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Demandbase Competitors

Demandbase is a well-known account-based marketing platform that was founded in 2007 to serve business-to-business companies with the ability to measure and target audiences. It has headquarters in San Francisco, California and offices in New York City, San Mateo, California, Seattle, Washington, and Nadhapur, India. As of this writing, the company has right around 1,000 employees. To gain insights about the company from the perspective of current and former employees of Demandbase, Glassdoor is a useful resource.

For those searching for the Demandbase pricing model, pricing can fluctuate based on the level of access you are granted to the platform, the number of users accessing the platform, and other factors. You may find that for as-it-happens Demandbase pricing, Reddit can offer some answers. Some users have been known to post inside information about pricing deals they’ve struck with the platform. Since this information can be posted without being vetted, take specific numbers with a grain of salt, and don’t expect to use that information for leverage in negotiations.

To get your organization’s price to use Demandbase, you’ll need to get a proposal from them directly. Just remember: account-based marketing platforms are rich with tools designed to help you find more prospects, and ultimately, make more sales and drive more revenue. There are more things to consider beyond just the cost of the tool. And before you sign an agreement with Demandbase (or if you already have), you might want to consider some of Demandbase’s primary competitors. We’ll cover some of them in this article.

G2 Demandbase

In your search for marketing technology platforms, you will likely encounter a registry of such products on G2. G2 is a marketplace that houses information about business software solutions, including company information, reviews from users, and, when available, information on pricing. You’ll even find a Terminus G2 page.

On the Metadata G2 page, you’ll learn about Metadata.io and their features. Using the G2 comparison tool to compare Metadata with Demandbase, ratings tend to favor Metadata in nearly all listed categories, including ease of use, ease of setup, the quality of support offered, and the direction the product is moving in. While Metadata has better ratings, the gaps on some of the scores isn’t terribly wide. But the insights gained from the reviews may be helpful in your search. Of note, as of this writing, the number of responses provided in review form is most definitely in favor of Demandbase, often by a factor of 2 or more when compared to Metadata. So, anecdotally it would appear that Demandbase has more users while it could be inferred that Metadata users are generally more pleased with the way the product works.

Using any of these metrics to make a decision would be unsound. However, making note of the information and using it to influence your decision along with all pertinent factors will help you make an informed decision. And don’t limit yourself to comparing only these two ABM providers. Platforms like Triblio and RollWorks can be considered, not to mention Terminus.

ABM Demandbase

A primary competitor of Demandbase in the ABM space is a company called Lattice Engines (not to be confused with the lattice semiconductor). Since the 2019 Lattice Engines acquisition by Dun & Bradstreet, Lattice Engines has remained a player in the space. Dun & Bradstreet have taken to calling the tool the Lattice CDP since the acquisition.

Founded in June of 2006, Lattice Engines currently has more than 150 workers employed. The office headquarters are in San Mateo, California. Satellite offices are located in Austin, Boston, New York City, and Beijing. With over 65,000 users as of writing, Lattice Engines revenue stream made it a desirable asset for Dun & Bradstreet to add to their portfolio. The Lattice Engines acquisition price was not revealed, but we do know that over $67 million US dollars were raised in capital to get Lattice Engines off the ground. To get information about which investors helped to grow Lattice Engines, Crunchbase is a great place to look.

Thanks to a crucial integration with Lattice, Salesforce data can be used to activate go-to-market plays with precision. And while you may have never heard of Lattice Engines, or seen the Lattice Engines logo, there’s a high probability that you have been served marketing messages thanks to information that has run through the Lattice CDP.

Along with Crunchbase, more information about Lattice Engines/ the Lattice CDP can be found on G2. As with Metadata.io and others, the G2 comparison tool can be used to highlight differentiators between different tools, leading you to the right solution for your organization.


Along with being a player in the ABM space, Terminus is a name used for many things. The Terminus wrestling move was a famous finisher deployed by Damien Sandow. Terminus (god) of Roman mythology was the deity in charge of protecting boundary markers. And as many Georgians know, Terminus was once the name for the settlement now known as Atlanta. This type of terminus terminal (what the terminus plural form? I prefer termini.) referred to the train routes that found their final destination in Atlanta. Terminus game mentions are also common.

If you’re looking for a Terminus synonym, check the thesaurus. We’re here to talk about Terminus Software, which has become synonymous with the world of ABM or account-based marketing.

Terminus is an account-based marketing platform used to target accounts and individuals within those accounts. Their aim is to engage decision-makers at the right time and on the buyer’s terms to ultimately accelerate sales pipeline and drive more and highly-recurring revenue.

