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How to Create an Email Signature

If you’re interested in how to create an email signature, you’ve probably realized the power of an email signature (and email as a channel). Each email sent and received is a brand impression, whether it be for the individual sender or the company the sender is associated with. It’s important to optimize and design your email signature so it can work in your favor. If you’re new to the email signature game, you may have a few questions. Just know you’re not alone! And rest easy knowing there are resources available (like Sigstr’s Resource Hub) that can help you along the way.

What should I include in my email signature design template? How do I know if my email signature size is too big or too small? Are there certain email signature image guidelines I should be following? These are a few of the many frequently asked questions from those starting the email signature process. Don’t worry, Sigstr is here to help! We’re a software platform Marketing teams, mid-sized organizations, and large enterprises use to create, manage, and streamline email signatures across the entire company. But even if you don’t use our software, we can still serve as a resource for email signature creation, design ideas, and helpful tips.

Let’s first walk through some general steps on how to create an email signature. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, this experience may be slightly different. But generally speaking, here are some steps to follow:

  • Open up and log into your email
  • Look for your settings (or gear icon)
  • Within your settings, navigate sub-tabs or scroll down to your email signature settings
  • Within the edit box, format and design your email signature to your liking
  • If you’re using a generator or software to create your email signature, use this step to copy and paste the email signature into the edit box
  • Hit save and send a test email to yourself to see how it looks

The process may also look different if you’re using software to automate the process. Many companies use an email signature platform to sync employee data with a standardized email signature template. It can be as easy as an employee logging into their email one day and seeing a brand new email signature waiting for them, all without any action from the end user. This is all possible with HTML code. If you want to learn more, check out Sigstr’s Help Center for an HTML email signature tutorial.

For the email signature size, we recommend no more than six lines of text and a banner ad with dimensions of three hundred and eighty-three pixels wide by one hundred and two pixels tall. We also recommend including one or two email signature images (this includes the banner). An email signature with logo options, an employee headshot, and social media icons are all email signatures images to consider when building your template. In fact, including company logos are becoming more and more popular. If you’re wondering how to create email signature with logo options, schedule a demo with Sigstr today and we can show you how!

Email Signature Generator

If you’re just looking for an email signature for yourself (instead of a company or enterprise), you might consider an email signature generator. There are many free email signature generator options available, which can also serve as your personal email signature generator. This is a great first step for those looking to do at least something (which is better than nothing) with email signature marketing. However, using an email signature generator doesn’t mean you’re using an HTML email signature generator. Why is HTML email signature code important? Not only does it allow you to automatically update email signature banners across all emails and employees (for those who are considering software), but it also means you’re getting a responsive email signature. A responsive email signature template is important because it ensures your email signature looks the same across every type of email service provider and device. Aside from free email signature HTML code (which is hard to find) or an email signature HTML code generator (this is also hard to find), you might consider using free design resources before making the investment (whether it be time or money) in software or a generator.

Free email signature templates also offer the perfect starting point because it allows you to brainstorm ideas and think about what you want to include or not include in your email signature. It’s important to answer these questions and come up with a “blueprint” before using technology to build or manage email signatures. Email signature templates (free download options) allow you play around with certain designs and come up with the perfect template that represents your personal brand or company. Then you can use this design as a plan to follow when actually building the email signature. For the designers out there who use photoshop, email signature templates psd free download options are also available. At Sigstr, we offer this guide as a free resource for inspiration and design ideas.

Email Signature Examples

This brings us to another great point! Observing and researching other email signature examples helps you perfect your own email signature. The best email signatures examples and most creative email signatures can be found in this resource, Sigstr’s September Issue. We compiled fifty of the best email signatures 2018 had to offer after hand selecting each one from our group of four hundred and fifty customers.

For those most interested in using images in email signatures, best practices are available in this resource. This includes examples of a standard email banner size. It’s worth noting here that you’ll find size recommendations based on Sigstr’s research. With other sources, like Exclaimer, email signature size recommendations may be different. However, depending on whichever software or source of research you choose, you’ll find that email signature sizes today are pretty consistent. Sigstr’s newest September Issue, which will be released in mid-September 2019, will include the best email signatures 2019 had to offer. Stay tuned for that and many more researched-based resources being published by Sigstr in the coming months. We’re here to help with you all things related to email signatures!

Gmail Email Signature

Most individual users, teams, and companies today utilize either Gmail or Outlook for one-to-one email. No matter which system you use, email signatures are equally as important to include and optimize in each email sent out by employees. The Gmail email signature, much like any email signature in any system, has marketing potential that can be scaled across every employee and every email sent. Free email signature templates for Gmail are available and can be the perfect place to start. It can help you plan out which elements are needed within your email signature, like a company logo. It’s helpful to determine whether or not you want a company logo because you can then figure out how to add logo to email signature Gmail settings before starting to build your email signature. Or, just use Sigstr and we can make it even easier for you!

Sigstr’s email signature builder can also help you optimize the Gmail signature size limit so you can ensure each employee has the right email signature size. Gmail users who also use Sigstr can enjoy a seamless G Suite integration that allows teams to easily roll out many email signatures at one time to all employees.

For those building a personal email signature, Gmail offers an easy way to edit and personalize your email signature. We encourage you to use this method, or a free email signature generator, instead of paying for software. Because you only have one email signature to create and manage, instead of hundreds or thousands, the process of creating a single Gmail email signature is much more simple and straightforward.

Email Signature Template Outlook

Much like Gmail, Outlook users also have options available to them for standardizing their company’s email signature template. Outlook, Office 365, and Active Directory all make it possible to streamline this process and Sigstr can directly integrate with any of these options. By building your Office 365 email signature template in Sigstr and syncing it with employee data through Active Directory, all of your employees can enjoy a beautifully branded and standardized email signature without having to do a single thing.

Within Sigstr, users can create email signature template Outlook options in the email signature builder section of the application. In addition to Outlook, the template you create in Sigstr can be applied to other email systems and platforms. No need to create a specific template for each system you send email out of! One template can be applied across all of your applications.

Build an Outlook email signature template within Sigstr also allows teams to control the content within each employee’s email signature. For example, the brand team can lock down certain fields like the company tagline, but give employees access to other fields like employee name. That way, if “Michael” wants to instead go by “Mike” in his email signature, he can make that edit himself without requesting help from the admin user.

Personal Email Signature

Are you a consultant, working professional in between jobs, photographer, or freelancer? If so, you might be more interested in crafting a personal email signature instead of an email signature that represents another company or brand. Personal brand is important too!

As stated above, a personal email signature design focuses more on the individual. A company email signature represents something bigger than the sender, such as an entire team or organization. Personal email signature templates often include more personal contact information, such as a link to the sender’s personal LinkedIn profile instead of a company LinkedIn page. Do you have certain questions about personal email signature etiquette, like whether or not to include personal email signature quotes? Sigstr is here to help! Our suggestion is to not include a quote unless you’re a teacher looking to inspire your students or veteran looking to honor your service or country.

An email signature for personal account reasons slightly differs from company email signatures, but they still share a common purpose. Both can be used to positively promote a brand and drive engagement. So, use all of the resources Sigstr has to offer, as well as personal email signature templates free options, and come up with an email signature you will be proud of!

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