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Drift Alternatives

Founded in 2015, Drift is a live chat company that also promises to be much more. According to GlassDoor, Drift has anywhere from 200 to 501 employees. Because Drift isn’t a publicly traded company, there are only estimates of Drift valuation. Drift GlassDoor reviews show that the company is generally positive to work for; those with Drift careers applaud the positive company culture.

Drift revenue 2020 and Drift revenue 2021 have been consistently growing, showing a company that’s on the rise. In part, this is due to their software, but it’s also because companies are identifying the need for live chat solutions on their company websites. Live chat provides a lot of advantages: it ensures 24/7 conversation access and guarantees that leads are generated.

There are a number of Drift alternatives. Popular Drift alternatives include Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, and Terminus, depending on if companies are looking for CRM platforms with live chat or live chat-specific platforms. Because Drift is a fairly common name, Drift can be identified by the Drift logo — with lightning bolt in the center.

Drift is one of the most popular chat platforms today, but it’s not the only option.

Drift is a leading platform in the website chat category, also known as the conversational marketing business. However, it’s always a good idea to check alternatives before settling on one product. Drift alternatives may offer features that are more in tune with your needs and preferences, whether these are technical, related to the company’s ability to provide you with customer service, have to do with the provider’s focus, or relate to other aspects.

Pricing is always a consideration when choosing a business-related platform. Drift pricing has three main tiers: Free, Premium (also known as Drift Standard), and Enterprise. All three versions allow for one “seat,” but the rest of the features vary by tier. Drift email pricing is covered in these plans.

The free version has the fewest options, but allows for basic chat and moderation options like IP banning. At the Premium level, several more features are added, including the ability to save chat data and create custom bots. A chat to call option also becomes available. The Enterprise level adds a few more options, such as a reporting API, help with integration, and 24/7 priority chat support.

Those with a legacy plan Drift have different features and pricing. Information about these plans is no longer available on the company’s site.

Other companies also tend to have pricing tiers, but only a few have unlimited-time free versions. Most offer demos instead. These can take the form of limited-time free use or may be guided tours of the software the company provides.

Some are also interested in the mission or culture of the company they’re considering working with. The Drift company makes a point to address diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as to pursue customer-centric goals like putting the customer at the center of all business operations. Their “about” section is quite extensive, so someone who reads it all will learn about the Drift startup plan and other such information instead of just the basics.

Those who like a company to be based in the USA will be glad to find that Drift Boston meets this requirement. However, many others are also based here.

Drift App Download

Drift is a large company and one of the most popular chat services. It’s a growing company and is continuously hiring new employees for careers in the live chat/AI industry. Employees believe the company has a solid culture and is moving in the right direction. The company retains its “small company feel,” which is something that it hopes to translate into the experience of using the platform.

The Drift App is a software-as-a-service online platform. It is a qualified chatbot that also includes some advanced features; in addition to the Drift chatbot, there’s the Drift chat website integration, and Drift video services. Other functions include Drift Me and Drift Chat to Call. To use Drift, a Drift app download isn’t necessary. Everything can be integrated into a website on the server-side.

Ideally, a live chat experience is seamless. Users are able to connect to a live chat service through the website, with the automated chat AI performing preliminary lead generation and lead qualifying services. Once it’s determined that an individual needs a human operator, the AI can direct calls accordingly.

At the same time, there are other systems that are similar to Drift. One of its major competitors is Intercom.

As with most types of modern software or platform, access to Drift takes place through a Drift app. There is both a mobile app and a PC version that can be used to log in and use Drift.

The mobile app has the main benefit of allowing you to chat with customers wherever you are. This Drift tool frees you from coming to the office. While you’ll still have to be available to provide timely responses, you probably won’t be able to do much else during your on-duty hours, so you still have much more flexibility this way. It’s a great option for offices that have turned to remote working to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread.

Through either app, you are able to use all of Drift’s features. Once you enter your Drift login on your Drift Enterprise screen, you can set up a Drift chatbot, learn about the Drift AI Valorant, see how your current Drift AI powered bots are progressing, and more. You can also use Drift live, which lets you enter live chat with someone who needs to talk to a real human. Drift support will provide any help you need.

If you use the mobile version, you’ll also have your phone right in your hand when you activate Drift chat to call. Then, your customers won’t have to wait at all to start talking to you via voice. Of course, you can still use chat to call with desktop. You’ll just need to pick up a separate phone in that case.

Drift’s site has plenty of information about its features, including Drift Me, the Drift popup, and the Drift video bot. Even so, like with anything else, you’ll get more familiar with the platform’s tools after you actually use it.

Intercom App

One popular Drift alternative is Intercom. The Intercom system operates as an AI-driven live chat, which can drive customer engagement, facilitate the buyer journey, and overall improve buyer experience. All-in-all, Intercom is more highly rated by its employees. It’s also about the same size as Drift, with between 200 and 501 employees.

