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Email Signature Software

Every email sent by your employees is a brand impression that represents your company or organization. Within each email, in addition to the greeting, body, and closing, the email signature is a component that almost all email readers pay attention to. That’s why companies of all sizes are considering email signature software as a way to consistently manage employee email signatures across the entire company. Depending on the size of your team and how you want to use this valuable digital real estate, there are a number of options and vendors to consider! Sigstr being one of these options, we’re obviously biased when we say we’re the best email signature software for businesses looking to not only standardize the email signature but also turn employee email into a new marketing channel. But we also want to be a resource for whoever is reading this, regardless of which email signature management software you end up choosing (even if it isn’t us)!

Aside from Sigstr, there are a number of great tools and platforms at your disposal. This list includes (but is not limited to):

  • Zippysig
  • The Symprex email signature manager
  • Xink
  • WiseStamp
  • HubSpot’s email signature generator
  • CodeTwo

There are many factors to consider when evaluating email signature software vendors. The best place to start? A review site like G2! It offers a free and unbiased email signature software comparison. It’s a great way to read reviews from real customers and compare ratings. If you’d like to extend your research beyond that, here are a few other considerations:

  • If you use Outlook, email signature software Microsoft Gold Partner certification is a plus!
  • How do the email signature pricing options line up with your budget?
  • How important is customer service to you? Are you okay with a self serve implementation or are you looking for hands-on support throughout the process?
  • Do you want to use email signature banners to promote any upcoming events, content launches, or product announcements?

Among all of the options mentioned above, we’d like to especially highlight CodeTwo because we think they do a great job of providing information about their services and technology. When researching CodeTwo email signatures as a part of your overall evaluation, you will find useful information on their website. This includes:

  • CodeTwo pricing
  • CodeTwo email signatures review (via G2 or Capterra)
  • CodeTwo migration process from other software
  • CodeTwo download options for templates or banner designs
  • Ease of use with the CodeTwo admin panel
  • Communication from the product team and CodeTwo status updates C
  • odeTwo login options
  • CodeTwo email signatures for Office 365 add in
  • CodeTwo email signatures for Office 365 download
  • CodeTwo email signatures for Office 365 manage signatures app

E Signature

Not to be confused with email signature software, e signature software offers a different solution for business needs. Here is a breakdown of how online signature software and email signature software are different:

  • Email signature software
    • Used to manage email signatures for any type of organization or company looking to consistently represent their brand in this piece of digital real estate within an email.
    • Combines text, headshots, company logos, social media icons, and ad banners into a formatted template that matches a company’s brand and is synced with every employee’s email signature settings.
  • E signature software
    • A tool or platform that allows you to transfer your actual handwritten signature into a digital format.
    • Or, the ability to write out a handwritten signature digitally so it can be used for contracts, proposals, or any other legal documents where your signature is needed.

Just like the section above, there are many options, tools, and platforms to consider for e signatures. Depending on your budget, a simple free digital signature software option may be best. Or, depending on where you need your signature applied, free digital signature software for PDF purposes could meet your needs. We also recommend trying hand signature generator free tools available online. This could be overwhelming for some, as there are many tools to evaluate, research, and compare. To help narrow your search, start at G2 and search for the best electronic signature software 2018. And if you need a second opinion, check out the Gartner e signature magic quadrant 2018. Between the review sites and resources like this, we’re confident you’ll be able to find e signature software that works best for your needs.

Email Signature Generator

What exactly is an email signature generator? For those with a small budget, or no budget at all, it’s best to use a free tool like this rather than paying for software. Some solutions do offer a free trial, but besides that, free email signature software will be hard to find. What’s the best part of using a tool like this? It’s free! With that said, it is also limited. You won’t have access to the full range of features and functionality that you might get by paying for email signature software. But email signature generators are perfect for those looking for a quick and easy way to get a branded email signature. All you have to do is type in your information, like your name, phone number, a website URL, and other contact details, and then the generator will format your signature into a template. From there, simply copy, paste, and click save in your Gmail or Outlook email signature settings.

