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Intercom Competitors

Intercom is a leading software platform for chat. But if you’re interested in finding a chat solution, you might want to take a look at both Intercom and Intercom competitors.

Intercom bills itself as a business management solution, for the purposes of interacting directly with customers. It helps build customer relationships through conversation and supports the overall customer journey. This conversational relationship platform is intended to push customers further down the pipeline and the Intercom app is built to create a trouble-free and intuitive experience for the user.

What about Intercom pricing? Compared to some commercial Intercom competitors, Intercom pricing is very reasonable. The Intercom app Android and other platforms can be had for $39 a month for the startup tier. It can go up to as much as $1,000 a month for commercial use. There’s an Intercom app for iPhone and other platforms making it versatile, and the Intercom chat can be used in a platform-agnostic way supporting many clients.

Intercom shouldn’t be confused with a home Intercom app or a Bluetooth Intercom app, as it’s not an actual Intercom.

There are Intercom alternatives open source and many commercial, such as the comparison between Intercom vs. Drift. But the best way to determine whether the solution is right for you is to get an Intercom app download or the Intercom app for Windows and test it out. You may find that you need better support for an Intercom app iOS or that the recent Intercom pricing change makes it too high for you. Intercom app stores will also have other chat apps that you can use.

For commercial use, the Intercom starter is fairly robust, and Intercom users pricing fairly low. But there are a plethora of options out there when it comes to chat technologies and companies may want to explore each option before they commit to one. A chat is often going to be the very first interaction that an individual has with a business. It’s always critical for a business owner to make sure that customers are having good experiences when interacting with a business and that they feel listened to.

Today, chat apps are becoming so ubiquitous that many people simply expect a chat app to be there with a business. And because of that, it’s important for companies to have a customer-facing option when it comes to immediate communications. But there are other Intercom competitors out there, too, many of which have advanced and sophisticated platforms.


Drift is the main competitor of Intercom, which is why it’s important to compare Drift vs Intercom. There can be some confusion with Drift Fortnite and the Drift game because they do share keywords, but Drift itself is a chat platform, and the best way to search for information about it is to look for “Drift chat.” Drift chat has excellent reviews, robust product features, and solid customer support. It’s a competitor that is on par with Intercom, and those who are looking for chat software will want to compare the two in-depth.

Like Intercom, there’s many Drift alternatives. However, it does have straightforward pricing plans, with a free live chat, Premium, and Enterprise. The Premium and Enterprise tiers require that you connect with a customer service representative, but the free live chat is a straightforward way to test out the Drift app. And according to review sites, Drift careers are very fulfilling. A Drift synonym or definition might indicate “conversation drift” as an inspiration, which is something that chatbots in the past have not done well, but that advanced applications such as the Drift app can.

When it comes to Intercom vs Drift, a direct comparison can often be made, by trying out each demo.

One of the better features of the Drift chatbot not shared by Drift competitors is the Drift analytics system, which lets you see how people are interacting with the bot. If you’re interested in the Drift chatbot, you should get a Drift login and test out the free app before asking about Drift pricing. This will give you a better idea of the general Drift scent and brand before you commit to a purchase. However, there is significant overlap in the features of Drift vs Intercom, so you may also want to inquire about Intercom if the price of Drift is too high.

Freshchat Pricing

Freshchat is another main competitor of Intercom. This company started in 2010 as a way to improve customer service, following a negative customer service experience that left one of its founders frustrated. Freshchat reflects this ethos, concentrating on making customer interactions positive. Businesses can take a look at about a dozen wchat Freshchat platforms designed around web chat, Freshchat Android, and Freshchat iOS.

Freshchat pricing does vary because they have a multitude of platforms including the Freshchat CRM. This can also be beneficial for those who don’t just want the Freshchat web app but also more robust software. From the Freshchat login page, customers can go through a portal to manage all their apps. There are also integrations which makes it possible to use Freshchat WhatsApp and other popular applications.