Intercom was founded back in 2011, meaning that its technology is more mature than Drift’s. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has a technical advantage, but it does mean that the company has been in the business longer, and consequently has some maturity in both its technology and its business processes.

Intercom competitors are similar: HubSpot, Salesforce, and Terminus are all featured. Those who are curious about Intercom can sign up for a demo or Intercom free plan to test it out. Intercom pricing is tiered and will vary, so it’s not possible to say how much the Intercom chat will cost. Those who are shopping may want to compare quotes of different Intercom alternatives.

There are some Intercom alternatives open source. The Intercom app is commercial. But open source solutions generally don’t have the depth of features that a commercial enterprise needs. When it comes to Intercom vs Hubspot, Intercom alternatives Reddit, Intercom vs Crisp, and Intercom vs Drift Reddit, the primary advantage to Intercom is that it is a solid, fully-featured solution that is easy to implement and easier to use.

Intercom can be confused with intercom phone systems or Intercom for home. The intercom meaning is pretty general and there are a lot of uses of intercom as a word, especially for commercial intercom device installations and home intercom alternatives. You can sidestep this by searching for “Intercom Live Chat” rather than just “intercom.”

Despite its name, the Intercom app doesn’t function as an actual intercom system or intercom device. Instead, it is a website chat platform.

This platform, like most if not all others, has a mobile app so you can connect to it on-the-go just by entering your Intercom login. It also has a PC version. Once connected, you gain access to all of its features.

As with other offerings in this space, Intercom is meant to let you conduct live chat with your prospects and current customers. However, it is not limited to website chat like some of its competitors. Instead, it also gives you the ability to send links to prospects which they can use to initiate chat from these points of contact. It specifically mentions the ability to use it through over 250 other apps.

Intercom pricing has two main tiers: “Most customers,” and “very small businesses.” The tier suggested for most customers costs $499 per month, and provides 10 seats. Meanwhile, the “very small businesses” tier is divided into two sub-tiers. The “Start” tier is $39 per month and includes one seat. The “Grow” tier, which is next, is $99 per month and provides five seats. Features vary between all of the packages, and increase along with the price.

Just like at other tech companies, Intercom jobs involve a variety of skills. Programmers and salespeople are the most likely to be needed, but of course there are also ancillary positions, like secretaries and janitors, that need to be filled as well. If you’re interested in working there, check the Intercom company “careers” page to see which openings are available now.

Those who are interested in investing may want to check out the Intercom Crunchbase listings. There, you can find out about the company’s funding, which technologies it uses, and much more about the nuts and bolts of Intercom as a business.


What’s Freshchat? Freshchat is another popular chat application. Freshchat is produced by Freshworks and boasts over 100,000 users across the globe. With a Freshchat login, you can integrate Freshchat directly into your website and your sales funnel. More importantly, Freshchat pricing is very lenient.

According to the Freshchat login page, a free platform is available for up to 100 agents. When it comes to Intercom vs Freshdesk, the cost depends on usage, but Freshdesk is likely to be less expensive. Freshchat integration with the Freshchat API includes Freshchat – WhatsApp, Freshchat Web, and Facebook Messenger.

You can see Freshchat examples on the Freshchat page, which will provide some key insights into major features: messaging channels, chatbots, team inbox, and campaigns. Chatbots are of particular importance, as this feature is what will ensure that someone is available 24/7. Customers will be able to connect with AI-driven chatbots at any time to get the information they need.

From there, they can be allocated to live chat professionals. With the first tier of paid services, customers can get up to 1,000 free bot sessions a month. This is more than enough for companies to assess how well the chat service works for them.

Freshchat is another Drift alternative. It also competes with Intercom. Like Intercom, it isn’t limited to website-based chat. Instead, it can also be used through messenger apps like iMessage and WhatsApp. This lets you reach customers wherever they are. Freshchat’s example implementation shows it being used to take care of common customer service needs, such as telling a person when their package is going to arrive.

Your customers can also interact with Freshchat through multiple channels. For example, they can start a chat on your site, and from there, ask it to respond back via WhatsApp.

Upon passage through the Freshchat login page, you’ll find that the features you have access to depend on which of their many pricing tiers you have chosen. Even at the lowest level, there are too many features to list them here, and at the highest level, there are over twice as many more. If you have any questions or difficulties, a chat with Freshchat support will get you on the right track.

While Freshchat can be used to provide customer support, it is also focused on lead generation and customer engagement. Therefore, it offers many more features than a bare-bones chatbot. It can detect who visitors are, allowing you to target them based on their company affiliations, geological areas, which industries they are involved with, and more. It can also send messages based on things like the value of items a customer puts into your shopping cart, specific items added, and other such details. When done properly, Freshchat says, use of its software can increase your website conversion ratio to above 5 percent.

