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Terminus’ New Sales Insights Offering Makes Lead Scoring Obsolete by Bringing Account Engagement Data into Salesforce


Sales and Marketing Can Now Easily Leverage Engagement Data to Prioritize Accounts and Succeed as One Revenue Team

ATLANTA(Jul.17, 2018) — Terminus, the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform, today announced the launch of Sales Insights powered by Account Surge, Terminus’ new engagement scoring algorithm. Terminus created the product feature to support marketing’s efforts to deliver timely and meaningful data to sales teams to help prioritize and personalize outreach.

Sales Insights delivers account engagement data, Account Surge alerts, and digital advertising results from the Terminus ABM platform into Salesforce for target accounts. Salespeople can now see that marketing is driving engagement via Terminus account-based advertising, get a clear signal when an account is actively researching their offering and are better able to personalize outreach based on an account’s browsing behavior.

“Marketing and sales teams have known for years that traditional lead scoring methods are hard to formulate, and often present incorrect or misleading data,” said Eric Spett, CEO of Terminus. “In the past, marketers have used form fills and lead scoring to qualify prospects and determine interest. However, lead-based marketing and lead scoring, in particular, is not effective for feeding sales opportunities. With Sales Insights, marketing and sales can align their efforts using engagement data and Account Surge to generate more pipeline and revenue.”

The process is simple. Once a customer identifies which web pages are the most valuable, Sales Insights aggregates engagement data at the account level from anonymous web traffic allowing salespeople to identify engaged accounts earlier than lead scoring does. Utilizing algorithmic engagement scoring, Account Surge uncovers buying behavior based on spikes in an account’s activity on the most valuable pages of a company’s website and can alert the correct salesperson in Salesforce.

“We rely on Terminus to create and measure engagement with our target accounts. In fact, we’ve tripled prospect account engagement in just one quarter, and as a result, we’ve seen the click-through rate in our email nurture increase by 400% in our target segments,” said Caroline Japic, CMO at Pramata. “With Sales Insights, we will be able to quickly engage our SDRs and sales teams on the right accounts and easily share results of account-based advertising with them. Account Surge data helps to better align our marketing, SDR, and sales teams on the right accounts.”

Sales Insights powered by Account Surge is now available inside of Salesforce. Sales Insights will include out-of-the-box reports to enable salespeople, sales leaders, and marketers to get started immediately.

To learn more about Sales Insights powered by Account Surge, you can join Terminus’ webinar on Thursday, August 2.

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