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Terminus and Bombora Partner to Power Account-Based Marketing with Intent Data


ATLANTA (PRWEB)– Terminus, the leader of the account-based marketing (ABM) movement, today announced its partnership with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, to help marketers operationalize ABM. By combining Bombora Company Surge” data with Terminus’ best-in-class web engagement data, B2B marketers can now prioritize accounts using surging intent and engagement signals. With this data, customers can execute smarter, more relevant account-based advertising campaigns through the Terminus ABM platform.

“With the largest ABM customer base, Terminus is in the best position to help innovative ABM practitioners leverage the power of intent data,” said Eric Spett, CEO and Co-Founder of Terminus. “One of the most significant challenges for B2B marketers is operationalizing ABM. By integrating intent data with engagement data, we help our customers effectively prioritize accounts and execute campaigns with laser focus.”

A number of Terminus customers already use Bombora intent data for their account-based ad campaigns, and the Terminus marketing team uses Bombora as a critical part of its internal “Fit + Intent + Engagement” model for prioritizing and campaigning to target accounts. Now, Terminus customers can purchase Bombora data directly from Terminus and access reports that integrate intent and engagement data to optimize their Terminus ad campaigns and trigger other ABM tactics. Marketers can easily see which of their target accounts need to be engaged with Terminus ads and which are ready for sales outreach. In 2018, Terminus plans to integrate intent data into its platform to power dynamic audiences, advertising automation, and deeper account reporting.

Attivio, an industry-leading cognitive search and insight platform, is one of the Terminus customers currently leveraging Bombora intent data to orchestrate how accounts flow in and out of account-based advertising campaigns. Attivio also uses Terminus ABM measurement tools to demonstrate the impact of their marketing efforts on account engagement and opportunity creation.

“Using Terminus and Bombora together helps us better target and engage our key accounts. Of the opportunities created since we’ve implemented the solution, nearly 70% of them have been influenced by Terminus and Bombora,” stated Allyson Barr, CMO at Attivio. “In addition, we’ve seen web engagement triple from our target accounts. I’m excited to see Bombora data integrated into the Terminus ABM platform.”

Terminus chose to partner with Bombora because its Company Surge” data uniquely measures intent signals across many data and content sources, establishes a baseline of activity for specific accounts, and then measures account-based increases in content consumption around specific keywords. When combined with highly accurate web engagement data, this capability helps marketers to understand which accounts are actively researching and likely to buy.

“Bombora Company Surge” data is the most robust signal of active demand from an account,” said Dale Durrett, VP of Partnerships at Bombora. “Our partnership with Terminus enables marketers to operationalize those signals in many ways, including easily creating keyword-specific account-based advertising campaigns that reach the entire buying committee.”

To learn more about the Terminus and Bombora partnership, contact Terminus today.

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