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“For our ABM strategy, both Terminus and LinkedIn are integral to our ability to deliver valuable content to our most important accounts. The Terminus integration with LinkedIn will save our team time and allow us to garner more insights into how these accounts are interacting with our content on the LinkedIn platform.”

— Renny Fidlon, VP of Marketing at Optymyze

Launch and Orchestrate Campaigns

From the Terminus platform, easily launch, manage, and report on LinkedIn Sponsored Content and orchestrate coordinated campaigns on both the Terminus display and LinkedIn channels — the two most valuable digital channels for ABM.

Execute multichannel digital campaigns for every stage of the marketing and sales funnel with ease. Use the same account lists, align messaging, and ensure the right ads are delivered to the right person at the right time to create an exceptional buying experience.

Terminus and LinkedIn Build Your New Campaign

Terminus and LinkedIn Campaign Audience Source

Create Dynamic Audiences and Automate Campaigns

Leverage our Salesforce integration to create dynamic audiences that allow accounts to flow in and out of LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns.

With automated campaigns, save time and resources updating account lists. Our Salesforce integration ensures the right account is in the right campaign.

Terminus and LinkedIn Campaign Audience Source

Deeper Account-Based Reporting

Attribute account engagement to both Terminus and LinkedIn campaigns with more insight into how each channel influences engagement, opportunity creation, and new revenue. In one platform, report on total media spend across both channels to show how digital ads are influencing account progression.

Easily surface hot accounts to sales and orchestrate digital experiences with human outreach.

Terminus and LinkedIn Dashboard

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