisition and scoring. When new accounts visit your website, web analytics capture this new contact, making it a “known” account. Reporting is available for account data for pages visited, sessions, and time on site from individuals at target companies. In addition to seeing visits from target accounts, it surfaces new accounts showing web engagement, which can then be added to Terminus campaigns.
  • Smarketing Report – Marketers receive a weekly report on account engagement with insights on progression to a new stage of the buyer’s journey. Providing rich information to review and plan for account engagement, it brings marketing and sales together to cohesively drive revenue.
  • New Account Matching Data Algorithm – Builds upon Terminus’ advanced digital targeting capabilities to allow marketers to engage more key decision-makers and influencers at target accounts than any other solution available. Utilizing machine learning, it provides industry-leading company match rates with individual cookie records combined with proprietary data to identify individuals at target accounts across their work and personal devices.

“The Terminus product enhancements are an exciting evolution of the platform we consider vital for driving efficient and effective ABM programs. These unique features are spot-on with our needs to generate demand in best-fit accounts,” said Peter Herbert, Vice President of Marketing at VersionOne. “Marketers need the ability to orchestrate relevant and personalized messages in the context of the buyer’s journey as we engage accounts throughout the funnel. With tools such as visitor tracking and account progression reporting, Terminus will help us demonstrate the significant impact of our ABM efforts.”

The Terminus product upgrade is being rolled out to customers throughout Q1. To learn more about Terminus, visit and sign up for our product overview webinar here.

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