Aside from the tool itself and your contact information, you also need to think about the layout of your email signature. Email signature templates, free download designs, and examples of other brand’s email signatures can help you determine how you want to arrange your email signature elements. When laying out your template, any (or all) of these elements can be included:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title or department
  • Email address (not as common anymore)
  • Phone number (office)
  • Phone number (cell)
  • Website URL
  • Social media links or icons (we recommend no more than four)
  • Call-to-action banner (located underneath the “business card” portion of the email signature)

Use this next section as a guide on what you like or dislike with email signature templates. Then, once you have a wish list of items to include and know what it should look like, you can start building it with a free generator tool of paid software.

Best Email Signatures Examples

There are a wide range of examples you’ll find related to email signatures, but the best email signatures examples include eye-catching call-to-action banners and a clean, easy-to-read template. Whether you’re looking for a signature for your large business, small organization, or even personal email signature templates, Sigstr has a library resources for you to access and compare email signature examples.

First, check out our brand September Issue of email signature marketing. Just like how Vogue celebrates fashion and culture with their annual publication, Sigstr does the same for email signature banners! This year’s issue includes 90 of the best email banner designs from Sigstr’s best customers. It’s amazing to see just how many different ways teams today are using email signatures to promote their most important initiatives. The banners are split into seven main categories and specific use cases:

  • Events: Conference or trade show, meeting or party, happy hour or dinner, ticket sales, webinar, or virtual event
  • Content: Podcast, blog or article, infographic, newsletter, ebook, report, guide, case study, video, interactive content, new website, book or magazine, or resource hub
  • Product: Services or offerings, new release, demo, app download, or free trial
  • Customers and Partners: Support or training, groups or community, review or ratings, referral program, or feedback
  • Company: Recruitment, culture, news or press, rebrand, award or recognition, or social media
  • Targeted: By location, account, persona, industry, vertical, or internal
  • For A Good Cause: Philanthropy, donations, or help with the holidays

Next, if you’re looking for more examples of the entire email signature, check out Sigstr’s “36 Creative Use Cases for Email Signature Marketing” resource. As you can see from the title, it includes 36 of the very best email signatures from our customers. You’ll find examples that include a company logo, headshot, social media icons, and many different text layouts. As stated before, the best place to start before building or creating your own email signature is evaluating others and seeing who does it best. Then you can take that inspiration and make it your own with your email signature layout.

Office 365 Signature

Most email senders are either using Gmail or Outlook, with each system presenting a slightly different subset of email signature settings. Most times you’ll find that email signatures are applicable to either system, as well as any device or platform. But it is important to consider how your Office 365 signature might render and be optimized, which is why it’s so important to use email signature software to make it super simple and reliable. Free email signature software for Office 365 will be difficult to find. The best Office 365 signature manager that meets your needs will most likely cost money on a subscription or per user basis. After using Sigstr to build an email signature template, Outlook users can easily sync it to all employees with just a few clicks. This is a much more efficient process versus asking each employee to update it themselves or making them create their own signature with a free tool or generator.

Office 365 signature management can be complicated if done manually. The same goes for Exchange email signature management. And it could take your employees’ time away from more important priorities. Time is money is business today, so many businesses can easily justify the cost of email signature software for Office 365, or any other type of email signature software. By using Sigstr to track clicks, who clicked, and which open opportunities engaged with what banners, teams can now offset the cost of the “email signature management” part by turning employee email into a new advertising channel that achieves real marketing ROI.

Free Email Signature Templates for Gmail

Just like Outlook users, Gmail users can also enjoy the benefits of email signature software. Sigstr integrates directly with Gmail and Gsuite, which makes it super easy to sync a standardized email signature template to all employees. And, just like Outlook, there are also free email signature templates for Gmail. But you’ll still need software if you want to apply a template to everyone’s email signature settings.

Using software like Sigstr also allows you to utilize HTML email signature code, which is beneficial for many different reasons. Most importantly, it allows you to use graphics or images without them showing up as attachments. This HTML code adds little to no weight to your emails, so no need to worry about your emails being flagged as spam. Sigstr also works with deliverability and security experts (InboxPros, Return Path, 250ok) to ensure deliverability is 100% reliable. Not only that, Sigstr is also SOC 2 Type I compliant, SOC 2 Type II compliant, and meets all new GDPR needs. This all to say that software (like Sigstr) offers many important features (like security and deliverability) that you won’t be able to find with a free tool or generator. This applies to both Gmail and Outlook users.

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