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Everything you need for a winning account-based strategy

With Pardot and Terminus, savvy B2B marketers can nurture each account with email and digital advertisements and activate their sales team with intent data and powerful marketing analytics right when their accounts are heating up.

See how Terminus can improve an ABM strategy built in Pardot:

Deliver account-based advertising using intent, Pardot and Salesforce data

Automate targeted ad delivery with any combination of Pardot, SFDC, and Terminus account intent data. Build display and LinkedIn campaigns to reach the entire buying committee, including both known and anonymous contacts.

display ads

Reach specific targets at specific times in high value areas.

account insights

Activate your sales team with a holistic account breakdown.

Increase and optimize response rates by leveraging sales insights

Don’t wait for the form fill — see engagement spikes, activity on high-value URLs, intent, and more from Salesforce and help your sales team improve response rates with account intelligence.

Align marketing and sales around an ABM scorecard

Pair our ABM Scorecard with B2B Marketing Analytics for a unified view of your ABM performance to identify the winning marketing and sales plays.

account scorecard

Measure your success with out-of-the-box ABM reporting.

Up to 90% of the buyer’s journey is done before connecting to a vendor (Forrester)

With Pardot and Terminus, you can own that 90%.

With Pardot and Terminus, you can automate the delivery of account-based ads the moment an account demonstrates intent for your offering.

Once the account visits your website, you can trigger stage-based email nurtures, deliver key insights to sales, and accelerate the deal before your competition has even gotten a form fill.

pardot net new expansion program
pardot expansion program
pardot retention program

If you’re waiting for a form fill, you’re already too late.

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