Freshchat pricing depends on which of its many tiers you choose. The same goes for its features, including the wchat Freshchat options. Their site has many pages of information, so just click the Freshchat logo if you need to reorient yourself.

Freshchat is a product of Freshworks, Inc. The idea behind the company started when it recognized that most people are frustrated with their business software. It aims to produce software that is more effective and easier to use. Freshworks has produced multiple business software platforms besides the Freshchat app, all focused on helping businesses provide better customer service, improve customer engagement, and generate new business.

Drift ROI Calculator

A challenge when it comes to comparing different solutions is that they are all priced differently. Further, they have different integrations. You can compare, for instance, Drift with Freshchat, and use a Drift ROI calculator to see which one is best.

Drift chat pricing is only available at request, whereas the Freshchat plans start at $15/agent/month, with 1,000 bot sessions a month. Drift enterprise pricing and Drift startup pricing will vary depending on use. And because the Drift pricing isn’t fully transparent, it’s hard to tell how much your ROI might be.

If you look into Drift pricing Reddit, there are free programs available. The standard program appears to be around $40, with $20 a month per additional chat seat. So, it is more than Freshchat. But you would only be able to calculate your ROI by taking a look at how much you’re spending on Drift vs. how much you’re bringing in.

Further, you should consider the additional expenses. With Drift, you will still need another advertising platform. But a service like Terminus comes with all account-based marketing features baked in, so you don’t need to purchase another platform. Thus, you can often cut your costs by using a consolidated or continuous system.

One of the most important things involved in choosing new business software is ROI, or return on investment. Trying to calculate this manually can be challenging thanks to all of the variables involved. However, the Drift ROI calculator makes the task much easier. Other sites in the sales and marketing niche, such as HubSpot, also have ROI calculators available.

Using these calculators works for more than just Drift. They can help you compare the expected ROI from several different platforms, and this will make it much easier to see if a particular one will make more sense for you than the alternatives. ROI calculators can also be used to compare the differences between options for other types of things you are considering for your company.

Remember that even though hard math is an essential component of determining ROI, there are other factors that can prove to be just as important. These include things like ease of use, which determines how much time must be taken to work with the option in question. Time consumption translates to labor costs, so it can be measured in financial terms, but you’ll often need to actually work with a particular piece of software to know how much time it takes to use it.

Another important factor to consider is the resources offered by each platform company. It’s hard to put a solid price on their value, but companies that help you by suggesting strategies, providing information that you can use to improve your conversion ratio, and other such information are definitely providing benefits. How much of a benefit these things are depends on whether the information is new to you, or if you already knew it. Calculators don’t know what you already know, so they can’t predict how valuable a particular information resource will be for you.

Drift resources, such as the Drift blog, should therefore be considered along with the hard figure returned by an ROI calculator. If you’re new to conversational marketing or need to bring up your knowledge level, you may well find that access to this extra information is worth paying a bit more for even if the calculator says that another option provides a marginally better raw ROI.

Drift Chatbot Alternatives

Let’s take a deeper look at Drift chatbot alternatives. Intercom vs Drift G2 is simple; Intercom is a robust solution that provides a lot of the same features that Drift does. For the most part, it will come down to cost (as the costs are different on a per-company basis) and whether the given utility has integration for your existing software solutions. In terms of features, Drift vs Intercom are very similar. In terms of service, Intercom vs Drift are also very similar.

HelpCrunch is another system that provides live chat, email marketing automation, and knowledgebase solutions. You can look at other Drift chatbot competitors such as Qualified vs Drift and Drift vs Intercom vs Zendesk — but most of these are going to have fairly similar feature sets.

With a focus on converting high-value customers, Qualified is a conversational sales and marketing platform. Qualified can integrate with numerous CRM solutions such as Salesforce, but it also has a tiered pricing plan that starts at $1,200 a month; this is more than other live chat and conversation services. Features include integration with many other advertising and marketing solutions.

Zendesk is primarily a help desk solution software system that focuses on help desk ticketing. It is used by up to 160,000 customers, but though it does provide live chat solutions, the emphasis is more on customer support than buyer engagement and buyer commitment. Zendesk is used by companies such as AirBNB, Shopify, OpenTable, and Uber. It’s an excellent solution for support, but it may not fit into the majority of ABM strategies.

As you can see, most of these systems focus on the live chat aspect of communication.

There are also solutions such as Terminus. Terminus is a leading account-based management solution that comes with live chat and other robust features. Included in Terminus is the ability to live chat with target accounts, provide AI chatbots, book meetings 24/7, and start a conversation from anywhere. Further, Terminus provides over 50 reports that can be used to analyze chatbot and live chat experiences.

Terminus has a significant advantage over other Drift competitors and Crisp Chat alternatives. Primarily, it’s a consolidated, all-in-one ABM solution. Data collected from live chat can be automatically imported and integrated into the ABM system and can be used to improve ROI and yield overall positive results.