The company was founded in 2014. Beginning in 2018, Terminus began making key acquisitions in the marketplace, bringing on solutions providers with a marketing bent like Zylotech, Sigstr, Ramble, and others. To date, 17 investors have given over $170 million dollars to build Terminus into what it is today. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and allows users to target accounts and users through email experiences, chat experiences, ad experiences, and much more. You can even use the platform to place ads on connected TV and audio devices and streaming services.

G2 can be used to compare Terminus to Demandbase, 6sense, Metadata.io, and other competitors in this space.

6sense G2

A discussion of Demandbase competitors would not be complete without mentioning and briefly profiling the 6sense company. A preliminary search reveals that for 6sense wiki levels of information are available in many corners of the web. From the 6sense Crunchbase page to articles penned about 6sense intent data and its applications in the marketplace, information abounds. For those fortunate enough to have 6sense login credentials, the 6sense platform provides opportunities for marketers to tighten their targeting.

If you want a single place to look for a good deal of information on 6sense, Gartner may be your best starting point. And since the 6sense pricing Reddit posts may be hard to find and harder to trust, the reviews provided by Gartner, G2, and the like will help you evaluate them as an ABM platform option.

According to Crunchbase, 6sense has over one thousand employees and has made four acquisitions thanks in part to over four hundred million dollars in funding. Per Crunchbase, 6sense has at least six direct competitors. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, 6sense founders launched the company in 2013, and 6sense funding was a major focus in 2014 and 2015, as the company secured series a and b funding in those years. The 6sense address is still listed as being in San Francisco. No further funding would be raised until the series c and d rounds in 2020 and 2021 respectively. There have been rumors of a future 6sense IPO, and those holding 6sense stock options have their fingers crossed. For job seekers looking for 6sense careers, or if you’re considering working with this company as a customer, 6sense reviews on Glassdoor provide insight into company culture and employee satisfaction.


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online professional networks, and one could argue that it is the most highly-respected one. The LinkedIn corporation was founded in 2002. For years, the average LinkedIn account was a combination of an online resume (complete with your personal work history, the roles you’d held, where you went to school, etc.) and business card (showing your current position and any contact info you wished to share. Your LinkedIn profile could also be connected to profiles of people you knew in your professional network.

Seeing the wealth of information available about professionals, their networking efforts, and more, some marketing platforms have integrated with LinkedIn. Today, once you’ve entered your LinkedIn login information, you’re hit with LinkedIn jobs notifications–usually jobs that pertain to you based on your work history. Marketers are using LinkedIn search to try and catch signals you may be making about large purchases. When it came to LinkedIn, learning more about the platform and all of its capabilities led Terminus to make a considerable investment in a LinkedIn marketing solutions integration in 2021.

The Terminus integration made it easy to improve account matching and targeting. And while some clunkier marketing efforts on LinkedIn may cause you to search for “how to delete LinkedIn account,” better targeting, and showing up at the right time in the buying process, has proven effective for many marketing departments. Considering that Terminus and other ABM platforms are designed to make marketing easier and more effective in business-to-business marketing settings, tapping into the most well-regarded business relationship social media makes all of the sense.


Clearbit is a data activation platform. In the world of account-based marketing, data is key to finding your most fertile markets and finding them when they’re ready to buy. Clearbit exists to gather and enrich that data, and then make it usable in your go-to-market strategies. Don’t be lulled to sleep by the simplicity of the Clearbit logo–behind the scenes, there’s a ton going on inside Clearbit.

One popular feature is called Clearbit Connect (there’s even a Clearbit extension that turns your plain old gmail instance into Clearbit gmail!). This tool claims to be able to find any business email in under five seconds. The Clearbit email finder alone may justify Clearbit pricing, but there are other helpful features, too. For a company that has raised $17 million dollars, you’d hope for more than just fast access to emails, and Clearbit certainly offers more.

One key feature of Clearbit was released in 2019. It’s called Clearbit X. It combines data from multiple sources (user activity data, your CRM instance, marketing automation data, etc.) and layers in what Clearbit calls “enriched facts” to every record. With a tool like that at your fingertips, you can see when prospects are showing signs that they’re about to make a purchase. And when the purchase they want to make aligns with your product or service, you can show up at just the right time to serve them ads and other marketing messages. These abilities help you to create more B2B growth. By showing up with the right solution at the right time, you maximize conversions and have better success retaining and expanding customers. Find more information at the Clearbit Crunchbase page.