Revenue Summit 2017

March 7-8 • Pier 27, San Francisco

Presented by #FlipMyFunnel & Sales Hacker
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#RevSummit17 Conference

Join 2000+ High-Growth B2B Marketing & Sales Professionals

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At Revenue Summit 2017, learn how to leverage innovative new sales & marketing technologies to build highly efficient revenue machines.

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Revenue Summit 2017 will split into two tracks: Marketing & Sales. Walk away with actionable tips for growing your B2B marketing and sales organizations at scale.

What You'll Learn

How to get started with account-based marketing, secrets to aligning marketing and sales teams, best practices for scaling revenue in the enterprise, and much more!

Revenue Summit 2017 Agenda

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

8:00 AM Doors to Pier 27 open
9:10 AM Opening Keynote
Break Into 2 Tracks of Sales & Marketing
Sample Sessions:
  1. Peace, Love & Marketing/Sales Alignment
  2. 5 Key Strategies to Ramp Up Outbound in Modern ABS
  3. 5 Ways to Tier Best Fit Accounts
  4. The Sales Ops Playbook to Building a Sales Stack in 2017
  5. Developing Useful Personas for Key Decision-Makers
  6. Top Ways to Drive Activations for Less $$$
  7. Focused Marketing Strategies for Engaging Target Accounts
  8. $10-$100M Growth Machine: Channels Used and How to Use Them
5:00 PM Happy Hour

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

8:30 AM Doors to Pier 27 open
9:35 AM Opening Keynote
Break Into 2 Tracks of Sales & Marketing
Sample Sessions:
  1. Navigating The 3 Silos of Leads at The Top of The Funnel
  2. Practical Ways to Measure ABM Results that Will Wow Your Board
  3. How to Get More Leads, Plain and Simple
  4. Growing the Account-Based Dream Team
  5. Engagement Secrets to Growing $100m ARR Businesses, From $100m ARR Execs
  6. Warming Up Accounts on Social Media Channels
  7. Inbound Interest, To Revenue: A Step by Step Approach
  8. Creating an Account-Based Marketing Playbook
4:05 PM Keynote