Product Updates

Account-Based Advertising on LinkedIn with Terminus

Easily Orchestrate, Automate, and Measure ABM Campaigns Across Terminus Display Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Content

The best account-based marketing practitioners deliver exceptional buying experiences across digital channels and coordinate personalized sales outreach to ensure the right message is delivered to the right personas at target accounts at the right time. Terminus makes executing account-based display advertising easy and effective.

However, managing campaigns and reporting across different digital platforms has been time-consuming and difficult, making coordination with sales even harder.

To solve this challenge, Terminus is committed to building partnerships, and we’ve developed integrations with other vendors such as HubSpot and Bombora to enable teams to fully realize the potential of ABM.

Now, I’m excited to announce the next major step we’ve taken to make ABM easy for everyone — our integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions!

The Terminus Integration with LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Until now, marketers using both Terminus and LinkedIn — the most important advertising channels for ABM — have had to manage account lists, campaigns, and reporting separately in each platform. In addition, the ability to progress LinkedIn account based marketing campaigns through various sales stages and to track account-based web engagement from campaigns has not been at the marketer’s fingertips.

Now, you will be able to orchestrate multichannel account-based advertising from the Terminus ABM platform, saving time and providing unified reporting. It’s one big step towards exceptional account-based execution.

With the LinkedIn and Terminus integration, you can:

  • Launch and orchestrate campaigns — From the Terminus platform, easily launch, manage, and report on LinkedIn Sponsored Content and orchestrate coordinated campaigns on both channels at every stage of the funnel.
  • Dynamically create audiences — Leverage our Salesforce integration to create dynamic audiences that allow accounts to flow in and out of specific LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns. Use nearly any field in your CRM, such as account status or opportunity stage, to automate campaigns across the entire marketing and sales funnel.
  • Report on account engagement — Attribute account engagement to both Terminus and LinkedIn ABM campaigns, providing more insight into how each channel influences engagement and progression, and easily surface this data to sales.
  • Target internationally — Reach the buying committee at target accounts across the globe. Our integration will allow you to reach the right people in any country supported by LinkedIn with your Sponsored Content campaigns.

Every step of launching and managing LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns is easy within the Terminus platform. For example, you will not have to wait 48 hours to see if your audience matched — you’ll know almost immediately after launching a campaign.

Our reports bring in LinkedIn’s standard campaign data, which is complemented by account engagement data from Terminus’ Account-Based Visitor ID tool. Combined, this data demonstrates how LinkedIn is driving accounts to engage on your website. You can also see how LinkedIn is influencing account progression through the funnel, including opportunities created and revenue won from both LinkedIn and Terminus display campaigns.

Executing Multichannel Orchestration with Terminus and LinkedIn

By simplifying the execution of multichannel ABM campaigns, the integration not only makes existing use cases for Sponsored Content campaigns easier, but it also opens up new use cases that were previously too time-consuming and difficult to run.

There are many ways for an ABM practitioner to orchestrate campaigns, but here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Automate LinkedIn Sponsored Content — With our Salesforce integration, you can now create LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns with dynamic target account lists based on data in your CRM. Accounts will automatically flow in and out of campaigns based on criteria you can easily set in Terminus. For example, imagine you launch a LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign to drive demand with target accounts. When one of these accounts becomes a sales opportunity, Terminus will automatically remove it from the LinkedIn campaign and show that LinkedIn influenced this account to progress to become an opportunity.
  • Simultaneously run coordinated LinkedIn Sponsored Content and display ads — To maximize engagement with a list of target accounts, you can set up LinkedIn Sponsored Content and display ads that target the same audience from within Terminus. The buying committee at these accounts will see the same messaging in display ads across the web and on LinkedIn. The integration makes it easy to surround a target account with a unified message from within one platform and see how these campaigns increase account engagement and progression.
  • Sequence LinkedIn and display advertising channels — The integration allows you to set up campaigns that trigger on different ad channels one after another. For example, you could set up a LinkedIn advertising campaign targeting decision-makers at net-new accounts. If a sales development rep moves one of those account’s status to working, Terminus can then automatically launch a display advertising campaign targeting influencers and other key stakeholders at the account to drive engagement across the buying committee. Terminus’ ability to sequence campaigns across different channels allows you to most effectively and efficiently engage each persona on the buying committee at the right time, ultimately driving more high-quality sales opportunities and new revenue.
  • Provide air cover for sales — Easily trigger LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns to key personas at accounts based on opportunity stage to help sales build consensus with the entire buying committee. Already, we’ve seen companies like SOASTA, now part of Akamai, shorten their sales cycle by 40% with Terminus display ads. Imagine what you can do with LinkedIn Sponsored Content!

I’m excited to see all of the specific use cases you create to deliver exceptional digital experiences for your buyers!

The integration is included in all Terminus plans. If you’re not a Terminus customer and you’d like to learn more about the integration and how to orchestrate digital experiences for ABM, schedule time to speak with our team and watch our recorded webinar with LinkedIn.