Easily Execute and Optimize ABM Campaigns Across LinkedIn and Terminus

Power your ABM strategy and build your brand with our integration to the world’s largest and most trusted community of professionals.

LinkedIn Integration

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How safe do you feel participating or posting on the following platforms?

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Put your ads on the most trusted social platform

According to Business Insider, LinkedIn is considered the most trusted of online communities when compared to other social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

If you want to generate meaningful engagement from your target accounts and build trust in your brand, you need to promote valuable content to the place where people feel safe to engage: LinkedIn.

The Terminus Integration with LinkedIn Sponsored Content

With the LinkedIn and Terminus integration, you can:

Dynamically create audiences

Leverage the Account Hub and your CRM to create dynamic audiences that will allow accounts to flow in and out of specific LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns automatically. Use any field in your CRM, such as account status or opportunity stage, as well as intent, engagement, and relationship data powered by the Terminus ecosystem.

global filters
linkedin campaign builder


From the Terminus platform, easily launch, manage, and report on LinkedIn Sponsored Content and orchestrate coordinated campaigns on both channels at every stage of the funnel. Maintain consistent brand messaging by orchestrating everything from one place.


Attribute account engagement to both Terminus and LinkedIn ABM campaigns, providing more insight into how each channel influences engagement and progression, and easily surface this data to sales.

global targeting


Reach the buying committee at target accounts across the globe. Our integration will allow you to reach the right people in any country supported by LinkedIn with your Sponsored Content campaigns.

“The main value of LinkedIn is the ability to support your messaging through one of the primary channels that B2B buyers use on a regular basis…

With Terminus, the value is that it’s a single platform for executing on the ad strategy that we’ve found to be successful.”

Marketing Communications Manager
Zoot Enterprises

“For our ABM strategy, both Terminus and LinkedIn are integral to our ability to deliver valuable content to our most important accounts. The Terminus integration with the LinkedIn Marketing API will save our team time and allow us to garner more insights into how these accounts are interacting with our content on the LinkedIn platform.”

VP of Marketing