For just messaging alone, about 100 agents can use Freshchat for free. This is an excellent introduction into the platform for those who are still deciding on what platform they want to use. There’s a $15 a month flat rate for small teams and the transparent pricing model goes all the way up to $69 for enterprises. Of course, many may be paying more than this because they may want to integrate other solutions with their chat platform.

The major benefit to Freshchat as an Intercom competitor is that it isn’t just a chat system but an all-in-one integrated ecosystem for the management of customers. For those who are looking to launch their customer management processes and to build a company fast, this can give them everything they need. That being said, the pricing may stack up depending on how many of the solutions the customer is using, and because of that there should be an apples-to-apples comparison of the Freshchat platform and any other solutions someone might use (such as Intercom + Salesforce).

Zendesk Login

Zendesk is another major competitor of Intercom. There are many businesses out there with a Zendesk login; it’s a popular company with a lot of staying power, and one of the Intercom alternatives that are best known. You can look for Intercom alternatives Reddit if you want to see some reviews of Zendesk, which are generally positive. Zendesk Chat is only one of the features that are provided within the full Zendesk suite.

There’s a free trial for those who want to try out this Intercom alternative and because Zendesk Chat is a large, enterprise company, you’re not going to see a lot of transparency in Zendesk pricing; you need to connect with them to get a pricing model built for you. Zendesk Support is known for being very good in itself, which means companies that need support will be able to get it. Zendesk training and a Zendesk tutorial is available; it’s an intuitive, easy to use system with quite a lot of documentation.

There are Zendesk alternative platforms that have lower pricing and a lower barrier to entry, but Zendesk does have some impressive features. It supports many industries, from entertainment to education. It has support and sales solutions, so it can support both teams. And use cases include remote support, self-service, omnichannel, help-desk, and sales CRM support. Overall, it’s one of the better and most trusted solutions.

However, because Zendesk is a large, enterprise solution, it should also be noted that it’s not going to be as affordable or cost-effective as some other options. Those who are just starting out might want to try out a demo of Zendesk before they commit to other options, but solutions like Intercom and Drift are still likely to be more affordable overall. This depends on the organization’s goals, of course, because the Zendesk Sales channel and Zendesk Sales CRM might actually boost sales for an organization to the extent that it is profitable to have it rather than not.

HelpCrunch Alternatives

HelpCrunch is another major competitor to Intercom, and the same HelpCrunch alternatives apply; Zendesk, Drift, etc., can all be considered to be direct competitors to HelpCrunch. HelpCrunch has a lot of documentation and is extremely easy to use, with the HelpCrunch knowledge base and HelpCrunch customer support. It’s less well-known than services such as Zendesk, Intercom, and Drift, but it’s still an excellent chat product on its own.

In terms of HelpCrunch pricing, it’s possible to get a HelpCrunch lifetime deal, but that’s not the way most people will purchase. Pricing is up to $15 a month and the platform boasts no hidden fees. It goes up to $20 a month for a more resource-intensive plan and enterprises should connect with HelpCrunch for pricing. HelpCrunch reviews indicate the platform is versatile and usable and that the pricing is fair.

With HelpCrunch vs Intercom, HelpCrunch’s primary benefit is simplicity. Its platform provides lead generation, customer engagement, customer support, and mobile support. Compared to Intercom, it says that it is three to five times more affordable, and that it supports all contacts and free migration. Unlimited contacts are not available in most chat platforms. The HelpCrunch Chatbot does have free migration, which means you can test it out and switch your platform to HelpCrunch integration easily.

HelpCrunch also compares itself favorably to Zendesk, by pointing out that not only does it have that free migration, but that it has a modern chat widget, and that it is again far more affordable. But because all these solutions tend to have free demos, it’s best to connect with all of them before you determine which solution is the best for you. All of them may have features that you need and want and some of their benefits may not actually matter for your needs.

The major advantage to HelpCrunch is the free migration system and the affordable pricing, especially compared to Zendesk pricing, which makes it possible to switch to HelpCrunch easily if you find that your current chat product is not fulfilling your needs. Otherwise, you may want to take a look at some of the other solutions, once you determine what features you need in your chat product.