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Drift Competitors

Drift is a well-known producer of chatbot software, so it’s no wonder that many people run into it when they research how to put such a bot on their sites. However, most people want to compare the offerings in the market before they commit to a specific solution. This makes a search for Drift alternatives the logical next step.

There are actually several differences between the chatbots made by various companies. However, the importance of these variations will depend on a businesses’ needs. Because of this, it’s hard to predict which Drift competitors will be acceptable for any specific situation. That said, there are some comparison points that will be useful no matter which specific needs have to be met.

Pricing is a top concern for many users of chatbot software. Drift pricing starts at $0 thanks to the existence of a free version that only offers live chat. Drift chatbot pricing is tiered beyond this point, with two other options reportedly having prices quite different from each other. Many other chatbot providers also have tiered pricing, though enterprise-grade products rarely have a true free version. Instead, they offer free demos.

Features are also important. Be sure to check out Drift chatbot examples and compare them to those from companies like Terminus and Intercom to see which best suit your needs.

Reviews and customer service are other key factors to keep in mind. Drift chatbot reviews, as well as those for Drift alternatives, are easy to find in a large search engine.


Intercom is one of Drift’s main competitors. It claims to offer “conversational experiences” that are more than just live chat. Its offerings include chatbots, interactive apps, self-service tools, and even product tours. Unlike some chat providers, Intercom offers a back-end management platform to manage customer, company, and behavioral data. This lets you target and customize interactions accordingly.

This solution is geared towards customer service and retention rather than general website chat. Because of this, its features are more robust. Still, it offers tiers of service that range from single “seat” (or agent) solutions all the way up to 10 or more. Intercom pricing ranges from $39 per month for the one-seat solution to $499 and up for the 10+ seat packages.

If you compare Intercom vs Freshchat, you’ll see both similarities and differences. One obvious difference is that Freshchat has capabilities that go beyond your site. For example, customers can set up automatic notifications that come to them via their favorite messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. Like other chat services, it can support both automated bots and live chat.

Freshchat has a free option that can be used by up to 100 agents, but this is limited compared to their many more-robust versions. The top version, said to be “made for enterprises,” costs $69 per agent per month. Each version also has a 21-day free trial available.

Intercom, on the other hand, offers a free demo. No information is readily available about this demo, and to find out how this aspect works, you need to give its chatbot your information.

Drift vs Intercom

If you want to compare Drift vs Intercom, you’ll find many sites that will help you. One of the best ways to get to the right pages fast is to use Google and enter “Drift vs. Intercom” plus the name of the site whose opinions you seek. Even though most sites have their own on-site search bars now, Google’s ability to pin down the right page is still superior, especially if you want to search a forum like Reddit.

At this time, typing “Drift vs Intercom Reddit” into Google will get you about 82 results across Reddit’s many subforums (or subreddits, as the site calls them). The high number of results is because there are many discussions on this site at once, and the results page can list comments from years ago as well as new ones.

While a search for “Drift vs Intercom G2” will also bring up many results, there is actually only one correct page for this: the one on G2’s site. It is currently the first listing after the several ad listings that appear.

Other search variations, such as Drift vs Intercom vs Zendesk, bring up a variety of sites and commentary from people who have found various features to be more or less beneficial for them. You may find some that seem to have situations like yours, but this isn’t always the case. The same goes for looking up “why go with Drift vs Intercom.”

In any case, Reddit and G2 are especially good sources for comparing chat software. Google is mainly useful for finding the right pages on their sites.

Chatbot Technology

One of the key factors that determine the success of a chatbot implementation is the technology behind it. Free and cheap versions typically have inferior chatbot technology compared to enterprise-level alternatives. This is why it’s easy to tell when you are talking to a robot on some sites, while on others, it can take quite a few interactions to be sure that there is a machine on the other end.

The Terminus account-based marketing platform contributes much of the technology behind that company’s chatbot program, and this is what makes it stand above other offerings. This platform allows you to customize chat to a high degree – sometimes down to your prospect’s name. It can also change what the bot says according to how a prospect has interacted with your site or other means of communication. While no bot is yet indistinguishable from a human, a person may have to pay serious attention to spot the automated nature of a Terminus bot that has been properly set up.

If you get a Drift chatbot demo to compare, you will notice comparable features. Keep in mind that a demo of the platform might be different than how you might apply it to specific use cases. The Drift dashboard and Drift analytics are better than what you can get from a casual solution, but you’ll also be impressed with Terminus’ chatbot and its customizability.

Drift Chatbot

Drift was founded by David Cancel, who has also founded several other companies in the tech sphere. He started Drift in 2014 after raising $15 million from various venture capital companies.

One of the things that makes the Drift chatbot different is its use of Drift AI Valorant, which lets it understand inputs that are not part of a preprogrammed set. It can also learn based on the inputs it receives. This lets it get more helpful and realistic over time.

Despite the adaptability of the Drift AI, its bots must start out with a framework to follow. If you use your Drift login to get to the bot creation screen, you’ll see options for bots meant to start conversations or provide help on the pricing page. You can also choose to build your own bot, which lets you create a framework that is specific to your needs. The bots’ AI then lets them adapt and get better at their predetermined job as time goes on. This takes much of the work out of intentional Drift chatbot training.

Gaining access to your bots is a bit easier with Drift than some of the alternatives. You can use the Drift app for mobile or the Drift app PC to log in, whereas some competitors only have PC-based access. This lets you not only use Drift while you’re away from the office, but makes it easy to do so.

Drift has many pricing plans. There is a free version of Drift, which only offers Drift live chat instead of bots, a premium plan, and an enterprise plan. The premium plan is sometimes called the Drift startup plan since it is the first paid option. Specific prices are available if you contact the company.

Many have no problems with Drift chatbot integration, but if you encounter trouble, you can get help from the company. This makes it easy to get started with Drift automation of your website communication system.

Drift Company

Not all who are interested in the Drift company are considering signing up for its chatbot services. Some are more focused on Drift careers, the Drift blog, or even the Drift logo. Those who are seeking careers need to know that this is a tech company, but it also has many other positions. Therefore, you don’t need to be a programmer to get a career started there. Positions in sales are also popular at companies like this, so you don’t necessarily need to know anything about coding to get a job at Drift.

If you can’t decide which chatbot company you’d like to work for, it’s a good idea to compare their reviews on Glassdoor, which rates businesses according to their desirability as an employer. You can get reviews for Drift Crunchbase, Intercom, Terminus, and more. Typically, you will have to sign up on Glassdoor’s site to get the whole picture, but that is free.

Those seeking positions should keep in mind that Drift Boston may be far enough away from their current locations to require a move. Salary negotiations should be done with that in mind.

Other people who come to Drift are interested in becoming customers or learning more about website chat. For this, you can find plenty of information on the Drift blog or by checking out the other Drift resources on this company’s site. Basics, like Drift email pricing facts about Drift standard, and information about the Drift popup are found through links on the main site. Drift Meetings, sometimes searched for as “Drift Me,” are also explained right on the company’s website.

Of course, if you go to Drift’s site, you’ll encounter at least one of their chatbots. These make it easy to get the exact information you need, whether it is about a career or one of the company’s products.

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