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Display Marketing

Display marketing is an important component to an online advertising campaign. It isn’t every part of an advertising campaign, but it’s an important one. Whenever you see an ad on a website, you’re seeing display advertising. Display media, such as a banner ad, will be shown on a third-party, unaffiliated website. The benefits of display advertising are vast.

In the old days of about a decade ago, a display marketing agency would work directly with website owners to place ads. It would be like placing an ad in a magazine. The digital marketing agency would connect with a company that sold web hosting, for instance, and put ads for a web development service on it.

Today, display advertising is mostly done through larger, third-party networks like Google. Google has millions of sites in their network. Companies set up their display marketing strategy and start running ads across the sites that make the most sense to them.

Why use display advertising? The benefits of banner ads are as follows: they can be targeted to a specific audience, they only cost money when they’re clicked, and they’re more affordable than many other types of advertising.

Other than display advertising, the other most common type of advertising is search advertising. Under search advertising, companies show up on query pages when a customer searches the web. This can be done on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The benefits of display advertising over search advertising is that display advertising tends to be a little more easily customized. Search ads are only text-based, while display advertising can even include animations.

Companies interested in starting with paid display marketing first have to explore the features of display advertisement, as well as considering the differences between paid social vs display and SEM vs display. GDN digital marketing encompasses many channels, including travelling display advertising and content marketing—paid display advertising is only part. But why is display advertising an effective acquisition channel? Most of it has to do with the massive amount of targeting that can be done. It also has to do with the benefits of visual advertising.

Visual advertising, compared to display to search, is eye-catching and memorable. Marketing firms online can create ads that people frequently think about and share.

Banner Ads

Banner ads come in many shapes and sizes. Many companies start their advertising strategy by developing their banner ads. There are a number of best practices to follow:

  • Including a clear and concise message. Display ads shouldn’t have too much text. Look at the most popular display advertising examples, and you’ll see that they mostly have headlines and perhaps a caption.
  • Ending with a call-to-action. There are many types of display ads, but all of them should end with a call-to-action. A call-to-action tells the customer what they should do next. Otherwise, the customer may think about the ad a little, but will ultimately forget about it.
  • Avoiding anything too controversial or obnoxious. Paid display ads should have bright colors, but not clashing colors. Most display marketing examples will have some form of animation, but they aren’t going to aggressively flash and move.
  • Consider the format. You need to know how to write a display advertisement for desktop, mobile, and other devices. When you’re thinking about how to improve display ads, consider the audience and the environment first. If your ads aren’t functioning well, it’s possible that they aren’t being displayed properly.

Photography, illustrations, and icons are all eye-catching and memorable. Companies need to take a look at the messaging and the design of their ads and test those ads with their audience. A/B testing makes it possible for companies to determine what really resonates with their audience.

But before companies look into how to write a display advertisement, they need to think about what their goals are. They need to create a strategy, often a multi-channel strategy. This is what will make sure that the company is able to achieve success.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising automates the process of buying and selling ads. The advertising platform will take the ads and serve it to the audience most likely to interact with them. Companies that invest in software platforms for programmatic advertising will have better success. The best platforms will help with the structure of ads and will help optimize them for additional engagement.

Programmatic advertising platforms are a critical component to display advertising services. Through the programmatic ecosystem, companies are able to better achieve their goals, without administrative overhead.

There’s no one answer to digital advertising explained, but display marketing companies can help a company come up with a display campaign structure. Terminus provides an account-based advertising platform that provides all the programmatic services that an organization may need.

Terminus provides advanced features such as stage-based ads, enhanced account targeting with LinkedIn, unified account list management, global targeting, and account-level advertising metrics. Through Terminus, companies are able to see how their ads are performing, and can also use enhanced account targeting and account list management features to better serve their ads to the ones most likely to interact with them.

Pretargeting and retargeting makes it possible for companies to engage with the highest quality leads, making better use of their time and their administrative resources. Altogether, this creates a programmatic system that makes it possible for companies to leverage their existing resources to better effect. Companies are able to achieve global reach and get a fuller picture of their advertising campaigns at once.

The Terminus ABM platform is used by over 1,000 B2B marketers today and can be scaled to match any size of business. For business owners who want to get an edge on their marketing and start to develop their account-based marketing campaigns, Terminus provides the solution.

Display Ads Google

For many companies, the Google Display network will be the first stop in creating an advertising campaign. The Display Ads Google provides is the most robust service out there, both for paid search and paid display ads. Display ad networks work with website publishers who host ads, and companies that provide the ads.

There are many types of Google Display ads. Google Display ads are customized based on appearance, who they’re targeted to, what channels they’re targeted to, and where they appear. Since Google has remained one of the top ad networks 2019, Google is a great place to start—but there are also other places, such as Bing, for targeted advertising. Ads can also be placed on social media and on search query pages.

The digital advertising ecosystem 2019 isn’t the same ecosystem as 2020, which won’t be the same as 2021. This is because the display marketing ecosystem changes constantly. Google Display ads best practices will evolve, and the mobile advertising ecosystem in particular changes very quickly.

If you’re wondering how Google could be successful in the display advertising business for so long, it’s because they control the Google search engine. Display advertising services is only one part of their capabilities. Paid search is another important component. Paid search lets you pay to show up on Google results pages, and that’s what most people see when they’re searching the web.

To make the marketing ecosystem graphic consider that it’s also not hierarchical. There are few channels that are “better” than others. Instead, the entirety of the system has to work together. Social media works with paid search which works with display advertising. This is different from more conventional solutions, such as the TV advertising ecosystem, which tends to be extremely singular.

Google has been proven to be the best all-in-one advertising solution. But that doesn’t mean that all companies can simply start working with Google and be successful right away. Marketing campaigns also need to be designed and optimized by professionals to be effective.

Marketing Channels Examples

Online campaigns demand a marketing channel strategy. Here are the most popular marketing channels examples:

  • Web. Banner ads on other websites let you target customers with products that they are interested in. The advantage of web ads is that it’s all-encompassing: Most people are on the web. The downside is that today many people block web-based ads, and some people just tune them out. Luckily, you only pay for the ads that are clicked on, not just the ads that are shown.
  • Search. Search ads put your ads in the context of a search engine page. If someone looks for an “optometrist,” they will see ads for optometrists on the search page as well as the unpaid query results. Search ads are very effective because the customer is already looking for the product or the service.
  • Email. Email ads have very high ROI. But today, marketers need to be particularly careful about their email contacts. They need to build their lists on a targeted basis, and avoid emailing those who haven’t already opted in. Otherwise, they could be considered spam attempts.
  • Social Media. Social media is an excellent path towards marketing because it often doesn’t require any direct expenditure (though ads can be boosted with money). Over time, social media campaigns will start bringing in traffic itself.
  • Mail. Physical mail is still an excellent channel. Today, many eCommerce stores advertise through physical mail. But it suffers from some of the challenges as email: You need to build your lists before you can send mailers out.

Every company needs to take advantage of as many digital marketing channels 2019 as it can. All content marketing channels also require a different approach. The right marketing channel mix may take some time to arrive at. Electronic marketing channels require a lot of experimentation. Eventually, marketing campaign channels will start to work together.

Companies can begin by exploring digital marketing channels PPT presentations to learn more about display and video advertising. But before they touch the display marketing channel, they should consider consulting with a marketing company. A display marketing PPT on a marketing company website can give them information when looking to advertise a new business online or scale their growth, but it can’t give them the unique advice that they likely need to truly be successful.