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Terminus Releases “ABM is B2B.” Book

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Author to share learnings during keynote at B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange in Boston August 12-13 

ATLANTA – (August 8, 2019) ––  Terminus, the #1 rated account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform and leader of the ABM movement, today announced the release and availability of its new book ahead of B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange in Boston, Massachusetts, August 12-13. The book, “ABM is B2B.’’ provides an in-depth analysis of how the principles of ABM can be applied by B2B marketing and sales teams to dramatically improve their businesses. 

Authored by Terminus co-founders Eric Spett and Sangram Vajre, the book provides a roadmap and actionable framework for marketing and sales leaders to utilize account-based strategies to drive quality growth. Vajre, Chief Evangelist of Terminus, will touch on highlights and key learnings from the book in his keynote presentation on August 12. Join Terminus at the B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange to participate in the two-day Flip My Funnel content track, which explores learnings and best practices for ABM.

“ABM has grown up and account-centric thinking is not just a marketer’s job, but a go-to-market strategy,” says David Cancel, Founder and CEO of Drift, Entrepreneur-in-Resident at Harvard Business School. “This book nails this concept. A must-read for all aspiring CEOs.”

In “ABM is B2B.,” Spett and Vajre identify the fundamental problem B2B marketing faces and help readers re-imagine how they connect with their customers and prospects. Specifically, the book details how to identify the right targets, create meaningful personalized experiences for them and, ultimately, turn them into advocates for the brand. Not just another introductory resource of what ABM is and why it’s important, this book is designed to help teams put ABM into action for their companies. “ABM is B2B.” targets forward-leaning marketers to help them expertly navigate ABM, giving them the strategies they need to reach and surpass sales and business goals.  

“There is a key similarity between ‘winning’ and ‘ABM’ and that is the mindset,” said Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist, Terminus. “When you want to win at something, you focus all your energy and resources on that one thing. Winning in business is similar – if you know who your target audience is, your entire go-to-market team should be focused on those accounts as opposed to a batch-and-blast approach that wastes time and resources. That’s why the best companies in the world are implementing account-based strategies across customer acquisition, pipeline acceleration and account expansion, which led to the title of the book – ‘ABM is B2B.’”   

Readers will close the book with the knowledge and confidence to lead their organization through the entire B2B marketing lifecycle. Building on the Target, Engage, Activate, Measure (TEAM) framework, the book is full of data, advice and real-life customer examples that help marketers flip their funnel and make B2B marketing more effective and engaging. 

To pre-order “ABM is B2B.,” visit the Terminus website or your favorite book store: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, 800-CEO-Reads or Indie Bound. Additionally, for a limited time, August 19-23, the book will be available at a discounted rate of $1.99 for Amazon shoppers. 

All proceeds from book purchases will go to support New Story, an organization building lives for thousands in North and Central America.

About Terminus

Founded in 2014, Terminus is the leader of the account-based movement. We help our customers transform B2B marketing by focusing sales and marketing resources on the best-fit, most likely to buy segments of their addressable market. Our platform empowers marketing teams to easily build, operate and measure scalable account-based initiatives that drive quality growth. We serve hundreds of B2B organizations such as Salesforce, GE, Verizon, 3M and CA Technologies to provide the technology and expertise that produce exceptional results.

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